(phone alarm music) – Okay. Hello, you guys. Welcome back to another Vivian Tries. This is another As Seen
on Television product. Today we have The Perfect Cooker. Now, the infomercial
looks pretty interesting. He makes pizza. (cash register bell ringing) No, he makes corzones? No, he makes corzones? I don’t know what it’s called. – How about I show you how
to make a fresh calzone? – I bought all the ingredients here. And we’re gonna make it in this guy. We’re gonna make the corzone? – Calzone. – I think it’s called corzone. – Calzone. – Is that an anti-itch cream? I can’t remember. You guys know. I’m sure you’ve seen the infomercial. He gets pizza dough, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni. mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni. He also adds peppers. I don’t like peppers so I
didn’t include peppers, okay? We’re gonna try to cook this in here. And based on what they
say in their infomercial it’s gonna come out… – Gooey-gooey, look
it’s crispy and crusty. – Oh, that’s magnificent. – Isn’t that absolutely gorgeous? – Mhmm. – Beautifully browned, crispy, gooey-gooey in the inside, corzone. gooey-gooey in the inside, corzone. – Calzone. – Corzone. – Calzone. – Cor, who the hell knows? We’re gonna do this. Let’s see what’s inside this guy. And it’s small, it makes
all kinds of things. That’s why I’m excited
because it makes rice. It won’t take up a lot
of space in your kitchen. And we should have put
my hair up in a ponytail because there’s a crease
in it, oh my goodness. Oh, it’s tiny. Oh, it’s tiny. It’s itty-bitty. Look how little it is. It is tiny. It is tiny. I hope this works ’cause my rice cooker is a
giant one and it’s back there. So this would be cool. Okay, how do you open it? Take these little things off, voila. Pretty easy. Aww. It’s so little. What? What? Wait a second. (laughing) what do you, what do you cook
in this little baby plate? (laughing) Come on now, dude. Come on now, dude. (laughing) Is this for my three year old nephew? Is this for his lunch? ‘Cause this is so tiny. This is too tiny. I was gonna make a cake
but I decided not too. It makes cakes, omelets,
meatloaf, all kinds of stuff. Rice, like I said, soup,
oatmeal, casseroles. Pretty impressive. I’m not impressed with the size though. It’s so small. I’m gonna go wash this so some
of you guys don’t freak out. I’ll be right back. Okay, so it’s called a calzone. Okay, so it’s called a calzone. Pizza pocket, okay? I just watched the infomercial again so that I could correct myself. The infomercial does not say how long I need to cook
my calzone pizza pocket. how long I need to cook
my calzone pizza pocket. They gave me everything else except how much time this would take. Because it’s probably, whoop,
there it is, there it is. It’s in the recipe book
that comes in the box. It better not be 20 minutes. Okay, there it is you guys. That’s what I’m making. Cook for 10 minutes, no oil, no nothing. Cook for 10 minutes, no oil, no nothing. I’m gonna do exactly what
he did in the infomercial so that we can see if
this is really gonna work. It’s warmin’ up, okay. So I’m gonna put that in there and I’m gonna put the lid on just in case. Okay. Okay, so, Okay, so, it’s plugged in, it says warm. – Now I have my
refrigerator biscuit dough. – I’m gonna open this guy. Aren’t you guys afraid to open these? Oh, these freak me the hell out. ‘Cause I always feel like
it’s gonna explode in my face. (loud ripping) Ready? I might have to poke it with a knife. (grunting) Fuck. What’s going on? (grunting) Oh, there’s a hole. Shit. (loud ripping) (grunting) Am I supposed to twist it? What the f… (grunting) No.
(laughing) I did not read the instructions because growing up we just punched a hole. (grunting) The fuck. Really? Come on. Okay, look it busted out of the.. Hurry! (loud popping) Oh, there we go. Get off my cutting board. That’s where we’re throwing this guy. Just like he had it. The dough is looking kinda rough. Another hair day,
should’ve had a pony tail. Okay, pizza dough. Now I’m gonna take off these little pieces because I don’t want it to be all thick. ’cause then you guys are gonna say “You didn’t do it just like
he did it on the infomercial.” Rolled out, isn’t that a song? Rolled out, isn’t that a song? Rolled out. Okay, I’m not gonna roll
it out any more than that. It’s supposed to be a pocket anyway. I think we’re ready. Okay, what does he do first? I think he put some of this on. Hold on, let me pull my hair back. I’m gonna work fast ’cause
this is not a 45-minute video. And he puts tons of this stuff on. – Nice.
– Now we’re gonna put a little ricotta cheese. – So we’re gonna put tons of it on. Why does it look like that? Is it supposed to look like this? I don’t use this very much. My mom does when she
makes the yummy lasagna. This is smelling like burnt. Was I supposed to do something? I did clean it, okay. Don’t leave me a comment
asking me if I cleaned it. Duh, do you guys wanna
see me cleaning stuff? No, get to the point. That’s what I’m doing. Okay, pepperoni. He put tons of pepperoni
in the infomercial. Let’s do the cheese first. He does tons of mozzarella. – [Man] Some mozzarelle or mozzarella. – What? All the pepperonis. All the pepperonis. I love pepperonis. I’m gonna put all of these guys in there ’cause we’re gonna try to
duplicate this infomercial. – Some pepperoni.
– Pepperoni? Seriously. I like a lot of pepperoni. How about that?
– Nice. – You like that? It’s looking good right? – That’s what I’m gonna
do, okay, more pepperoni – That’s what I’m gonna
do, okay, more pepperoni because he put 7,500 pepperonis on there. So am I, you see? Because, hey, we’re testing
this thing just like he did. Because, hey, we’re testing
this thing just like he did. Oh, I dropped a pepperoni. My dog’s gonna love that. Now what does he do in the infomercial? – [Man] Now, I’m just
gonna fold this over. And then I’m just gonna press it down. – He just rolls this guy up, right? Yup, just like this. Roll it. Oh no, okay, hold on. I still got a little
bit of dough over here. I guess we can put it
right there like glue. What do you think? Now, just like in the infomercial he opens this little thing. He says… – [Man] I didn’t put any oil, any butter. – No oil needed. – No oil needed. Just gonna pick it up like he did. Hopefully mine does not fall apart. Okay, very good. It has a little hole over here but I’m gonna put a little
bit of glue, more dough. Just put it in there just like he did. – And now I stick it into my inner pot. – Okay, done. – Okay, done. It’s in there. Now I’m gonna close it like he does. – Attach the sides.
– Now you do that for me. – That is always harder to close. Okay, you just click this thing down. – Click.
– One click, that’s it. – It’s cooking. And in the book it said 10 minutes. So, forgot my Apple Watch today. But put 10 minutes on
the clock, count it down. Alright guys, there is still
two minutes on the timer. And while we waited our 10 minutes, I read the instructions again and I have to cook it for 10 minutes. I have to take it out, flip it, cook it for another 10 minutes, what? So yeah, already. The little thing clicked
so it stopped cooking and now it’s telling me
it’s just keeping it warm. So that’s a fail. We’re gonna open it. I have a feeling. And look, if I click it
to keep cooking, it won’t. It won’t stay. Right, it tells me it’s done cooking. There’s no other buttons. I mean it’s pretty, it’s pretty nothing. I mean it’s pretty, it’s pretty nothing. It’s failing really bad right now. It’s failing really bad right now. See it won’t stay. I’m gonna say it’s done. We’re gonna try to flip it. But like I said, I’m gonna
bring you guys in closer so we can look at this together. It’s not even steaming. Hold on, okay, you can’t see
it, both lights are on now. So it stopped. I’m gonna leave it for
another three minutes and then we’ll flip it. Okay, Siri, set a three minute timer. – [Siri] Okay, three minutes and counting. – 18 seconds. (phone alarm music) Okay. What? Oh my god. Raw, raw, raw. Raw, raw, raw. Wait a second, it’s kind
of cooking over here. – Now think about a calzone
made fresh in The Perfect Cooker but all those times but all those times that people might go
to the freezer section and buy those pocket things. – Right, right. – That aren’t gonna taste like this. Let me tell you what,
look at this calzone. – [Woman] Oh, no way. – Alright guys, this thing is a fail. I’m gonna give it one Vivian head. I really wanted this one to work. It’s so tiny, it’s a fail. One Vivian head because I
could have ordered a pizza and had it to my house by now. I’m gonna keep goin’, I’m not givin’ up. It’s probably gonna take another hour for this thing to be done. Alright you guys, that is it
for another Vivian Tries video. Thank so much for coming
back week after week. I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye!


  1. They are called WHOP BISCUITS for a reason. You peel off the label and WHOP the can on the counter. It's not brain surgery.

  2. I am from the UK, what could I buy in the biscuit dough type , as we don't have that. Any help would be appreciated + Secret Life Of Vivian

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  5. You took more time talking than reviewing the product. I was hoping to see you finished explaining how the calzone turn out after flipping it out. Boomer

  6. I have the five cup one from QVC and I love it I use it like everyday, I haven't tried baking anything in it yet, but the five cup one has a timer on the front that you can set for a certain amount of time and it works like a charm with meats and vegetables and legumes


  8. I never tried this but from my experience you probably got a used item. I had to order my rice cooker from main company since same thing happened to me when I bought one from the stores. Had to return them.

  9. I have one, I ended up unplugging for 2-3 minutes, plug it back in, flip and reset the on switch. Now exactly what the infomercial said, but it was done after the second switch. I bought mine basically for rice for 1 person. but have done the breakfast sandwich and calzone in it.

  10. Vivian looks just like me trying to open the canned dough. I hate those things I'm just like oh no it's gonna explode with a Big Bang.

  11. Your reaction to the perfect cooker was the same as mine when I unpacked it and like you my rice machine is so big I've not used my perfect cooker as yet so I'll see how your recipe comes out first good luck lol xx

  12. That tiny thing was a fail as soon as you took it out. No family of two would bother with it. It’s clearly for single servings and even the calzone they made looked lame. It’d be faster and easier to just pop the calzone in the oven and not need to flip it. Zero Vivian heads or perhaps give it one Vivian finger!!!

  13. We would always peel the foil off can and then tap the biscuits on the edge of the counter to pop them open

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  16. Your not making it right. Youts is made with almost all the biscuits dought his isnt. You have a weird way of scoring. Things you should give 1 viv head for you give 3 and 4 and vice versa.

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  18. When I lived Down South, biscuits in a can were called 'whomp biscuits' because you whomp the tube on the side of the counter to open it.

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  21. Y'all are missing the point. She's reviewing just exactly how they marketed it on TV. On the commercial the guy never said to flip it. He just said it only takes 10 minutes.

    Also I am laughing my butt off coz it's literally just a rice cooker. You can get those for 10 bucks or less during black friday and about 10-20 on regular days xD

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  28. Is anyone else wincing at that ingredient list? Dough from a can? Not even seasoning the ricotta cheese? That guy is crazy. I season mine with 1/2 cup of parmesan for added cheese flavor and saltiness, with some black pepper and garlic. And those pre-packaged pepperonis– they are always super salty. If you must get pepperoni, go to deli section in the grocery and get them as cold cuts. Fresher ans taste better too. 😭😭😭 This is a trainwreck from start to finish.

  29. I love you and your videos Vivian… but I agree with everyone else. Even you yourself said you need to flip it… and n the commercial you can clearly tell it was flipped over in order to crust both sides… Please re-do this one! Love ya Thx

  30. No they don't show the cons of the products. That's why we have Vivian she shows us how it really is. Thanks for your efforts and time your hilarious and I love watching 😘

  31. She couldn't tell it was small from the add , really !
    She didn't know how to open dough ?
    She went into this with a totally negative , defeated attitude from the start ! She had to turn it. What did she mean she wanted it to work , BULL ! Negative from the start !!!!!

  32. I watched this video a few weeks ago. I thought I'm a professional chef I know how to use it properly. Also it's just my husband and me so I thought the size would be perfect. I downloaded the recipe booklet and "made"the chicken pot pie. One biscuit at a time. Cook 10 min then flipped. 20 min for one biscuit. Ok. No. I'll save it for my grandchildren to cook/ bake with. Wouldn't say it's a failure because I had enough intelligence to flip the biscuit when it didn't look done but definitely not getting 5 Bev heads.

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