Culinary and Baking & Pastry Arts Camp 2017 | Sullivan University

Culinary and Baking & Pastry Arts Camp 2017 | Sullivan University

It’s been really fun it’s been a lot of
learning and a lot of activities…a lot of getting to know people in the field
and it’s really nice to get to see how the kitchen actually works. We’ve had a lot of cooking experience here being in the advanced camp and knowing a little bit
already and getting experience of plating a lot of fun dishes we’ve made. I like fabricating meats. Meats are really cool. I haven’t done a lot of
butchering so, I’ve gotten a good experience with that. Life has been really nice here
at camp, you know, just seeing all the nice people and the roommate and all the
team that I have. Making friends is actually kind of scary for me because I
come from a really small town. There were so many people and they were all great. On your downtime, you guys just hang out together, go to the pool… The activities that we participated in outside of camp have been pretty awesome — I’m not gonna lie. We went to the Main Event Entertainment Center which is the big arcade bowling. And we got to go zip-lining and do a lot of fun activities. It was a blast. Though I did learn a little bit in my culinary arts class in high school, definitely coming here
and seeing this and being around the more professional chefs that cook in
restaurants and all that has definitely helped, and they’ve taught me a lot. Working with my instructors has been very fun. It’s very informative, and they
tell you what flavors go good with other flavors and how to compliment your
dish. I feel like my skill level has increased a lot. The chefs know what they’re doing they like to get to know you on a personal basis. And when they give you
advice on your dish, don’t take it to heart they’re just trying to help you — and just
have fun! I’ve known I wanted to go into the culinary arts, but seeing this and seeing the program and seeing all the nice teachers, they’re really focused on the
students — it’s just helped me decide that I really want to go into this field of
study. It’s all worth it in the end when you look at the masterpiece that you’ve
done — the food — and then you see the smiles and people’s faces that are
enjoying the food that you made. I mean, it really warms your heart. My experience has been amazing I think if you’re interested in going into the culinary arts, you should
definitely go to this program because you learn so much more than what you would
have learned in basic culinary classes.

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  1. My birthday is eight days before June 4th when camp starts and I'm going to the Lexington camp,so anybody is going in 2019 like or reply.

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