Danielle Bregoli reacts to BHAD BHABIE “Hi Bich / Whachu Know” roasts and reaction vids

Hey bitches, so I just got my new music video hi bitch, and y’all love that shit because this is doing great It’s at 10 million views, but of course There’s always got to be some bitches who have shit to say about it someone got a top someone gotta say some slick shit So I’ma be reacting he’s gonna fuck as bullshit the child bitches gotta say, please y’all bitches Always gotta stop shit and be bitch so we bout this ain’t me. This is a shrink Phaedra’s going to be a bad Baby, hi First of all there’s no pause between a and B So we just makes our word not – second of all hi bitch. That’s like We are giving our friend Danielle another chance What she wants she coming back for more what she doing? That’s not her oh? This is a music video with Extras in it like this is a feature film by bitch have you never watched a movie, or a music video before lights duh There’s extra. There’s other people in it like you’re acting like you’re fucking brand new to this world like oh I like this music video though Bitch you’re fake you wish you were me you’re never gonna be me home She’s getting attention from saying she likes it because she just sounds dumb if she says she doesn’t I’m back here with another live IDEO. I’m sorry Okay look okay at first, and then he started talking, and he can’t talk with those fucking going and awful Jays wife Danielle me Realize, she’d be making some fire zones. I’d let her lie like I was not expecting this no shit me It’s everything I make is fine Pictured throwing your lunch money everywhere ain’t nobody gonna buy you lunch at school now take this she better practitioner B I fuck with you just be doing extra shit sometimes But it’s okay to work on oh but listen when he came to throw in a one dollar bill is my friend Can’t be doin a shit She makes you a week. I love sure thought 100 self l anything okay Danielle per goalie cast me outside girl. Hi bitch what you know? All right, let’s do this. He looks old as fuck like hasn’t he been around since like the 7000 Reads blogs in you more like Perez who Perez what like who are you? He looks like a rabbit? It’s hilarious to me that she’s got three names Danielle prego Lee Also is known as the cash me outside girl and bad daddy However, it drives me. Where do you see a D in that that is not bad bad its baby? I’ve won so far How are you this fucking? Oh, maybe he needs to move that little fucking hair out of his fucking face I’m gonna be married seriously bad Bhed Baby, oh that baby. Oh God even worse She’s spelling baby. BH ABI Eid when I think she’s dropped out of high school So we gotta cut her a lot of slack This is one look fuck your how to sound out it just to realize that he’s like Oh, baby as he spells it six times maybe you should go back to school bitch wanna be Paris Hill in phases, and what you is spell W a CH you I’m sorry. He looks like he lost all his teeth as a child and the only Way that he could get dentures, or if they use horse teeth cuz his mouth is so big That’s what it looks like happen here cuz he’s like So this guy’s did a reaction video But it’s only his face like the videos not know Or no shit like that like bitch you are so oh you Don’t even know how YouTube works anymore get your shit together and get a haircut right Why is he like this? I’m Having a bad moment cuz I’m sort of liking this you like my songs now But before you did my bitch pick which which side even beyond yeah, I know you need to keep mine a much fucking mouth though It’s not gonna work. I on your meds insurance There’s no playfulness to it Playful you’re just mad because TMZ is a thousand times better than you and you are just a bit, so let’s get on to the next video They couldn’t find something that fit. Maybe I’m tripping, but this look what she she looked like a condensed can of biscuits nigga She looked like her whole body three foot seven and her reaches like seven foot eight you’re saying I look like this kids bitch your hair looks like burnt top Today y’all we are about to react to Danielle. We goalie’s Know he looks like he’s on some other shit grabbing his face like that What are you on first of all he dips his fucking head in kool-aid and then like he didn’t even smoke weed He ate weed. He’s just so worried about my video until the guys back. You’re like Your friends about to fucking overdose and you’re just like oh My god Holly wait this kids wearing a fucking choker. Hey, why is he wearing a choker? Oh? my god Oh hello Oh Hell no oh hell no Do you see this hi he’s like? See this is another egg, this is exhibit a it’s like bitch This is which I do y’all say you all hate it And then y’all get to like when it starts playing y’all like this alright guys. She’s back Brand-new music video today, we’re gonna be reacting to throw out there that this bitch tweeted at me last time I made a video about her If you do that shit again there will be a district based Are you sad because I tweeted it you like what the fuck well look at your forehead So don’t watch it like what the fuck who’s making you watch this Don’t say anything don’t watch Seriously like if you don’t like it don’t no one’s forcing You’re watching like you’re pretending like someone who’s making you watch this She stupid she got to where she’s at the wrong way, but she’s doing she’s doing the whole music thing, and that’s why you’re mad She spoke he’s smart. Okay. I’m not gonna fucking say she’s smart I’m a little bitch I’m a bitch put you’re the one sitting in a busted-ass chair which a busted ass forehead Which busted ass face with your busted ass wrong, so why are you coming for me? Why cuz I can afford to get 10 shows I look nice like this one, too And you can’t I bitch fix your life fix your eyebrows fiction warhead before you come for me Thank You Mikey oh, I don’t know if she came up with this, but this is kind of live, but she’s obsessed with those signs Please stop, please stop, what’s it hunt never goes hold on hold on hold on let me go back sale Right there you guys got to pay attention to the ad-libs listen to the ad-libs She said but it on Melrose Honestly from these hoes to this one. There is a lot of improvement I will give Danielle like a 9 out of 10 for that. Maybe you’re not that bad after all but you were so talking shit Bye bitches, thank you for watching me react to the stupidest people in the world read to the best song in the world I’m gonna be doing another Q&A but I will only be answering the questions that you asked me on the here in the out app so make sure you hashtag your Questions with hashtag ask bye, baby go download hear me out It’s free and then go ask your motherfucking question the beach and prescribe subscribe and all that shit, yeah

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