Cooking with Marshmello: How To Make Greek Salad

Cooking with Marshmello: How To Make Greek Salad

Hello loves and welcome to episode 12 of cooking with Marshmello Looks like we’ve got another tour inspired dish for you all today. One of your favorites while on the road Mello, Greek salad Let’s get started shall we Today’s ingredients include one head of romaine lettuce chopped, tomatoes cut into wedges a red onion thinly slice chopped kalamata olives, crumbled feta, fresh parsley leaves roughly chopped olive oil salt red wine vinegar, Freshly ground black pepper and one whole lemon. Please take out a large salad bowl and combine the lettuce, Tomatoes, Red onions half of the feta cheese, The few sprigs of parsley, and olives. Now in a separate mixing bowl, Please combine the chopped olives, remaining feta cheese, Parsley olive oil, Red wine vinegar, sugar, lemon juice. Gum, then add a bit of salt and pepper for extra flavor. Please pour this over the salad! Toss it all together and enjoy! If you manage to read this then Hi, but honestly wtf gum? lol ok well if you manage to read all of this in this time period say “MarchMello!” in the comments. Who knows, maybe it will be March when you read this. Also don’t pause, that’s cheating. See you next week! Let us know what you’d like to see cooked up in the comments below.

100 thoughts on “Cooking with Marshmello: How To Make Greek Salad”

  1. WOW I thought Greeks knew how to make thei traditional salad congrats cuz I know how to make one and sseing an american doing it….MAN ! thats great

  2. Hello Marshy! This should be called "Horiatiki Salad", which means "Village salad".Without lattice, just cucumber( slices ), tomatos( sliced ) Greek feta cheese (sliced ), onions (same -sliced ) and kalamata olives ( as you well did have them [ I am at Kalamata atm if you need any ] , Greek extra vergine olive oil , pepper and salt and opaaaaa ! Ready to serv. But I loved yours as well [ X _ X ]

  3. I'm from Greece, Tsis is not Greek salad! 😩. Πείτε ρε παιδιά! Πρέπει κάποιος να τους πει τι είναι η χωριάτικη! But we all love you! ❤️

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