Cooking like a Masterchef – LuisNani

Cooking like a Masterchef – LuisNani

Welcome to my place!
Come in. Mind this name… Chef Luis Nani. He is a massive chef, big friend, we made six different plates and all taste good, all looks good. So I recommend you should come here to try all this food because it is amazing. 6th episode – Cooking like a Masterchef So now we are going to prepare a fantastic Spaghetti alle Vongole. He said it is his specialty, so from his city Napoli. It’s like that! Garlic. With this. Perfect. How long does it take? It takes about 6 minutes al dente. Baby clams, we call lupini ok? Put in? A bit of salt. A magic touch, ok? Simply for a bit of colour. How long do we leave it there? Three minutes! I can feel, smell all good. It’s easy, right? When you know it, it’s easy. This is the kind of food I like to eat. I come here very often during the week, after my training session,
and then this man prepares very nice different types of nice food. I like pasta a lot and seafood as well, some nice steaks, and here is the best place to eat. So today we are making some of the ones I like and then you will see… You know how to make flames. Chef Nani is at a very high level! Mind this name, Chef Luis Nani! A bit more? Lobster base, lobster sauce lobster bisque we make here with fresh lobster, It’s a very very good. Always with cooking water, ok? Ok, perfect. It’s coming, it’s coming! The famous plate from Napoli, Spaghetti alle Vongole, so it’s ready. You don’t imagine how it smells, so good. This fish just arrived from Portugal. So Branzino al Car… Cartoccio. Cartoccio in Italia means paper. Branzino al cartoccio. With vegetables, zucchini, fresh zucchini, cherry tomatoes, salt, pepper and olive oil. This plate is from Italy Italy yes. Italian style you know,
but the fish from Portugal! Let’s start to put this in the oven because it takes about 30 minutes to cook, ok? Let’s do it. Let’s put it here. You can do this. Watch the Chef, how to do it. It’s a salad we serve this one cold. But it’s prepared with like sauté extra virgin olive oil, garlic, parsley and that’s it and this is lemon and the sauce from the sauté, and the octopus from Portugal, so it’s about 3.5kg, and it’s boiled for half hour or forty minutes. Then is cold and we carve it and season it with the same sauce, ok? You have to marinate. Marinate, yes. You know in Portugal is very common to eat octopus but I can tell… you guys never ate something like that, a salad… Mamma mia. Now finally we go for the Ravioli. Ravioli takes one minute. One minute it is ready. You like it so far? Fantastic, the best experience. We eat but to know how to make is… Very important. Specially for an athlete like you, you know, cooking home is much healthier. And sometimes I can surprise the family. Today is my turn, I will cook… Can I have some pizza please? Can I have some pizza, please? So Asparagus, alla griglia. We’re going to make a little bit now. Three minutes and it’s done. It’s ready. Ready to eat. As you can see I’ve been involved in all the plates, we have shared the participation. So I’m learning and in the future I will make my own plates at home family will be very happy. So one more plate is done: Ravioli is ready to eat. Amazing plate. Oh my goodness! Mamma mia, mamma mia. The secret of fish when it is cooked, when the you gotta see this… When if he bounce back it is not cooked, when it goes inside it means the fish is perfect, ok? We’re gonna finish this one, give a little bit of colour in our brick oven, pizza oven. Chef Armando is going to put there to give some colour to the fish and in a couple of minutes is done. Now we’re gonna make the filet mignon, one of the best meat we can eat here. Cremini mushrooms cognac cream sauce. We make 4 plates we’re gonna finish the fifth in less than 30 minutes, all the plates with the highest quality that means we are the best Chefs in the world. I don’t know about that. We are, we must be confident. You are. I feel I feel I feel. The quality of the food doesn’t lie. Thank you. Portugal is the place where you can find all this kind of food we made today with good taste as well. So that’s why it’s easy for me to come here and eat almost everyday. For us athletes is very important to eat healthy, to eat good food. The most important thing. Portuguese fish is done. Lovely fish looking very tasty. The smell of this meat is unbelievable. Ok we’re going to do one with the cremini mushrooms cognac cream sauce and the other one we’re going to do tagliata style. Italian style we are going to carve and serve in a cutting board with vegetables. I learned a lot, it was a great experience. I enjoyed this evening with him, learning how to cook all these fantastic plates. We can say we are done for today, with all the plates. Now it’s just time to taste and enjoy the food For sure all is very good.

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  1. salve craque Nani , ja te vi jogar muito , mesmo eu torcendo pro Chelsea , se quiser responder , me diz , pra você qual foi o futebolista numero 1 de todos os tempos ?

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