Cooking Tips : How to Deep Fry Chicken

Cooking Tips : How to Deep Fry Chicken

To deep fry your chicken, first start off
with a few things. You want to make sure that your chicken is completely thawed. Also, you
want to make sure that your three step breading process is ready to go. The other thing you
want to make sure you have ready is your oil. Your oil should be set at 350 degrees. First,
we’re going to start with seasoning our chicken. You want to make sure your chicken is nice
and seasoned. Next, we’re going to drudge our chicken in flour. You also want to make
sure that your flour is seasoned. You can add all kinds of spices and herbs to your
flour. Now we’re going to put the chicken leg into an egg wash. Make sure you keep one
hand dry and one hand wet so you don’t have two goopy hands. Finally, place your chicken
leg into the flour. If you want extra crispy chicken or chicken with extra batter, start
over again at the egg process and then do the flour process again. Once your chicken
is well coated and extra flour has been dusted off, go ahead and place your chicken into
the fryer. You’re going to want to fry your chicken about seven to ten minutes depending
on the size of your chicken. Either way your chicken should reach 165 degrees. Once your chicken is a nice golden brown and
once it reaches 165 degrees, your chicken is now ready. That is how you deep fry chicken.

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