37 thoughts on “Dan Bakes an Optical Illusion Cake ✨Challenge #1”

  1. Very cool! I really liked the bright colors you used. If I were to make an optical illusion cake, I think I'd use fondant to make a psychedelic pattern on a cake, sort of like the pictures that were in the box you opened. 🙂

  2. Excellent job! Thanks to my friend for tagging me. New follower here and can’t wait to see more of your videos!

  3. This was great!! I really enjoy seeing technical cake work that's NOT fondant! This was a fun premier episode, Dan's obv got skill!

  4. This was cool. I wish there was an overhead camera so we could have seen what was going on as he built it a bit more.

  5. Looks amazing, but I'm not sure how edible it is, as you saw at the end.

    I would probably make the cakes then frost them as normal, but make chocolate panels to create those sharp edges, which you would marble then cut to size or splatter with edible paints and stuff like that once assembled.

    That's just my idea!

    Congrats on getting such a hard task completed! From one Pastry Chef to another, I know it's not always easy! xx

  6. If it were my own optical illusion cake it would have another layer. The two layers are great but, threes a charm. People would enjoy the towering effect along with the illusion.

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