Cooking with Cannabis || First Class ft. Hawaii Mike

Cooking with Cannabis || First Class ft. Hawaii Mike

(knife clinking against glass) – Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo! How’s everybody doin’ today? Happy holidays, first of
all. Happy 4/20, everybody. (guests applaud lightly) Welcome, welcome. My name is “Hawaii” Mike. This
is my beautiful wife, Stephanie. We are Chef for Higher. Welcome to our supper club. When I’m putting these things together, I’m actually sitting on
the other side of the table, ’cause I wanna experience this for myself, and I’m enough of a snob. And if you know me, you
know, I like fly sh*t. So if I can make myself
happy, we all gonna be good. In the past, you would see
edibles as sugar-based products. It’s candies, it’s baked goods,
and things of that nature. We wanted to show a more
savory approach to consuming, because you eat every day —
it’s a necessity — and our mission is to
normalize the use of cannabis as an everyday essential, so we happen to use food as
the medium to share that. I’m the guy without the degree, I’m the guy that didn’t
go to culinary school, I’m the guy that shouldn’t
be doing this sh*t, I’m the guy probably any other
chef looking at this sh*t’s probably like, “Why the f*ck
are they doing this sh*t?” But, again, we’re in a DIY culture: Do it your way, do it however works, and, you know, if you build
something, and they come, who can say you’re doing something wrong? Like, there is no wrong
if the sh*t is right. My biggest inspiration for me
to start cookin’ was my mom. She was a vegan (laughs).
So I hated that sh*t. So I hit my father up and,
mind you, I’m 9 years old, so I’m cooking chicken in Hawaii — made some bomb roast chicken — and then moved back in with my father, and my first job happened
to be me being a prep cook. Food is as trendy as clothing now. The sustainable part is
when you have something more than just the food. People don’t come to us just for the food. I think they’re surprised by the food, more than anything else. They want the experience. – Maybe in the beginning
it was just about weed, but now it’s like a social club more now. – So the supper club started
as Sunday dinner at the crib with a few of the homies and then that turned into
a few friends asking, or actually, really tellin’ us, “Yo, people will pay for this.” Four people turned into 10 people, 10 people turned into 20 people, and now we seat 40 people
a month, once a month. – How many people are at this one? – Fifty.
– OK. – And then we kinda travel around as well. – [Woman] Are you gonna run today, or do you want me to
get it in the morning? – If I find a spot on the way, actually I think there’s
a spot at Essex Market. Essex Market’s best — I
gotta walk past that anyway. Why they got no f*ckin’ basil, yo? Looking out here. Good look. We’re off to my friend’s
restaurant, Rizzo’s Pizza spot, to make some basil pesto, ’cause I forgot our food
processor (chuckles) again. We use all kinds of different chefs, ’cause we always movin’ around. – [Man] Yeah, that’s the thing. – [Mike] So it depends like– – [Man] Who’s the closest. – You know that’s part of our juggle, when we doing this stuff
like private dining and not having, like, a restaurant. You always all over the place. So it’s like– – [Man] So it’s like, it’s
good to know different people. – [Mike] Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo! – [Man] What’s up, what’s up? – What’s good, Frank? I’ve known the owner of this spot for (scoffs) 20-plus years, man. Staple of nightlife in New York City. OK, I’m gonna keep
looking — got any salt, Frank? I don’t know where the hell
their utensils are in here, dammit. Frank, spatch? (audio cuts out) We did a pop up here two weeks ago, did a dope dinner with our
peoples, brought them through, created a pizza and then we’re actually
bringin’ some pizzas now for some of our folks. So in addition to them lettin’
us make some pesto in here, we’re gonna take some pizzas back, so y’all gonna see those too. That’s pretty f*ckin’ good. (food processor whirs) I like that. I got an incredible competitive advantage against most people. One, I’m not a chef. And then two, I’m hip-hop, yo. You’re influenced by your environment. My environment, what I grew
up around, was hip-hop. So when I talk about I’m hip-hop,
and I’m influenced by that, it’s not really like I’m a
rapper, but everything that I do, from clothing to my speech, my vernacular, to where I live, how I move, what I’m influenced by
is the hip-hop culture. So I just think differently. We sample, we take from different things, and we create our own. I had no restaurant f*ckin’ skills, but everything else I did
in the music industry, in management, in agency
work, in marketing, gave me all the skills to
f*ckin’ rock this sh*t, so that to me is another
competitive advantage. I’m not approachin’ this as a chef does. I’m gonna add a little bit of
our olive oil and truffle oil that we’ve infused to this pesto. We try to ensure each guest
that comes to our experiences have a great time and a
pleasurable experience by responsible consumption
through proper dosing. That means we look at a
bunch of different things from the proteins and the terpenes that may be in the foods
that we’re gonna cook, the style of food that we’re gonna cook, the oils that we’re gonna use. So again, we like to use this one just because it’s more a purer form of THC, and you’re not gonna get some
of the other constituents that may have a different
effect on people. So it’s kinda like managing
the process a little bit for them. Actually, a lot for them. Basically like sommeliers, right? We wanna guide you through the experience and make sure you have an incredible time. 4:20 doesn’t really matter to me. That’s just, that’s a number on the clocks and it happens, like I said, twice. So I like it because other people like it. I like the energy that other people get. Food makes people happy, yo. What celebration doesn’t contain food? I’m actually about to dip out though, so y’all are gonna have some fun. But, y’all enjoy the meal,
and I’ll see y’all in a few. Have fun, man. Happy 4/20, y’all. I like the smiles that we
bring to people’s faces, I like the anticipation
and everybody comin’ in, they’re like little kids in a candy store. That’s the sh*t I love. I get higher off of that than smokin’.

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  1. great video but I feel like if there was a little more cooking and walking us through the process it would be way better

  2. Aw, shoot. Very little cannabis in food discussion. Looked like it would really get going at 5:15 but nope. No pun intended but I had such high hopes.

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