Cooking Tips : How to Prepare Butternut Squash

Cooking Tips : How to Prepare Butternut Squash

To prepare your Butternut squash for cooking,
there’s several things that you can do. First, we’re going to start by cutting it in half.
This squash moves around very easily, so you want to be very careful whenever you’re working
with a knife and something that rolls around easily. So, what I’m going to do is I’m going
to take my knife and stick it down in the center of the squash. Once I hit the cutting board, I’m going to
pull my knife down, and try and work my knife through the bottom half of the squash. Once
I’ve done that, I’m going to turn my squash all the way around so I can finish cutting
through. Here, you want to be extremely careful. Now that I’ve got half of the squash cut through,
I’m going to turn it around and I’m going to do the same thing to the other side. Now that I have my Butternut squash halved,
you can see that I’ve got some seeds that i need to remove. I’m just going to take my
spoon and scoop the seeds out. From here, you can roast your Butternut squash
like this. Or, if you’re going to peel it, to can easily take a vegetable peeler and
just peel the Butternut squash. The peel should come off relatively easy. And that is how
you prepare a Butternut squash for cooking.

80 thoughts on “Cooking Tips : How to Prepare Butternut Squash”

  1. DONT DO THIS! THIS IS TOO DANGEROUS! Never never ever push a knife towards your hand!
    See where she turns the squash over and pulls the knife towards her hand… that's what i'm talking about…

  2. Thanks for all of your videos, definitely helping me learn my way around the more obscure cooking techniques!

  3. @harunkaygan i know what you mean but shes the funniest prep cook on youtube will she or wont she stab herself

  4. @Church904 at the same time you shouldn't leave somthing like this uncorrected she's doing it wrong and could cause her or anyone replicating what she's doing to get hurt, yes people need to control themselves from being blatently rude but from what i've seen no one has been

  5. @dexerjones that has got nothing to do with competence. there are basic rules to follow when you use tools, be it a knife, a hammer or a screwdriver.

  6. @harunkaygan good point, i thought she was gonna give us a good lesson with a nice face but no. her mistake made her vid #1 for betternut squash

  7. 0:38 – never ever, EVER cut anything where the knife edge is towards a part of your body. Unless you want to lose a finger.

  8. Your knife handling technique on this and other videos is quite scary….You may want to take a remedial class, Its amazing we haven't seen you lose a finger or two.

  9. I am by no means an expert when it comes to cooking the reason I'm watching this video, with that being said I'm almost certain that's probably not the way you wanna slice any food.

  10. I dunno how many of you tried to cut a butternut squash before, but the regular way took me like a good 2-3 minutes. The skin of the squash is pretty tough, you can't just cut through it. Just because it looks dangerous, it doesn't mean she doesn't have perfect control over the situation.
    In Hungary, bread rolls are very popular and I always cut them in half towards my palm and never have I cut myself with the knife. You just have to pay attention, that's it.

  11. I say, Potato peeler from the get go. Use Knife only after peeled, and have flattened one side of squash with peeler. Then squash can safely be sliced, cubed, or whatever for cooking…. My two cents.

  12. If you are baking your squash, this is the best way to cut it. Cutting straight end from end is nearly impossible, and by doing so, you risk it sliding off and possibly ending up stabbing yourself. As you can see, it's very unstable to work with due to it's shape. Also, cutting it this way, the knife acts as leverage and helps to make it open with ease. I can't comment on the peeler method, because I haven't tried it, as I bake the squash to help maintain it's nutrients. Happy Thanksgiving All!

  13. 00:15 …now today we will be using a cutting technique I like to call the "Dexter Morgan"… lol put the knife down before you hurt yourself sugartits

  14. very beautiful girl
    failed knife work
    please dont follow what she just did
    but am guessing most of you realized that after watching this video
    and this advise is coming from a guy who cant cook.

  15. This is NOT a wrong way to cut a squash, but it's also not the safest. You just have to be careful. If you're afraid of hurting yourself, maybe you should leave the cooking to someone else. That being said, peeling it first is much easier.

  16. Yeah, ok, she sliced the knife the wrong way (like I've done myself a dozen times), but anybody can see that, and this was very helpful.

  17. Actually…I totally disagree with the person that said this wasn't helpful.  Completely what I was looking for.

  18. As a professional in the field, this is NOT the safe way to prepare a butternut squash at all! The way she is hacking through that is dangerous especially without chef grade tools. What you ACTUALLY want to do is slice the ENDS of the squash off first so that it doesnt roll across the cutting board at all. Stand it up with the base at the bottom and slice it in half lengthwise. Scoop out the seeds. Cut in half across the other way for four manageable pieces and proceed to either remove the skin with a knife or a peeler and then cut into what shape/size you are looking for. The fact that this has as many views as it does is scary. Its misinformation. 

  19. Good thing that I read the comments and didn't cut my squash like she said.
    I don't mean to be critical but I was looking for a tip to slice up the largest butternut squash I've ever seen. I have common sense but I'm getting shaky hands lately. Taking the ends off sounds better to me.
    Oh well I guess, but … Hmmm. Not trying to be mean dear but you may want to fix your video a little. Only because it could prevent a person of old age that hurts themselves.

  20. it worked for me :)..the cutting style …but why pil the skin when it is so tasty when it is roasted ?…i even like the seeds roasted alone with some salt 😉

  21. I just cut off each end, stand the squash on end on a cutting board, push down with the knife from the top down towards the cutting board… simple and you are never cutting towards yourself…

  22. All I kept thinking was how many emergency room visits will result from this video. Knife 101 never cut towards body parts that's just common sense.

  23. Cut both ends off first and stand it up, it can't roll, then slice down the middle from the top towards your chopping board!!!!!

  24. Hey, isn't this the woman that got roasted by Kallen Allen, Ellen's favourite food critic? She cooked a bland looking chicken that time 😂. Damn I knew her from that strange fake smile.

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