Creamy Salmon Pasta | Cooking Final Fantasy XIV Food

Creamy Salmon Pasta | Cooking Final Fantasy XIV Food

Welcome to A Recipe Reborn, featuring your favourite foods
from Final Fantasy XIV. Hello, my name is Lemon Drop and I recreate dishes as close
as I can to the in-game recipe, description and thumbnail. If you’re into XIV and food, please subscribe and click the
bell for a new episode every Tuesday. Today I’m making Creamy Salmon Pasta and taking some
inspiration from Binging with Babish, I’ll be making it two
ways. First, I will only be using the ingredients listed in the
in-game recipe, with the exception of salt. Then once I’ve tasted it, I’ll make it a second time adding
ingredients and techniques that I think would make it better
or even easier, according to my own taste and preferences. The in-game recipes often don’t amount to what is shown in
the thumbnail so I wanted to take this unique opportunity to
do the same dish two ways. I’m reducing the cream over low heat; this takes some time
and patience since cream burns easily. Next, I’m poaching the salmon which only takes about 5
minutes if the fish is at room temperature. To get evenly sized flakes, I’m pulling the fish apart with
the grain. This can also be done with a fork if you prefer. The in-game recipe says Frantoio oil, which I learned is a
variety of olive from Tuscany which is in Italy. Now I’m boiling the vermicelli which is super quick since
they’re so thin. Everything goes together in a pan to combine and heat
through. Throw on some pepper and give it a taste. So, this tastes pretty good, but it is heavy on the fat. Salmon is a fatty fish, and the flavour of the olive oil is
mostly overpowered by the cream. I would like to add some acid and green herb flavours to
balance it. So, I’ll give it another try. The description says home-made pasta so that’s what I’m
doing. I have done this before in the Spaghetti Al Nero episode but
today I’m doing it by hand to change it up. As usual, times temperatures and measurements are in the
description below. Even without a mixer, this is still pretty easy to do. Everything goes in a bowl to combine until it forms a ball
of dough. Once it comes together, I’m kneading it until it’s smooth,
then shaping it into a ball and covering to rest and hydrate
for about an hour. While I wait, I’m preparing the other ingredients. I was happy with the salmon from the first try but I can use
the poaching liquid to add more flavours. These simmer for about 8 minutes before cooking the salmon. For the sauce, starting with a base of goat cheese and
adding ingredients for flavour means I don’t have to stir a
pot of cream for 15 minutes which is much more convenient. Goat cheese also has a slightly tangy flavour to which I’m
adding a little bit of lemon juice. White wine would work well too. The secret to getting really even noodles is shaping it into
a rectangle by folding the round edges inward. From there, roll it out evenly as thin as you prefer and
then cut it using a sharp floured knife. These cook pretty quickly so all my ingredients are ready to
get on the plate within a few minutes. Everything goes together in a pan to combine and heat
through. The sauce is a little thick so I’m adding a little bit of
the pasta cooking water. Almost done, get everything on the plate and ready for a
little garnishing. A little bit of pepper, that looks pretty good. A few finishing touches, there now that looks ready to serve. So, I think this turned out pretty well Even though I enjoyed the first iteration, there’s always
room for improvement and it’s fun to experiment and try new
techniques to make something the way I like. There may be optimal ways to prepare certain food, but if you make food that you enjoy, there’s no right or
wrong way especially if you’re the one who’s eating it. If you make this at home with dry pasta, you could very well
get this on the table within 15 minutes so I hope you give
it a try. For the full recipe and instructions, please check out the
link to my website in the description below. Thank you for watching and I will see you next week for
another recipe and another episode.

17 thoughts on “Creamy Salmon Pasta | Cooking Final Fantasy XIV Food”

  1. I ended up making this a total of 4 times this week and enjoyed it every time! What's something you make over and over and never get tired of eating?

  2. I guess it's true that great minds think alike. When im not satisfied with the quality of pre-crafts, I too do them myself. I've got to say, I still have a leg up on you because you don't seem to be a omni gathererer 😏🤣🤣 but points again for the HQ

  3. As someone who could probably burn a bowl of cereal, I am inspired. I long to cook good food someday so it's always great to see stuff like this.

  4. I don't like salmon very much, but my girlfriend loves it. Thanks for such a recipe, I'm sure she's really going to appreciate it!
    And by the way, "frantoio" simply means either the actual "olive-press", or the place where that's done. Trust me, I'm Italian ^_^

  5. I love the idea of doing the recipe twice! I hope this is a trend you continue with in the future if it's not too much hassle. The second iteration looked so good I have to try it myself!

    As for something I can make over and over and never tire of, that would definitely be Tonkatsu.

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