Cooking the World Frankfurt – Food Tours Frankfurt

Cooking the World Frankfurt – Food Tours Frankfurt

Are you wondering what in Germany on
your upcoming trip? Don’t worry from this country you won’t come back hungry.
German food is truly amazing every region has its our speciality
so this journey will never get boring. We believe that there is no better way to
explore the city than through its culinary culture and therefore in 2018
started organizing food tours in our own city – Frankfurt for all food lovers out
there. Apart from food guiding we have been travelling and writing about food
on our cooking and travel blog for the past five years but on this channel we
concentrate on showing you traditional food not only from Frankfurt but also
from all around the world. We review food and drink specialities and restaurants we
also visit food markets and food festivals for delicious and traditional
food experiences. We search for traditional recipes and traditional ways
of cooking if you are as passionate as we are about traditional food come over
to our YouTube channel and join us on our journey into different cuisines and

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  1. Thanks for watching! What German city are you going to visit this year?:) I just want to make sure to be there first and check out traditional food for you!:)

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