Cookout Confidential: 4 Easy Grilling Tips That’ll Impress Your Guests

Hey, lifestyle expert Frank Fontana here and I have some fantastic grill tips for you all of your summer events. Now let’s start with the actual grill itself. A lot of people jump the gun and don’t let the grill heat up and that’s a no no. You want to wait at least 15 minutes with the lid down and let it heat up properly. Then get your grill on. And if you want to mix up your menu, how about ditching the spatula for maybe something like skewers. You can do an assortment of great vegetables, fresh vegetables like plum tomatoes, onions, peppers and zucchini. That makes for a great side to your plates. Now, if you want an international flair, how about doing some bruschetta on a grill. This is really easy. You just take some Italian bread, slice it about a quarter-inch thin, drizzle some olive oil on it, put it on each side for about two minutes. Chop up some tomatoes, oregano, garlic powder, olive oil, put it right on top and you are culinary superstar to all your guests. Now back to the staples—you’ve got your hot dogs, your hamburgers, of course, and you want to do something creative with that, so I do hot dog stations—where I have relish sauerkraut, pickles, but they can pretty much be filled with anything that you like. As far as toppers, you got to have America’s favorite ketchup, Heinz, right? Well, here’s a little breaking news for you. Heinz is also going to be America’s favorite mustard. They have this brand new recipe, the taste is killer. It’s a hundred percent natural and it’s available nationwide right now for the first time. This is big news, folks. And they have this new slogan that “Ketchup has a new Mustard.” It’s really funny actually. If you go to they have these hilarious videos as well as some really great recipe tips. So this is a National Salad Month and I’m a big fan of salads. We eat a ton of them at my house. We try to be as healthy as possible. And I got kids, so it’s really important I know what’s inside the ingredients, what’s inside bottles like this. This is Lighthouse Dressings and what’s cool about this is that they are in the same mindset as me. No MSG, no preservatives, all natural ingredients and you can finds these right on the produce aisle in the refrigerated section so they are right next to the spinach, the kale—so know it’s gotta be healthy. And their flavor variety insane. When I have no time, I use this for marinades. So I’ll use the Sesame Ginger if I’m doing an Asian style grill out. If I’m doing an Italian accompaniment to my bruschetta, I’ll use the Balsamic on my chicken—fantastic flavor. And on my salads of course, one of my favorites is the OPA Greek Yogurt Dressings. The OPA being the Greek element to it all. And rule of them with salads drizzle lightly, start soft, then build up so you’re not oversaturating your salads and you guests will be eating a bunch of mush. You don’t want to do that. And this is National Salad Month, like I mentioned, and because of that Lighthouse Dressings is doing this cool Instagram deal. If you have Instagram, snap a picture of your most innovative salad, post it on your Instagram account, but hashtag #saladrevolution @lighthousefoods. And what that will do is get you a one-dollar off coupon. That’s right. One dollar off any of these dressings nationwide. Not that’s a pretty sweet deal. Now go ahead America, and get your grill on.

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