Cream Stew Recipe (White Chicken Stew with Mushrooms and Root Vegetables) | Cooking with Dog

Cream Stew Recipe (White Chicken Stew with Mushrooms and Root Vegetables) | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I am Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” First, season the boneless chicken thighs with the white pepper thoroughly. Sprinkle on the salt and lightly pat the seasonings onto both sides. Let the chicken sit for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, let’s cut the vegetables. Cut the carrot in half lengthwise. Chop it into thick half moons. Cut the half onion into 4 wedges and then cut them in half crosswise. Peel the lotus root with a peeler. Cut it in half lengthwise and then cut the root into wedges by turning it after each cut as chef is doing here. Remove the root end of the turnip. Quarter the turnip and rinse the stem ends thoroughly using a bamboo stick. Peel the satoimo taro. If it is a large root cut it in half. Remove the firm stringy parts of the celery. And then cut into bite-size pieces. With your hands, separate the maitake mushrooms and then chop them into fine pieces. Likewise, chop the shiitake mushrooms and the shimeji mushrooms into fine pieces. You can also use enoki and king oyster mushrooms but be careful not to use too much maitake mushrooms to maintain the white color of the stew. Now, lightly remove the excess moisture from the surface of the chicken using a paper towel. Dust both sides of the chicken with any type of flour. Add the vegetable oil to a heated pot. Place the chicken pieces into the pot with the skin side facing down. When they are lightly browned, flip them over. Lightly cook the other side, remove the chicken and reserve them on a plate. Remove the remaining oil with a paper towel. Add the olive oil and turn on the burner. To the heated pot, add the carrot, onion, lotus root, satoimo taro, turnip and celery. Lightly stir-fry the vegetables with a pair of tongs. Place the reserved chicken into the pot and pour on the white wine. Continue to stir-fry, evaporating the alcohol completely. Now, sprinkle on the salt and add the water to the pot. Cover with a lid and simmer the vegetables on medium low heat for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, let’s make the white roux with the mushrooms. First, add the olive oil to a pan and drop in the sliced garlic and onion. Turn on the burner and stir-fry them on low heat. When the aroma grows stronger and the onion and garlic turn golden brown, add the bay leaf and the chopped mushrooms. Distribute them evenly and sprinkle on the salt and the white pepper. Stir-fry until the mushrooms are browned, making them more fragrant and savory. Add the cake flour and stir-fry the mixture thoroughly on low heat. Be careful not to burn it. Now, gradually pour the milk into the pan while stirring the mixture. Mix until smooth, bring it to a boil and now the white roux is ready. And now, the vegetables and chicken are ready. Add the white roux to the pot. Gently mix the ingredients, distributing the roux evenly. Simmer it for a couple of minutes. Test the flavor of the stew and adjust to taste with salt and pepper. Now, it is ready to serve. Ladle the cream stew into a bowl. Finally, sprinkle on the parsley leaves. You can substitute pork, beef or salmon for the chicken. Potatos, cabbage, broccoli, green peas and corn also go great with this recipe. You can adjust the consistency of the stew by diluting it with chicken stock. Good luck in the kitchen!

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  1. I made this today, with the vegetables I had on hand: potato, carrot, hakusai and corn. I also used parisian mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms (I only had 2 types) for the roux.  It turned out great! Thanks! 🙂

  2. Hi Chef and Francis! I was just wondering if self-rising flour would be acceptable to use for coating the chicken 🙂 Just want to make sure, thank you <3 

  3. I made it today^^ it´s very good! Since all my family is sick (nothing serious ^^" just little caughing and snezing) , we find a lot of confort in that receipe

  4. Just made this for dinner and it was so good! Thank you Chef! I didn't have wine on hand to use, but it was still delicious. I'll be making this again!!!

  5. I made this today and it was so delicious and nutritious! Thank you for sharing, chef and Francis! 🙂

  6. Thank you, Chef! And the film crew ! for putting it all together. Thank you for sharing your lovely recipe.

    You have a beautiful pet too!

    Woof! Woof! From London!
    Dojo arigato !


  7. I have never had Lotus root as its not available where I live. Out of curiosity, what does it taste like? and whats the texture like? 
    It looks to me like it has a similar texture to an undercooked potato.

  8. I love Chef so much! The thoughtful look she gives when she tastes the stew had me on edge. I was waiting for that nod, man. That, "OK, it is good!" Thank you guys, so much, for all of your videos! I hope there are more to come without too much strain on you 🙂

    -a fan since almost the beginning

  9. こんにちわ。

  10. hey hey! Have you heard about the Samsa Dog Chef Genie (do a search on google)? I have heard some unbelivable things about it and my father also got amazing results with it. Their Dog loved the change in diet 🙂

  11. I love your cooking show so much, @Cooking with Dog!! This stew looks so incredibly tasty and healthy. Such great recipes you have on this channel. God bless you all! 🙂

  12. The celery, carrots and turnips look so different than what is available in the united states…they look so hearty…and colorful..

  13. OK this is one of the best recipes I've ever followed… 2 years later and I am almost completely vegan… I watching this video again hoping I can make this vegan… Maybe I will just omit the chicken and use a soy based cream substitute in place of milk.

  14. in the US we dont have mushrooms like those in the grocery store or at least not that i have seen, could i substitute for any any fresh mushroom or would it taste alot different, like if i used portebello or button or shitake instead. also what about parsnips in place for lotus root

  15. Chef! I just made this tonight, and it turned out beautifully! A word of warning – I added broccoli, and it does end up turning the stew a bit green, so I lost the nice white colour. Otherwise it was delicious! Thank you!

  16. I made it with local vegetables: celery instead of lotus root, potatoes instead of taro, any white mushrooms available. However, it's sooo delicious :))) !!! My favourite stew ATM.

  17. Made this tonight with shimeji and enoki mushrooms, and using taro, carrot, and rutabaga for the vegetables. Delicious!

  18. Hi Chef and Francis, I made this for a Christmas picnic with friends and they loved it! (And so did I) Thank you for the delicious recipe! ^.^

  19. I made this a couple of weeks ago and it was ABSOLUTELY delicious. I didn't use all of the vegetables in this clip, only what was available to me at an American grocery store (since I have no access to vegetables available at the Asian grocery store), but it still turn out great. Advice: if you're using thighs with bones, leave it in pot with the rest of the stew. Then cut it half (with the bone on one side) when the stew is almost done and leave it in the pot to cook in the heat!

  20. this is my cousin's favourite recipe and he has been asking for me to make it every christmas for the last 3 years! thanks chef and francis :3

  21. oh god, I stumbled on this legendary channel! I kept hearing this channel from my friends but keep forgetting, today I finally get to see it!

  22. It seems totaly yumy! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😋😋😋😋😋😋😋 (Hoisi!!!) IM HUNGY WHEN I LOOK THAT STEAW!😢😍

    i want tast it.😄

  23. I made this before with the commercial white roux cubes (Asian stores) but to make from scratch is not too hard. The commercial cubes have some weird ingredients and this is more natural.
    It is very light in calories compared to the way Americans or French would make the roux. i was surprised the milk could get so thick. I personally think it is more flavorful to use butter instead of the olive oil and to add some chicken bullion powder or paste. I definitely had to give a heavy enough hand to the salt without it to get a stronger taste I am used to.
    As for the vegetables you can skip all the hard-to-find root vegetables and use carrots, onions and potatoes. I did throw in some frozen corn and peas too. Some like to add broccoli to this mixture too.
    I am still debating if it's worth to do the little extra work here or stick with the roux cubes. But the white curry roux cubes aren't always available so this recipe is good to have as a backup.

  24. Hie!! People! If you don't know what's the mean about the "cake flour", in Latin America we can do the cake flour like this: 1/2 tsp of corn starch and 1 1/2 tbsp of flour, cuz the recipe have 2 tbsp of "cake flour", kkk~~ I think is a question that all of the amateur people like me does uwu

  25. In Europe it's extremely expensive or even impossible to make it. Therefore every year I travel to Japan to eat everything I can find.

  26. Aww, never see the little dog get any treats, but the poor thing has to sit on an impossibly small perch, he doesn't seem to be able to lay and rest, but only sit there! You see him wanting to get down in many vids, but he can't!

  27. Someone mentioned animal crossing, but my first thought was that this is the stew in one of the earlier episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist. I remember Ed saying that milk can't be all bad because there was milk in the stew, and I got a little confused

  28. so good this is now my go-to I made this I added chicken stock and removed the lotus root and subbed it for broccoli

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