Cooking – Squirrel (Skillet)

Cooking – Squirrel (Skillet)

One of the most abundant game animals in Missouri is the squirrel… and we’ve got an easy way to make it a tasty dish. Cut two squirrels into pieces, dredge in flour, and brown the
meat in an electric skillet, set at 350-degrees. While it’s browning, chop two large onions. Mince a clove of garlic…slice half a large
green pepper…and cut mushrooms in halves. Add the chopped vegetables to the pan along with
red wine…a can of cream of mushroom soup… and sour cream. Salt and pepper to taste. Turn the skillet down to 225-degrees and simmer
until the meat separates from the bone… about 45 minutes to an hour. Be sure and vent the steam from the
skillet…or it will get too watery. Otherwise, the squirrel practically cooks itself!

31 thoughts on “Cooking – Squirrel (Skillet)”

  1. Squirrel is so tasty. Only people have never eaten one compare it to a rat. It is actually really good! I have never eaten a gray squirrel, but fox squirrels are really good.

  2. It is a very tasty treat. I'll have to try this recipe out. Last day to hunt is the 31st here in Indiana so I'm gonna try to get my bag limit each day.

  3. personally i dislike cat, the meat is to stringy. dog however, is quite tasty. im a sucker for deep fried poodle

  4. With all those ingredients, it seems like if you didn't add the squirrel no one would notice the difference!

  5. mmmm roadkill 🙂 P.S. – I love how this video of cooking a squirrel landed itself in the middle of videos by the band Skillet. Gave me a good laugh, thanks

  6. I've never had squirrel, friend of mine has had it numerous times, said its good. He is also from Missouri (St. Louis). I know people eat them, but the whole rodent thing for me is a big hurdle.

  7. @JuStAnAsIaNboY not usually. Rabies kills animals, plus it's a brain and blood disease so, for the most part I think you'd be fine if it was fully cooked and properly cleaned.

  8. Squirrels are eaten regularly in Cambodia, check out video F6C5zRG1SS4
    freaking awesome.
    Fried, broiled , baked, breaded, in hot sauce, curry sauce, brazed, barbecued, in wine ….

  9. Anyone can find a squirrel in their backyard, yet they continue to kill beautiful cows and intelligent pigs without even thinking of a worthless squirrel…

  10. great, now i want squirrel. thanks MOhunting. anybody know where i can buy squirrel? there are none where i live lol

  11. They're not quite efficient to eat because they're so fast, thus hard to catch. But I'm sure they taste great, probably like rabbit meat I guess.

  12. The "delicious" Squirrel flavor is no longer there. Squirrel is awesome fried, grilled or backed, without any thing added. Make a whitish gravy in the skillet the squirrel was cooked in with all of the crumbs left in. This with smothered soft fried taters and biscuits is as good as any meal can get. I love it !

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