Cracker Barrel Mushroom Braised Pot Roast – Instant Pot

Cracker Barrel Mushroom Braised Pot Roast – Instant Pot

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Braised Pot Roast cooked in a pressure cooker. Hi everyone this is Stephanie Manley from today we’re making a seasonal favorite from the Cracker Barrel. It is their
mushroom braised pot roast. I am going to go ahead and give you pressure cooker directions,
but you can use your slow cooker. You’re simply going to slow cook this for about six hours
and then do the mushroom portion of the recipe. We’ll catch that when we get there. To start
your pot roast you’re going to start them both the same way. The first thing we need
to do is we need to season our chuck roast here with plenty of salt and pepper.
Then we’re going to sear it in a hot pan to make it nice and brown. To sear the roast
we’re going to put in a couple of table spoons of oil. You can use a skillet just as easy
and we’re gonna put the meat season side down. We’re just going to cook it till it gets brown
on both sides. The one side is cooking go ahead and season the other side with plenty
of salt and pepper. Isn’t that beautiful? Now that our roast has braised on both sides,
now we’re going to go ahead and begin to cook the roast. If you have a slow cooker, use
your slow cooker and it’s going to work about the same way. We are going to add one large
onion, just kind of chopped up. I’m just putting that on top, it’s just for flavor. I have
about one and three quarters cup of beef broth here and I’m also going to add about a tablespoon
of gravy master. If you don’t have this you don’t have to use it. This is a product that
is available in many grocery stores. It’s sold right next to the beef bouillon and soup
base. We’re going to put a couple of tablespoons
of that in here. We’re going to give it a stir; again if you don’t have it you probably
don’t need to buy it. We’re just going to pour this in. If you have a slow cooker you’re
going to go ahead and cook this for 90 minutes on your meat setting and you’re going to let
it do a natural release. That’ll take about 20 minutes , so we’re going to go ahead and
get this started. When we come back I’ll show you the mushroom portion of this recipe.
Our pot roast has finished cooking, but you know what, I said it was mushroom braised
pot roast. We are going to actually sauté our mushrooms and we’re going to add them
at the end. I don’t think that the mushrooms can withstand the whole cooking process, because
they just break down and turn into mush. We’re just going to sauté them up just a little
bit right before we serve the pot roast. We’re going to add about 16 ounces of mushrooms
. I’m using cremini, I don’t believe Cracker Barrel uses cremini. You can use white button
mushrooms if you like, I just think these have a little bit more flavor. So why not
enjoy them? We’re going to sauté these up real quick
and a little bit of butter and we’re going to salt these. We’re going to cook them to
we’re they’re almost done and we’re going to introduce them into our warm pot roast.
We have just finished up our Cracker Barrel mushroom braised pot roast. As you know we
went ahead a cooked our pot roast separately from our mushrooms. We did this so the mushrooms
would retain their wonderful flavor and their shape. So you can enjoy the mushrooms along
with your pot roast. We’re going to go ahead and take a little bite here. They’re really
nice, it has a really rich flavor. Taste just incredible.
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  1. Easy and quick pot roast! I'm loving these Instant Pot recipes. Thanks for mentioning the setting button you used and the time. Have you ever done a whole chicken in the Instant pot?

  2. Looks good. One of these days I'll get a pressure cooker. Yours looks so different from the kind I'm used to seeing.

  3. First question…What is the difference between a pressure cooker and a crock pot? Second…Can I use a crock pot for this recipe, because I don't have a pressure cooker?

  4. I love your recipes !!! Could you please get Jim's Onion Rings from Jim's restaurants in San Antonio, TX. They are the best onion rings I have eaten in my 60+ years. Thank you.

  5. Use the onions on the bottom, add only 1/2 cut stock mixture. After meat is done, remove and use a hand blender to blend the onion almost liquified for wonderful thick gravy. The fat from the meat with the onion and 1/2 cup stock make for a thicker gravy. I would NOT use a second pan for the mushrooms either! I'd cook the meat 7/8 done, release pressure, make the gravy with the mixer, add the mushrooms and return for a final 5 mins pressure, release naturally without the warmer on and serve!

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