Cooking With Liquid Nitrogen Is The Best Thing To Do With Oranges [Sponsored]

Cooking With Liquid Nitrogen Is The Best Thing To Do With Oranges [Sponsored]

Liquid nitrogen is just the chilled nitrogen
that’s in the air around us. You get it down to about minus 196 degrees Celsius, and it
becomes a liquid. It is a liquid, yet it is dry because as soon as it’s chilling, it evaporates
back into the atmosphere, so you can chill things without getting them wet. And you can
chill them very, very quickly. And it’s mesmerizing. But a lot of people don’t think enough about
the safety issues. If you seal liquid nitrogen in a closed container, the pressure will just
build, and build, and build, and build. Yeah, we’re not doing that one again. I’m using
liquid nitrogen to take these pieces of orange, and break them into these beautiful little
juice sacs. So you can put them into sauces, in drinks, you can sprinkle them on top of
things. So I’m just taking these orange segments, which are just normal orange segments, and freezing
them solid with liquid nitrogen. Notice it actually takes quite a while to freeze them
solid because liquid nitrogen, even though it’s extremely cold, isn’t really that fast
or powerful, so it takes awhile for them to freeze through. But once they’re frozen down,
they become so brittle that I can just break them apart with a muddler. And they just break
into the individual little juice sacs. Those don’t rupture, but all of the juice sacs just
break apart from each other, and you get these amazing little pellets. If you try to make
them with a knife, right, you would cut into them, which means that as they thawed they
would bleed out. These are like, they’re perfect. The skin around them hasn’t been ruptured.
They are still whole. And they just don’t lose their character. They’re really cool.

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  1. 0:35, you say not use in closed container, but i've seen using in beverage cooler or the cryogenic tank? how does it work?

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