Cutting Nori in Patterns – Sushi Cooking Ideas #2

Cutting Nori in Patterns – Sushi Cooking Ideas #2

Welcome back to another cooking video. This is Part-2 in my Sushi Cooking Ideas series
in which I bring you ideas and concepts that are innovative that you can apply to your
sushi and make it interesting and elevate it to new levels, whether that be in the home
kitchen or the professional kitchen. Now, for Part-2 I’m going to show you how
to manipulate Nori in a way to make it really pop and stand out from the rest. You’ll have a really hard time finding this
in sushi restaurants around because it’s a pretty much brand new idea. What you’re going to need is one of these
paper stamps, it’s got this pattern on top and on the sides and you just press it down
to cut your paper. I’m going to take this Nori and just slice
a strip off like you would for a Gunkan Maki or Battleship sushi, and just place it in
between the slot of the paper stamp, just like so until it aligns with the pattern,
and then just press down. That will cut the Nori and then you just move
it to the side and align it with the pattern on the side here and then you press down again
and it cuts it on the right spot. Now you move to the other side and you just
press down again and you cut it, and then you’ve got this beautifully cut piece of
Nori with a pattern stamped out. I’m just going to clean this away and then
take a little bit of sushi rice in a ball what you would use for a Gunkan Maki and wrap
this round just like this. Now I’m going to take some wasabi and fill
it up with something, for example salmon roe, but you can fill it up with whatever you want. It’s just about the cutout Nori and interesting
things that you can do with it to make your sushi a little bit more interesting. Now, you could also do it with a sushi roll. Here I’ve got a sushi roll and I’m just
going to place the Nori up against the side just like this, I’m going to do the same
on the other side just like so, and then I’m just going to press it on with a bamboo rolling
mat, just like this, just to make sure it adheres properly to the rice. After I’ve done that I’m going to cut
it like I normally would, so I’m going to cut it in half and here we’re going to cut
it into quarters, one side and the other side. Then again just press it down with a bamboo
rolling mat just to firm it up again and then here we go, nice beautiful simple little sushi
roll with an interesting pattern of Nori on the outside. I’ve got another one here that’s different
cuts that makes butterflies, into a sort of ribbon. Again just cut and line it up and then just
bring it to the other side and line it up with the pattern on the side of this machine
and then you press down again. Here this creates a ribbon instead, so you’ve
got a beautiful ribbon made of butterflies in Nori. I’m just going to take some sushi rolls,
here I’ve got three that have been cut and here I just place my lace ribbon on top of
this and just press it down against it. Now it’s got a beautiful little butterfly
pattern on it. This is just a very simple salmon roll just
to show you the idea but you can apply this to any of your sushi to make it a bit more
interesting and just more beautiful. There we go – done! Alright, so this is the end of the video. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you apply
this concept to your sushi and make it pop. Now, if you want the stamps as I use in the
video then I’ll link them in the description below. Also if you want the same kickass Sushi Master
T-shirt that I’ve got here then I’ll link that in the description below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel
and thank you for watching. See you guys next week, goodbye. END

100 thoughts on “Cutting Nori in Patterns – Sushi Cooking Ideas #2”

  1. I really like that! Easy, quick to do and looks stunning! There is so much you can do with sushi, just be creative.
    I actually just bought a plastic rolling mat, though it's a lot softer and more difficult to roll with. Yours looks really sturdy and good. Might try out that one too.

  2. This is so gorgeous, I don't know why I never thought to do this. I'm a former chef and used to do Scherenschnitte as a hobby. I'm going to pick up those punches.

  3. I made my first California roll yesterday after watching a lot of sushi making videos over the past few weeks. How hard could it be right? Harder than it looks. I made 6 and the first one had avocado pouring out everywhere. By roll number 6 and using about half the rice most people suggest, (about 150g for a half sheet roll, halved that) it turned out pretty OK. The first roll over seems to be the hardest…. encasing all the filling in that first step. So THANK YOU to you and others on YouTube for inspiring me to give it a go myself. I have no doubt with lots more practice I'll get better.

  4. You have very novel and lovely ideas for pretty sushi. Unconventional to say the least but beauty is part of the kaiseki experience. Nice share! What's next? Stamping different food colors onto the rice?

  5. I am sushi a chef myself in usa…you are giving me an idea. ..thank u.. why don't you open your sushi restaurant. ..u will be successful…

  6. +How To Make Sushi you should consider doing kitchen tour for your 1million sub special. So far I've seen you work in 3 different kitchens and would like to know more about what's behind each one 🙂

  7. It also makes less nori which would be useful if you live inland where anything from the ocean tastes terrible by the time it gets to you.

  8. purchased the Miyabi 5000mcd after your review on the knife. I tried multiple chefs knives and nothing even compares to this blade. Glad to see you use it as much as i do!

  9. Hello my name is cristian .. and I am from chile .. would like to know where I can buy that cutter nori .. please

  10. Loved this Idea and the other ones as well! Keep this series coming! BTW the tiger roll was out of this world!

  11. Randy, you are just an amazingly talented Sushi Chef! What a great imagination. I have been sharing all of your videos on my PinInterest, and they have created quite a buzz, I can tell you. Keep up the excellent work! Thank you for sharing.

  12. Haha. When i first started eating seaweed for wraps and sushi, in 2014, i grabbed my moms craft stamps too and started using them to look cute too.

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