Cooking WILD GOOSE Burger In The FOREST (Start-to-Finish) | ASMR (Silent)

Cooking WILD GOOSE Burger In The FOREST (Start-to-Finish) | ASMR (Silent)

This is late season goose opener. Setting up goose decoys. Making sure they face into the wind. Warming up the goose call, it’s cold. The geese will start to fly at day break. The geese come in for corn left here by the farmer. We are hiding just inside the edge of the trees where the birds won’t see us. This one dropped a long ways away. They are quite large birds. A big flock is coming in. Waiting for them to commit to our spread of decoys. Brushing off the decoys from snow and setting them right. This one needed a final blow. A nice amount of food for our families. We are removing the breast meat to make a goose burger. An old channel carved out by the river. This rock wall will provide shelter from the elements. Dry wood is a must in the winter. I need kindling too. Dry sticks work well. Birch bark is good for fire starting because it contains oils. I set the birch bark at the bottom and throughout the pile so it catches well. The fire burns high with all the birch bark. I will need to let the fire burn down before I can cook. Slicking the meat on an angle will make it easier to mince into burger. Slice, fold, flip, cut will make it very fine and like ground meat. Spices make all the difference. Goose meat can be chewy so cut-grind like this will make it taste a lot better. An onion for added flavor. A fresh burger from wild game like this is a real treat. Tomato, lettuce go well on any burger. Toasted bun in hot oil. This burger was so very great! A pickle on the side to clean the palate before the next bite.

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  2. He… Kills them for food it's ok… But after u have them just… Pray for… At least 20sec….
    It's Soo rude…
    U are making this video to show others but at least.. make them learn a lesson… To pray after getting a gift from God

  3. If you want to consume them then hunt for them , just for fun it is totally not good to hunt innocent species .

  4. not taking the paws? you can make such a super tasty stew out of them…i hope that is just out of camera site..:)

  5. Hahahahaha…..I’ve seen the expression on his face when he’s eaten some game food that wasn’t so tasty!!! And his facial expression was funny then!!! But this facial expression says it all!!! 😋😋😋 Too good for words!!! 😂

  6. This video captivated the heart,,The place with that winter is super😘😘😘😘😘I want to come to a place like this,,,Catch that bird and cook it😎😎🙂

  7. How many goose did you kill for one burger!!! 😡😠😠😡😡😡 not even 300 gms of meat is used in that Burrrrgerrr

  8. When Ben Stokes is tired of winning matches for England, he goes for hunting and making goose burgers. Good lad.

  9. Geese have a wonderful fat that makes goose stew so delicious. Few people actually have the opportunity to eat it, with is a terrible shame. I bet if people tried it, they would get addicted to it.

  10. Da thendi…! E kurach meat inu vendi anno ne aha atrem birds ine konnathu…( You didn't have any regret to kill those birds to need a small portion of meat…?)

  11. Hoy putang inamo bakit kayo pumapatay nyan tapos kaunting laman lang kukunin nyo mga gago kayo PUTANG INA NYO WALA KAYO MAGAWA

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