Danielle Bregoli Reacts To BHAD BHABIE “Gucci Flip Flops” Roast and Reaction Vids

Danielle Bregoli Reacts To BHAD BHABIE “Gucci Flip Flops” Roast and Reaction Vids

Hey Bitches, it’s bad baby, I’m on tour right now and obviously y’all know, about my Song, Gucci Flip Flops. The videos been doing really really really really really really really really Well it’s at 36 million so like 40 so motherfuckers are reacting to it so of course i need to react to it Because bitch i’m the queen of reactions get your bitch, ass somewhere else thank you goodbye i’m not Gonna, lie i heard the song a bunch of times gucci flip-flops something something ’cause bitch you play that shit all the time. You can’t have a really good song and then have a, bad video you know. Just like jennette mccurdy Katy, perry, maggie slender titties jacob saggy titties – Tekashi 83 (69), Wolfie raps but Wolfie raps actually has terrible songs and terrible videos so that kind of cancels it out Those like garden hose you got a fire hose your big lips, hey, shut the fuck up Little bitch see you i caught you slipping you said a name i did it because i’m about positivity So i’m a rapper too so i might get the rapper right, now i’m rambling, bad baby, aka catch me outside, aka, daniel (can’t speak for shit) BREGOLI Daniel, berger daniel for goalie. You had to right the first time, who is this guy Blac Youngsta? Oh-ho-ho i’m big i’m big i’m baking a soup in a soup, important out i’m like most important hall, whore and you’re saying Don’t ever smash any button on my channel, okay if you Want to lightly tap it or lightly press or gently touch with the pad of your finger go ahead No, smashing this an underage channel. You can’t, do that i’m breaking this down this video is meant to show That society has a very big influence you have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re completely wrong i’m taking you to get your eyebrows, microbladed ’cause them
Bitches are too far apart I know mine don’t really look good right now and i need to go fill them in more but you got a real problem sir at Least i tried to fix who gonna get on where, did that kid get the role to be daniel brother in a music video i want i want that job why Be my video for a small fee of 25. Million 99 Oh, whoa, whoa okay, what okay, okay he just something random pills in your mouth i don’t know. What that is could? Be can’t be oh, you’re A fucking, dork shut up! Bhad Bhabie that’s a, bad image to give off to your fan, oh cry, about it you, little bitch I love that saying “kick rocks” you must have heard that a lot growing up like when you Went outside to play with your friends on the playground, and they told you to kick rocks ’cause they don’t like your bitch, ass Okay, i don’t like, this kid so next If q and ugly, god had a baby, it’d make ugly Q You know. There’s this one old tv show That you should look up you probably know it cuz. I think you’re in it it’s called family matters I don’t know if She’s the influence the kids need right now. WTF This, is kids her name is ugly God , q lizard he obviously put on his glasses i guess to see better but they’re Not even on His eyes it’s like You, literally just like pointed out the dumbest thing in the video I could point out 85 different things you didn’t even know you, put out the fucking glasses Hi, little girl I’m gonna, tell you guys, a true story on how, me and David Spade met i was at My, weekly Illuminati meeting i was sitting next to beyoncé and jay-z And all of a was sudden, my, boy spade walk getting right after drake, walked in i was like yo drake move your, little bitch Ass somewhere else i gotta talk to spade real quick and then We burn two truck loads money and did some devil prayers i sacrifice four goats three chickens and one sheep and then we Chopped it up whatever we okay, be in this video bitch Some lobsters with chicken blood i just love the t-shirt with the chicken blood on it i think the drake t-shirt relax bitch im wearng Fashionova over under my clothes but i’m wearing a baby My pc just my monitor just turned off why didn’t my monitor just turn a off, don’t do because you’re a, dumb morning Why, does this do this, oh you already know What it is no basically i might even gonna watch the video i’ma just brainy’s my legs in here cuz They us or in many ways and i never get to react to people’s reaction videos in real life? But we gonna do it today now meanwhile i have a lot and a lot Of dirt on mostly isaac but i have some bad videos of elijah to His face and then let’s just say one day me eliza he came home for a lovely day of shopping to see isaac playing in my, makeup but a, whole face of makeup look, like cleopatra and shit dick i Show, me i think show, me what you were doing? Tell, me what you were doing, while i was gone this is what you do when i was sleeping no? You, had all my, makeup out. You, was doing this elijah, why, is he doing this what’s wrong with Your mother you got some you, wanna tell us sure you Feel i’ll sleep and you doing this to me, oh i want to know i want to know, what you need? To, tell, me what do you, what do you try to tell, me i come home from shopping maybe your brother come Home from shopping you ain’t a real murders you in the room i think you in the room with, my Makeup you in the room, my, makeup or no so bad bitch come on princesses We watched a? Leo is like a, new, bitch i think this kid has like 55 girlfriends and it’s always a new, bitch How many angels real quick when you say anything about another vision You, looking like a little lucy, how, do you look, like a little lucy to Paris a couple, my, eyes like, what a sex scene come on as, well that’s, why, you so fucked up today you too! Jana, be seeing them you know to be honest eat it easy didn’t Take, your pills speaking of taking pills, is that i know you want a couple of pills right now man yeah, well holly Is that a cool, you know, oh? People really underestimated her i feel like once you put out at first thought it would be i don’t know Produce this one boy ryan j does a lot of silly thing yeah donnie rob produces only cheese Cui’s he literally just said that shots, ah, boy i need a body they don’t know. You? I’m good at that face – i do that face all the time honestly the biggest, is that the face i? Know you follow, my eyelashes all right no next? All i want to know i have one question, is that guy in the background, dad or something he has No, eyebrows his brain just like, had i inured i doubt this guy in back so say anything cardio he’s definitely paranoid He thinks the cops, about somebody’s testing whether You, like, some paranoid, stage any you got to smoke indesign you can, sell you trying to play it off soon He’s like Oh, not here you move 24/7 24/7 Oh, yeah, my face yeah, you got the wrong. House, bitch oh Oh, oh nice i play it off he’s never got high in his life Yeah, like crazy weed freak out right through the garage, door hey, you gave you gave, your, dad i’m a Warrior, hitter with the fact that bill cosby Wasn’t ready for in the back of this makes, me not scared of you at all this looks like Good ol days for the white people, no see she can Rap and all that and she but dead i know i can run it that’s, why, your tattoo is Awful pinterest i’ve seen it before he’s found um goodbye and i think that this ugly bitch i really hope you get Like i hope that five and give you the worst In your life and you find out and your We should have a, baby all their brother Kb squad, what is all guys here’s a vice more heavy, boot krug alright Smoke green i’m down i’m cloudy, smell green because this like, smoke rap, had bed with a lizard and or frog Stay i think he really loves her this is smart fat, waka, flocka To, be a base shake your head you know. You like it neuron Then she can, nominate it like a granny or some sugar. Oh granny i just wanna let everyone know That i got a, net got my, guy i got nominated for four grammys for album of the year and album out song of the year and Artist of the, year and white bitch of the year they all look, like, fuckin, ski, masks in different stages Explain the lady in the world They, have like so many different accent one sounds like codec the other one sounds like jaikrit one-on-one Bye bitches thank you for watching i’ll a so much make sure you go download with you the fox, now so go delay ids

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  1. Why would she bully someone like that like what the fuck she's such a bully I can't believe how much people like her if you like her you're out of control like I'm not a hater or anything I just can't believe how much she bullies people and she's going to get demonetized on YouTube if she keep swearing like that

  2. 8:43
    I think she was saying what she said in her video of her reacting to people watching "These Heaux".

  3. Yo is it legal for someone that’s like 16 to curse in their own song like I don’t know I don’t make songs myself

  4. I kind of feel awful for Danielle Bregoli! She has basically been forced to defend herself so much. It is insane because no one should have to spend so much time protecting themselves like that. The girl is not ugly, not stupid, not extremely disrespectful. She’s simply a teenage girl and should be allowed to be just that. Let her be people, let her be!

  5. Damn she said he didn’t have any eyebrows shit…I don’t either my eyebrows is full blonde…😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  6. Damn…. U called him urkle 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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