Danielle Bregoli reacts to BHAD BHABIE “I Got It” roasts and reaction vids

Danielle Bregoli reacts to BHAD BHABIE “I Got It” roasts and reaction vids

Hey bitches today we are reacting to Dumb bitches and nice slut y’all bitches always have so much to say whether it’s good or bad (add my discord Meere#5412) So I’m going to react to you reacting to my videos, okay, bitch Alright, let’s react. When is on KB squad (mad ting) has everybody totally also a fake version of fucking Montana, man (she gets this anger from csgo not making money back) I got a cool last video today for you guys what I got for you is bad, baby I got it official music video looks like a character from night before Christmas. She got all these girls with red hair. Brad did he’s got finished kissing of money to a lot of news like But let me guess girl your favorite color is white No bitches red and white okay(Jeez ya should of known this red comes out bout ones a month and she white)? You win. Tell me if I’m wrong And They got old boy black dog jeez man pitch black is sunny as hell isn’t there? Right behind the camera All right yesterday we got another video I sent others you can see you okay. We got some kind of kind of whoa Fucking just get into it. What the fuck is you doing this whole fucking wrong ass ain’t chalkboard Just fucking do the video react to the video with that bitch ass fucking Stocking in the corner you supposed to hey. I’m stocking up y’all leave it on the fucking floor All right, let’s get it to His head looks like a potato Who is these first of all these these people They’re females They ain’t fucking mannequins, but you couldn’t even spell managed to do even like that He has those teeth you know what Squidward gets big hello. You bout to take a bite out of a krabby patty That’s interesting yeah, just thought though this is that Y’all see what I’m seeing more below me He’s gonna point out the girls in Iraq they all look like you just like her So my dad, let’s get a scholarship Test another listen. This is the fucking dark music videos reaction you do and this is trash 2017 it’s been a year all about where me I hate you Danyelle Rivoli, how are you gonna have people that look ten times better than you feature in your own music video, bicha Wish you look like me in and models you pussy ass beats. You need a nose job. You’re like fucking Pinocchio Sad about Daniel Berg all these videos is her presentation of herself you look like Justin Bieber from 2009 bitch, lon bro fucking kena Drake eyebrows fucking caterpillar Jake eyebrows Before it Ever since reacting to some Bob Daniel bergalis first songs I’ve never actually streamed one of her songs before and never added them to my Apple music profile I watch Alegria’s rag to my shit you weekend’s Chris. Yes trashes. Hoe as bitch This girl is literally under 20 years old and it bothers me and makes me so upset how much Just in general her managers her mother these people are completely over sexualizing her body Malou ass fucking hypocrite ISM this bitch just said you dressing like 2006 Justin Bieber and then tells me that I’m over Sexualizing are you trying to say that Justin Bieber? Just like a sexy 14 year old girl. I’m just asking Label money music video don’t even get me this is cheapest video we ever shot, so you make no sense hope Hey Hey I’m gonna tell you right now Crown you Know what What? you don’t have to just hang me from a bridge or something you know I’m defeat cuz I say this it might be a whole lot of backlash on your boy, Jody Jobo I Think she very big Hardy Bieber what I feel like she’s better than Hardy bees. Well. You can’t do that you can’t That’s it like it. Don’t got to be true her verse on the limited all I know is He can’t compare them to you know why because they have different flows first of all the different ages So they have different stuff to write, but no Let me see her i’ma check his girl for real fast that means he don’t love cardi B Because he said I’m better than her when so it’s like saying kanye West is better than Drake, but that means you don’t like drapes. That’s like Sam Oh, I love Drake, but I think Tanya was better than him obviously you don’t be the same kind Yo is better than that don’t make no sense do it? So why would she say that like is it embarrassing for me to be better than a cardi B? I need to play that back, holy Shit do this is like Rick the most arresting face. I’ve ever seen in my life, but yo off the very it looks like I Got it now for all you young uns if you don’t know what six figures is it’s six six figure six figures It’s like it’s like someone good to do a scholarship look at this this girl is looking up at the camera I hate to be the critic that critiques every small thing without This girl did not write any of those bars that flow was he I don’t know cuz it’s good I didn’t write it you make a lot of sense Are we gonna talk we have to talk for a sec because? Honestly friends can be defined as a lot of things okay Friends could be to find his love things and I thought we were friends because you know like I follow you on twitter you follow me on Twitter now everything I see guys. I love you so much I want to thank you one more time for the intense amounts of support on uncheck the statistics because you guys absolutely Slaughtered it. That’s almost like 400,000 points to which is so much support. I’m gonna go watch your video real quick Your big bitch knows like garden. Hose you’re gonna fire Hose your big lives mincing help others boy man’s like Erica hostile hiss hiss. I’m here to teach you a lesson disrespect My skin’s a dumbass ho if you push Sean’s in your ears It makes everything sound better is somehow writes gum you still sound like a dusty ass cockroach Beach She just said still stop a bitch out in my JS as in like she was Violent man, I don’t know I feel like this cash me out off care brushes purchase like a regular girl How about you should not be getting into any fights or stomping on anyone? Bitch off-camera fuck I’m off a Fuck you think you are shake hands Gucci jacket on and you know ugly ass room which are big ass Head yo big ass fucking cheek bones. We doing like fucking Victoria Justice. I want all my panties some call him a toenail I’m a toenail the heel of a foot sole of foot Or nice or mean bitches me fake is Kind of weak yeah, no she wasn’t saying that summer bitch has boyfriend said She got to Florida Yeah like what she do that flow right though, that’s your week what it’s good enough legs I get it no, but you putting on the spaces in between her shoes I Think I feel what you’re saying. No you don’t She’s trying to agree where her boyfriend a bit of money from miles away. I don’t all while this don’t you too safe They know me about first Emmett viola the fuck that means Yeah, if they can joke girl former movies I’ll get these culture procreating down Nails culturally appropriate you see if Lily’s stealing from like a Black on the hood like the nails the ponytail I Don’t know what you got, but you got your Greg butcher for hard Grain of girl girl girl But hybrids hybrids my dear the bombs. I live in a little YJ When you say put hi bitch shut the Bob, that’s my shit YJ is wait How she got on which you know her how she got no, it’s nothing yes, I’m used to make up for you know I’m saying is she getting money on through the bed you can’t hate him. You know said I don’t hit all nobody That’s getting it bad, but that’s besides the point man. I like this guy I can add to it. I like in five shirts just kidding Bye bitches, thank you for watching me react to these dumb hoes And I split make sure that you download. I got it on iTunes now You can listen to it on Spotify and Apple music and I read shit I don’t hate nobody in this video except for rice girl and that white bitch that I always talk shit. I hate her You

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  1. Danielle I absolutely love u when I watch ur vids I cry of laughter with ur attitude and all that thank u soooo much❤️🔥💯


  3. What she said that you look like Justin Bieber when you look beautiful the way you are Danielle bregoli bich don't say that Danielle bregoli look like Justin Bieber from 2009

  4. hey you know you don't have to listen to the heters their just jealous because you have a very good voice and songs.dont let the heters stop you by doing what you want.just do what you want to do and don't listen to the heters(# stop hating and start loving😎

  5. Bro shut the f* up she’s amazing if y’all hatin look at yo self before talking haters!

    Dis was for haterz XD 🖤 you bhad bhabie

  6. Bataot…not hater ahuh! Fans ko nmo bcth. Yo we're just the same age but..kung mka act warag adult hunahuna nmo warag bata! Wala pka kbalo saimng gipangingon..btch you let yourself down to all people who were support u and loved u..

  7. I’m Latina so I don’t understand none of this but I can understand it because my mama American so I could understand some of it because I’m like half American

  8. Bhad barbie …

    I love how she stands up for her self..
    But she does not have to be so rude…
    She sounds like a hoe
    And more.
    Like how condefnt she is. More condefnt then i'll ever be but… She can be better

  9. 9:08 heres the meaning of (GRABE) its like oh my god or oh lord its a filipino expression or word


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