Cooking Mexican Food: The Lucy & Sophia Cooking Class (Part 1 of 2)

Cooking Mexican Food: The Lucy & Sophia Cooking Class (Part 1 of 2)

my son Orion pickiness how late are we one hour you know why tell her one out because because those guys kept eating more and more tacos they wouldn’t stop eating [Music] [Laughter] [Music] but the boys are playing around yeah trying to be all serious oh sure so you don’t know where we’re at okay well do you want to check that address on Google Maps and make sure that I over to the right place oh it looked right okay okay so after about a 45 minute uber ride out past Santa Fe we went through Santa Fe to get here here we are and I don’t quite know where we are yet but I’m sure that it will reveal itself good to meet you Lucy your name yeah bathroom okay so Lucy you’re saying that us being late is okay we’re on time Mexico okay and we’re making enchiladas yeah tostadas and empanadas great we are great yeah used to be my main cook Kasim economica I used to have cocina economica so it was in charge of the of the kitchen and since since then she has work if you have a party you can ask her to cook for you oh she’s and she but certain things about that too but she caters the car yeah catering okay no this is we’ve been in see DMX the whole time and this is this is yeah this is a definitely more small town well and what’s the name of this town yes [Music] there’s a more diligent them all [Music] see they got chamoy on pineapple bee man no idea yes what’s up my tamales for breakfast tamale let’s see the tamale tamale okay B man what’s the tamale that’s a that’s the Attali in however tamale so this is the corn drink it’s good [Music] what kind is this okay it’s steaming – and this is cotton like mocha okay Oh goats milk this is really really sweet try this one you won’t even be able to taste it but if you know what remember the caramel that we had at El Morro that was Cohutta goat’s milk so this is same and that was tasty like that one better to me it just tastes like Malta mill and sweetness but you’re not crazy about it and there’s it almost tastes like horchata there is a there is a spice I bet you there’s a spice in here that’s similar door shut up we should ask you is that it is that the only one yeah it’s got that yeah it’s got some spice in it that’s very similar to a horchata so I’m very surprised you guys don’t like this but you like porchetta so Lucy what’s similar what’s what’s in here that’s in horchata cinnamon okay so maybe that’s the only similar or Chavez milk with this this ghost milk oh okay so this is this burnt goat’s milk yeah okay so not a lot of goat’s milk but it’s like a burnt goat’s milk and a little bit of it okay at all it is this a totally – yeah totally different different kinds of with more corners but they have this being so warm it just it’s like a nice breakfast drink I’m the only one that likes this more than that one yeah I like this one more than that one [Applause] if you never eat no tamale with a spoon is it does it taste different when you eat it with a spoon is it a good tamale oh good you can eat it like you normally do this is easier okay [Music] yes I heard a crunch [Music] it is very potato chippy yeah it’s mean but it’s crunchy and fried what is it you want to want me to pick up AB you yeah can we get it can we get a few of these he loves those she says by docena it is all porn okay for the market 12 okay no sinner aha so it’s the way she says so you wanna start snacking on those right now yeah you will see them now I know [Music] do you want furniture and bananas no or anyone blue or yellow corner blue the bee man has spoken yes I guess he takes this corn here and he makes it into the dough and then we make it into delicious empanadas [Music] that would last you a very long time yes [Music] yeah we couldn’t travel with this too easily that’d be hard to put a suitcase it’s like a dough covered goodness it’s a whole bunch of why don’t you could put it anything in an empanada it’s sort of like a hot pocket okay oh you’re saying it’s not blue blue I mean that is that blue enough for you though oh you do like the blue corn chips yeah smart man how long has he worked here how long has he owned this mill do you call this a mill yeah yeah how long has he owned this [Music] so how many bags can he pick up at one time with one arm one arm how many live by maybe Cinco okay so is he like the grandpa is he the oldest member of the Ramirez family okay so he’s like the he’s the old wise member of the Ramirez okay okay [Music] [Music] but I’m gonna mess up yeah hey gig again jimena is this delicious okay you obviously have good taste so one with chilli one without chili so they have Teresa on board but two different kinds of words okay so you want Forks with chili or pork without chili okay so you still want to you still want three okay so I’ll have three it’s a six pork with chilly side through the chili and what’s in the quesadilla [Music] okay so they have do you guys wanna stick with tacos because they do have quesadillas okay we’re sticking with tacos very simple okay so six with chili to Therese oh okay and then want to be master your little uh your little horchata came just a little bit of horchata for you hope you’re not offended by the small size yet strong yeah they’re good I think we’re gonna get cus we’re gonna pour it out to everybody but yes that’s a gigantic horchata see my favorite taco places every one of them have one thing in common they have doggies in the room very common thing doggy in the roof you know it’s a good taco place that’s a pro tip okay the dogs getting ready to get shot with a bow and arrow [Music] we got we got pork with chilies and they look pretty good oh man hold it more how is it you don’t me putting sauce on there some lime doctored up a bit [Music] this is spicier [Music] spicy and smoky [Music] I was also spicy but very fresh tasty [Music] I don’t know these are all the way there good super spicy but I gotta have a loose [Music] these are so big there’s a really good a little more spice surprise yeah because that’s the other half of me and Aiden’s honey do you what what are these now yeah I mean one of this is these are the this is one with chilies [Music] [Laughter] this is better than the tacos over there yes jimena these are really good [Music] we always ordered too much chili really good be manner he took out part of a tamale but now he’s taking up two humongous tacos you gotta finish that last I go no you’re you’re finally topped off three and a half your date three plus that one Wow these are even better than the ones that we had and after lucha libre yes these are so good all right well look at that so that was like 11 tacos let me to debunk is taco so we took them out well okay we got we have a half of one loved cuz eight and only eight three and a half okay so I just want to give you guys kind of a serious update here from the taco table and that’s that Aidan has one more bite left before we finished off these eleven tacos I thought that was pretty important that’s so important all right one more bite you’re gonna do it do it last bite he needs a minute but actually here’s there’s kind of a first time situation here where we’re here eating these tacos and we get recognized by a girl name – Menna could we never ever have gettin recognized on the street before from our YouTube channels this never happens but turns out that she’s a blogger so we’re gonna do a little group photo here and introducer and lemon tacos are done he’s done okay 11 tacos we finished he finished it be man your second small helping a porchetta has arrived [Music] I was like really hungry yes I do [Music] okay so we get a couple pictures with a minute yeah yeah you ready let’s read let’s do this what do you want to get a picture up yeah that’s perfect so this is a manner hey so what’s your blog yeah you could just do it in Spanish she’s fine they’re gonna they’re gonna sell the area to design a society comida finito he does not go that way oh yeah I second that everything that she said which I completely understood you know I knew that I actually knew you said museums and restaurants and street food you’ll meet him I heard that okay good so I’m like top level Spanish okay good sorry so we’re gonna get a picture with her and then we’re gonna head out and we’re gonna go do some cooking okay awesome come on guys all right so we got everything we came for we got our got our meat we got our tortillas we got our produce we got our cheese we got everything right here and now we’re headed back to go do some cooking so this has been a real cool market experience and we’ve only ever done this one other time and that was in Vietnam over a year ago where we go to the market we would pick up the supplies and then we go back to the house and cook so really good times how late are we one hour you know why tell her one out because because those guys kept eating more and more tacos they wouldn’t stop eating [Music] [Music] hey honey give me your wallet no I’m not just gonna hand over my wallet I’m not some sort of like whipped husband that just hands over his wallet whatever his wife says hand me your wallet it’s like give me a break up I’m a freakin man I have a I have a spine and I’m self-determined and I have willpower I don’t have my person on me do you want me to pay for the pizza or not

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