100 thoughts on “COOKING WITH EMMA IS BACK”

  1. it's 5:23 am. it's my first day of junior year. i've been up all night watching emmas videos. i truly do not care about school. i was crying at the beginning of the video when you ate that hot pepper 😂😂😂

  2. What if….the package that she was talking about was ethan’s Christmas present that she ordered for him (the offwhite shirt that matches his shorts?!?!??!?)

    Just a theory lol I thought it was interesting

  3. did anyone see that she used aahron coffee beans and that was the place that the dolan twins filmed their video

  4. As someone who can eat a Serrano pepper and ALMOST not even flinch watching the first part was painful SIDENOTE I AM NOT JUDGING EMMA THAT PEPPER IS HOT I'M KINDA JUST BRAGGING and people have there limit and I get that thus commit is to long so if you are steal reading this TITS there you go(.)(.)

  5. Well I’m currently screwing myself over by watching every Emma video I haven’t watched yet so at some point I won’t have anything to watch😂

  6. I lovw how she puts ACTUAL subtitles and not the trash google ones and for ppl that have trouble understanding words sometimes it’s rlly cool

  7. her random stray stands of hair in her messy bun really trigger my ocd, why do i have to deal with the same problems every video ahhhh

  8. To make hot sauce you need four tomatoes five serrano peppers boil it in hot water to make it soft once it’s soft put it in the blender put some salt and there you go 😊

  9. ive never noticed until 04:32am on 20/08/19 that emma chamberlain is very fucking loud. my mom woke up. the volume is 15.

  10. these burritos aren’t out of date I thought they was rotten but they don’t get out of date until September 2018

    —published on the 11th feb 2019

  11. When you said you were just going to eat a hot pepper just like that out of the bag, I was like “damn you’re going to get f’ed up” (I thought they were jalapeños). Then you busted out the Serrano pepper and I was like “you’re going to die”. LOL

  12. I’m a guy, going through a breakup, tryna forget that girl with every muscle in me but it’s tough.
    But you Emma, you make my days better, you’re so relatable and humble, never give in to the attention or money please. God bless you, you never know who’s watching you !

  13. August 2019 where are u ppl? 👋🏻
    Also it’s been 6 months without a cooking with Emma!!!!🥺
    edit:omg she just uploaded one
    (btw also a youtuber heehee)

  14. I eat a serrano with almost every meal. But I am Mexican so that explains it. I love to oil them up and roast them.

  15. Idk why but, I've watched this video about 5 times, and every time the way she edits "ethan" when talking about how he got her the coffee machine it makes me laugh

  16. When she starts the story of the mailman is she talking about Ethan’s shirt she bought him for the Christmas sister squad collab

  17. So many people probably yelled ‘Emma, NO!’ 🤚🏻when you were about to take a bite of that pepper. Girl those peppers don’t mess around.

  18. Omg they expired on my birthday. In four days, it's their 2 year expiration anniversary! 1 Like = 1 respect for the deceased tort-ill-as.

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