hello today we are having a cooking competition don’t ask why I call being on a team with Jongu- (Youngjae immediately interjecting) Do you want to join my team Jongup? Yes. all around me are familiar faces (beep) I’m confident I’m going to win. Because these bitches can’t boil fucking water Listen closely, I’m gonna teach you how to make something other than fucking cereal. (youngjae: blahblahblahblah)(thinking) I really want some ReesesPuffs. …okay but can we still eat cereal? Istg the next person to mention cereal I will shove this goddamn spoon into their ASS Our food is done and it’s delicious (thinking)I’m gonna try this cunt’s food. (thinking)It tastes like piss. I don’t know what’s happening (me neither yongguk) I’m not eating the other member’s food. Because I don’t feel like fucking dying today. I can’t believe I have to be on a team by myself I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. When I asked if I could eat some of their food they said no ): So I’m gonna take my revenge. Zelo would you like to try? Yes Don’t eat that but I’m so hungry (realization hits) I hope you like having die-herra (diarrhea) bitches. hahahahaha What did I say you dumb bitch? I just want to eat ): (sad violin music plays in the background) it looks like BLOOD …. what the actual fuck (himchan and yongguk) do you think they’ll know we just made campbells soup? fuck this shit I’m eating cereal Isn’t that too much? I’m sorry, I didn’t know this was fucking master chef. C’mon jongup, let’s go screw with dee-high-un’s food. It tastes disgusting Why don’t you stick to your goddamn diarrhea triangles? watch out himchan’s gonna steal all the food and jongup’s gonna steal all your lines bitch watch your mouth all around me are familiar faces (but louder this time as deehighun’s pain grows deeper) Since I’m the leader I’ve decided to be the judge It all tastes like shit Let’s just order pizza. thanks 4 watching

100 thoughts on “COOKING WITH B.A.P”

  1. is it bad that I stopped writing my essay which is due tomorrow just to watch this video 😂😂😂 priorities 💪💪💖

    also damn daehyun…Jongup is coming for your lines hahaha

  2. i paused the kdrama i was watching to watch ur video!! this is pure gold!! lol!! had coughing fits watching it!! luv ur channel so much!! 😂🤣😅😆🙌👍👍👏👏

  3. lol forget roast daehyun day, it's roast daehyun for life. This was (as usual) fucking hilarious. Thanks 🙂

  4. They must come to my school in thursday cause I must cook and I'm sure I'll get a better mark with them 😂

  5. All these videos have me dead like Daehyun needs to just stop while he still can. Himchan just roasted his life and I can't handle it.

  6. this cooking show just ended the career of Ramsay. hahahahaha. the last time i'm early for a vid is when the wake me up mv is release. 😂😂😂

  7. I'm sorry but Youngjae's "BLAHBLAHBLABBLAHBLABBLAHBLAH" in the BG while Jongup is thinking "I really want some Reese's Puffs" made me choke laughing, I love the little details you add like that!

  8. "Watch out, Himchan's gonna steal all the food."
    "And Jongup is gonna steal all your lines."

    I don't whether to laugh or feel sorry for Daehyun, so I'm just gonna do both.

  9. I'll always be thankful for the one-sided DaeUp.
    Also the punchlines. So many of them. I can't. I'm dying. xD

  10. What the Fxxx is oxygen right now?! 🤣 I can't with Daehyun singing the actual lines to Mad World! xD (Which I love that song) The savagery continues to cause bodies to drop! Lol Sunsengnim aka im in it for the memes, you are inspiring Life!🌹 B.A.P are Life! 💚 BABYz are Life! B.A.P 2017 World Tour 'Party Baby! 🌹

  11. your videos always finish too quickly like ill be laughing my ass off within 10 secs and then ive missed half the video..

  12. Best of the best XDD
    We're so lucky to have in our Fandom! Thanks for making my day! 😂😂😂😂😂

    "I'm not gonna eat others members' food. I don't fcking feel like dying today "XD I'm done

  13. "I'm confident I'm going to win. Because these bitches can't boil fucking water"
    "The next person to mention cereal I will shove this goddamn spoon up in their ass"
    "I'm not eating the other member's food because I don't feel like fucking dying today"
    "I'm sorry, I didn't know this was fucking master chef"
    "Why don't you stick to your goddamn diarrhea triangles"

    Youngjae's roasts is on fire 🔥🔥

  14. This one is too good😂
    Ask B.A.P is a great idea, my questions–>
    1)What's the most annoying thing about dee-high-un?
    2) What's your favorite hobby?

  15. Well done Zelo. You've gone through an entire video without stealing anything. Don't break your streak.

  16. oh my god your videos are so hilarious, I just love them so much

    (I think there's enough roasting in them for is to just eat B.A.P by now, but Daehyun might be just a tad bit too burnt)

  17. Also the thing I'd like to ask (lol what do I do with my life):
    -to Him: Why not Herchan?
    -to Zelo: What?
    -To Dae: How to be beautifu?
    -To Jungup: How to make Dae shut the fuck up?
    -To B.A.P: how to smart?
    (-To Bang: Where is the void, and how to get there?)

  18. If you could take one thing with you b4 being abandoned on an island alone. Between cereal and bap what would you bring

  19. idk why but I've been laughing from the beginning byt when junhong said 'it looks like blood' I was bursting with laughter

  20. I've been commenting on a bunch of your videos. I just wanted to tell you that I love you, and I'm glad this channel exists.

  21. This describes my family.
    I'm the one making Die-ah-herrah triangles.
    Once again, im in it for the memes, you slayed.

  22. Hear Dee-hi-un sing « All around me are familiar faces » is the one of the most f*cking beautiful things I've ever seen. 😂

  23. "It all tastes like fucking shit…let's order pizza"….I'm dead. You're videos are killing me 😂😂😂😂

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