You know we love to eat, so today we’ve signed
up for a cooking course where we’re going to learn how to make some of our favorite
Thai dishes. Right now we’re at the local market, so we’re just going to be walking
around picking out some of the ingredients we’ll need today for the class. Let’s have
a look. Judging from the amount of cooking videos
we make you’d probably think that we’re constantly in the kitchen and that we always like to
cook. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Most of the time when we’re on the road we
eat out, so this is actually kind of an excuse to get into the kitchen and cook and to actually
try and make food because normally we don’t do that. We have now arrived at the Thai Farm Cooking
School. We drove about seventeen kilometers outside of Chiang Mai and it is a completely
different world out here. We’re just surrounded by nature and an organic farm. We’re actually
going to be picking a lot of vegetables from here. We had a choice between doing the cooking
course in the city or going out to the countryside and I think we’ve made the right decision. Now clean rice already. Please come inside. I would like you to pick
by yourself the whole leaf basil. I’m making my Yellow curry paste. Pound, pound,
pound! Harder! Faster! Stronger! So Sam is lagging a little behind right? Come
on. Master Chef here – look at that. Perfection. No, I really am lagging behind, I better hustle
up. I’m making a yellow curry today. This is mine.
This is what I created and Sam went for the green curry, so this is his. And I’d like
to point out I don’t think he did a very good job. Oh, that just fell in there. What is
this? Whatever. Total chunks. You get an F! Alright, oh! It’s boiling! It is not supposed
to boil. We’re making the Tom Yum soup. Mine is going
to have shrimp and I’ve got my coconut milk here, so I’m going to be adding some ingredients
– mushrooms, onions. I’m ready to try fine creation. This is my
Tom Yum with shrimp. Let’s see. I made mine really sweet. I think maybe I put in to much
sugar but it is kind of nice and creamy because I used coconut as a base. You need to add
more salt or fish sauce then. Mine does need more salt. How is yours? You look like a farmer drinking soup. I’m
keeping this hat I swear. I’m quite happy with mine. I put quite a bit of salt in it
and I also put fish sauce. I’m making my Yellow curry now. I’m just stirring
the coconut milk. I put in the curry paste I made earlier. There is also some pumpkin
and potatoes and I accidentally added some leaves that I wasn’t supposed to but shhhh…..Cheater! Not that we’ve chopped everything up we’re
going to be throwing this into the Wok and making our stir fried rice. I was wrong about this dish. It is not a stir
fried rice. It is just a vegetable stir-fry. It’s really good. I made one with chicken
and string beans and mushrooms and here is my yellow curry with potatoes and pumpkin.
Is it good? Uh-huh. At this point in the day I’m getting completely
stuffed. I actually wouldn’t mind taking a siesta right now but we’re going to be making
two more dishes. I’m going to be making a Pad Thai and then a Mango Sticky Rice. So
I’m suffering from what my family calls bulbous plumptitude. I’m making Pad Thai. Your favorite. Here is
my Pad Thai which is probably one of the easier Thai dishes you can make. We saved the very best for last. Here we have
our favorite Thai dessert – Mango Sticky Rice – and it has some deep fried Mung Bean on
top. It is crispy. This is going to be good. Alright, let’s check out that first bite.
It is nice and coconut-y and it is amazing. So overall that was a really cool experience
learning how to cook Thai food. I made five different dishes. I’m beyond full. Like I
feel like I’m ready to hibernate now. So this was 1100 Baht. It was like lunch and
dinner and the thing I really liked about this particular school was that it was out
in the countryside where we were able to get outside of the city and away from the pollution
and whatnot and just have a really cool organic cooking experience.


  1. Must be a cooking kind of day as Mark Wiens also posted a cooking video. So jealous you guys have easy access to great Thai food.

  2. Cool  blue shades – loved the orange ones you almost lost to a waiter, by "mistake" in Cam……the hat is awesome too – the food goes without saying – the weather is obnoxiously desirable……:-)

  3. 1100 Baht each or combined?
    Would love to view a video sometime of the Dos and Don'ts in Thailand and in CM.

    Thanks to you two I have expanded my travel plans to include Gulin China and surrounding area and Sapa and parts of Viet Nam which up until your videos I was only researching Thailand..

  4. Fun!  can't wait to do this when we get there in July.   We just returned from Morocco and fell in love with our cooking class there.  We made tajine chicken and tajine fish… but don't tell anyone,  I really love Thai food!  so can't wait.

  5. Hello Samuel and Audrey, Thank you for making all the great videos, keep up the good work. I wanted to know if you guys had a great time at the Thai cooking school? My wife and I have made reservations to this place in June, were looking forward to it. It appears that this place has pretty good reviews. 

  6. I've taken classes there 3 times..
    It is a beautiful place with a great English speaking staff..
    I paid $27 dollars for the 8 hr class which included being picked up at the condo with a great tour of a local market en-route to the school..

  7. When making the curry paste, since you didn't care to share with your subscribers the ingredients I felt like you expected voyeurs.  You should share what you are learning,no?  Otherwise it's just your ego trip.  I,ve opted out.

  8. I agree with Dabney.  Most of us don't want to see the modern-day equivalent of your vacation pictures.  We wanted to learn something. 

  9. loves yalls vids. fun couple yall are and very warming and inviting. cheers im actually drinkin beer watchin this. i must say its a nice and chilling experience bwatching yalls videos. oh and ur wife is beautiful

  10. Woof! You even made your own M&SR! Watched your Blue City and all your Laos vids this evening. I flew into Luang Prabung in a DC-10 45 years ago and saw nothing there but a white wall of fog. It was doubly creepy as Red Chinese soldiers has annexed Laos just a week prior. Thanx for clearing that up for me!

  11. Love Sam, so handsome, however you both have class, the way you talk, i can see, please keep make the video, i will follow

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