Country Potato Salad Recipe – (Cooking Americana Ep. 12)

Country Potato Salad Recipe – (Cooking Americana Ep. 12)

Prepare to get your hands dirty and dive
right in because Mama’s gonna show you how to make
some simple healthy and scrumdiddlyumptious potato salad from
scratch welcome back to cooking Americana my
name is Dianne Linderman and we are making simple healthy and absolutely
delicious recipes all of my recipes from that from my restaurant when I was had
my place in Oregon on a 5 acre organic farm these are some of my secrets that
no one ever got to find out about we’re gonna be making potato salad today out
of just a few ingredients and I’m gonna show you how to make that starting right
now but before I do that I’m gonna put some gloves on I’ll show you why when
you’re making potato salad you really got to mix it well and this is from my
old restaurant days when we used to make giant vats of potato salad it just seems
to be an easier way to mix it up all right this is what we’ve got
I’ve got sweet onion there’s probably about a 1 and 1/2 onions in there I’ve
got diced celery fresh parsley I’ve got vegenaise mayo if you’ve never
heard of vegenaise mayo it’s made with I like the kind that’s made with grapeseed
oil sweet pickle relish I’ve got some celery seeds salt I’ve got fresh dried
basil and I’ve got just plain old mustard here’s a little bit of my secret
ingredient right here this is called a salad supreme and you can pretty much
buy it anywhere but right now I’m gonna start by putting my onions in I might
have too much oh by the way when you are gonna make potato salad you can get your
potatoes cold but don’t take the skins off if you get them into a pan like this
a bowl just take some of them that are kind of loose and just put them to the
side but necessary just to take the skins off I actually think it’s a much
healthier and and then these kind of potatoes the red potatoes are very sweet
so the skin has a sweetness to it all right we’re going to put in probably
about a cup of my sweet onions I’m going to put all of the parsley parsley it’s just
unbelievable flavor we’re probably not gonna put all of the celery that we have
with me here but probably about two-thirds of a cup I have all these
recipes on my web website which is all right we’re gonna do my vegenaise mayo I’m gonna add some now it’s better to add a little at first you can always add
more later but don’t put too much in it first I’ll just put that aside for right
now and sweet pickle relish I think it has just enough sweetness in there to
make this absolutely delicious okay so I probably put about three teaspoons and
I’m gonna put that aside because I might add more we’ve got the celery salt which
is a really good flavor you can also put some celery seed in their ground celery
seeds very delicious all right and I’m gonna use all my dried basil also this
is my favorite thing right here which is my it’s it’s I tell you you can buy this
again any brand it all tastes the same it’s called salad supreme alright so
we’ve got all this in here a little bit of mustard by the way like I told you go
to my website you’ll have all these recipes okay this
is where it gets fun you got to get your hands in there and I actually squish my
potatoes as I’m mixing and I’ll tell you why it gets a flavor inside the potato
and they’re not chopped up so I prefer doing it like this you’ve ever tried my
potato salad you would know why it’s absolutely delicious when we had our
restaurant on my farm in Oregon we had a five acre farm he grew pretty much all
of our own vegetables it was really a neat thing I am no hippie I just had a
dream to have a giant garden where I could then go out and pick vegetables
and bring them in and allow everybody to try my incredible recipes but it
actually taught me something very I would say very simple which is to
actually use very small amount of ingredients to have some incredible
flavors so most of my recipes are really simple see how you get this really mixed
up I don’t think I need anything else in this
oh yeah now it’s getting really delicious here you got to get it all
mixed up fun for the kids to do too if you have kids around just get some
gloves on them let them go crazy how you like my set is this fun I’m in my
favorite place my barn and my 1959 Airstream I do cooking shows out of that
and over to my left over here is my 1940 Ford convertible it’s actually a cooking
stage so you might see me at some of the fairs across the country it’s where I do
a lot of my cooking shows look at that that’s looking really good
all right now I am done mixing that up yeah
no mess what I love about this now I’m gonna try it and make sure it’s perfect
for your consumption mmm that is delicious oh my gosh wish you were here
make sure check out my website these are my cookbooks they have everything in
them you need to actually simply cook all my recipes go to my website and make sure you subscribe to my website thank you very
much for being with me we’re gonna plate this up real quick oh I’ll get a plate
over here best part of it is when you plate it up that way you all can try it in your
imaginations yummy how’s that look pretty darn good isn’t it thank you for
being with me make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel
Cooking Americana thank you very much for being part of my show you

4 thoughts on “Country Potato Salad Recipe – (Cooking Americana Ep. 12)”

  1. I don't know looks pretty gross to toss it all with hands. Looks sort of weird. I think tour repices sound great…but ever thought of just backing away felon the foody thing? I see it has effected your weight for many years and would love to see you become thin again. By the way..I have had my own weight gain after going through a 6-7 year bad depression but totally transformed now. Losing weight and have a wonderful new Fitness Rocker invention ..patent pending…will be so fun and good for many.

  2. We saw a taping of your show where you made this potato salad. My 8-year-old LOVED it (she has never liked any potato salad before)! She wants to make it at home. Which of your cook books includes this?

  3. Sorry Diane…don't know if it is my place to comment as I did below. It may be true, but I am still working on my own weight loss. So far down from 203 to 181#. Thankfully…lots of it is simply eating less carbs and of course working out diligently. I will have a new product that is being licensed out very soon which will make a full body weight exercise actually very enjoyable. I couldn't find anything to do that for myself, so I created my own…the Rockit Fit. I think its going to be a big hit.

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