Culinary Management Alumna Profile – George Brown College Chef School

Culinary Management Alumna Profile – George Brown College Chef School

Growing up,
my parents always said, find something you love to do
’cause then work isn’t work, and I have
found something I love. My name is Stephanie Guth, and I studied Culinary Management
and the Italian Arts Program at George Brown College. I actually went to
the University of Guelph before I went
to George Brown, and I was taking
a hospitality and tourism course. I was able to take some restaurant
and food and wine courses in that program, and from there I realized
that I was a lot more interested in the back of house
than the front of house. When I decided that I wanted
to become a chef, I knew that George Brown
was the school to go to because their reputation
in the city was unmatched. One of the ways that the college
helps students find employment is they hold career fairs
at the school. I actually got a job
working at a high-end hotel in the city a couple months after starting
at the college. One of the nice things
about the class structure at George Brown is that you’re able to work
as well as go to school at the same time. So the entire time
that I was going to school I was able
to be working full-time. One of the chefs that stood out for me
was Chef Tomaseli. He’s actually the one that recommended
that I look into the Italian program, and it involved six months
of working and living in Italy, so who wouldn’t
be interested in that? The last semester
of the Italian program you get to come back
and work at the student-run restaurant that George Brown runs,
which is called The Chef’s House. And there you got to showcase
your Italian menu, do some food and wine pairings,
and be involved in every step of service. I’m currently working as a cook
at TOCA by Tom Brodi in The Ritz-Carlton. The hotel
just opened in February, so we’re working in a brand new,
state-of-the-art kitchen, but what was amazing was that
I had already seen a lot of that equipment from working at the Chef’s House
at the college. One of the most important
pieces of advice I got from a chef at George Brown
was to never burn any bridges. Toronto is a big city
but the restaurant industry is very small, and there’s no six degrees of separation,
there’s one degree of separation – everybody knows
everybody somehow. If you’ve decided
that cooking and the restaurant industry
is really for you, then George Brown
is a great launching pad. From there,
the sky’s the limit.

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  1. George Brown College is exceptional and the quality of the education is unmatched. Praises be for George Brown College and the understanding and patience with students and well trained and dedicated chefs, professors.

  2. Please tell me about the business skills in culinary management and what type of concepts are there in business skills

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