Hey Bitches I’m going to react to some of the met Gala [Outfits] one of the Bitches were A fucking Garbage Bag It’s like someone Came from Behind her and Tied a garbage back on her. She kinda looks [like] an elf Herself he got his titties hanging. They kinda look like they’re wearing beads. Like that There jackets are made out of beads This girl..Bitch her Eyes Are first of all real Crooked ones Going up, one’s Going [Down], She’s real Boney I mean I know I don’t got no room to talk but that’s like the [twiggy’s] Bitch I’ve [Ever] Seen and I’ve Seen Kylie before Tell me why A set rocky Looks Like A fucking Janitor Uh-Huh We gotta Fix it don’t ever do that again? This Bitch Looks Like a Fuckin a death snow globe Busted on her. Where her titties at? Aww itty bitty titties. Was this Bitch go to Butterfly World and [by] every pin she seen. Its Baljeet from Phineas and Ferb. He looks normal. Except for them eyes god Damn. Thought he was a fucking water bug. Nah-No. Ok? She got holes in her dress. Shes pretty though, I like her face. This Bitch Looks Like Bird Threw Up, on her. Bitch gots a bunch of feathers. He looks normal. He Looks normal. They look normal. I’d were that. But shes real old. Oh look its future. Isnt H&M like cheap? [You Can] [do] Better Then that Can Afford a, [Bentley] Truck but you Can’t Afford to get [expensive] Clothes Where’s Kalifa you, don’t Look good like that [do] something [With] your life no Matter how Hard you try You’re not cute. He kinda looks Like A bobble Head. Okay I have no words for this Disgrace. [oh] i like that now Look if the homeless Guy I thought that was Childish Gambino why do you say Donald [Glover?] Bitch pick a name! This bitch is bald. Tory Burches A, real Person she was Are They all Girls this Anna, Cleveland Kinda Whataburger [and] [Julianne] dy and Stella Too Many, Me he Looks like one of Those open I like well Hello, oh! Yeah Is a lady I got it’s a real Name Margaret or [Vltava] Is Morgan I Think [he] Said that was [his] [Mom] I was like Mom? This Looks Like an Ostrich Ostrich [the] [bitch] Is that I do [Anyway] your bra, [Glows] under your Shirt your mom Showed us how you Guys Oh i like that I want to get my nails I call it the fuck Is that that’s [Wearing] [A] [woman] Turns over? That’s what [I] [Get] to the language your [Pants] supposed to go below your ankles why, Is he wearing the? Same too It’s Michael Jordan be Sure no Michael See, jordan Michael Catch me Outside Jordan this Mission Eyes are Bleeding [Jane] Jemima [Have] [Taken] chamalla Gotta go to the hospital [he] does Just like Open Up a Pillow With Throw it everywhere like [Why] is this Only Feathers They Seem to get her Tattoos in Again? But why are you wearing This a book and they like Dark Vador Wearing Dumbo Ears This girl’s, also wearing A? Tablecloth You know what I make A lot, of money, we’re Gonna Make Tablecloths in Winter Mr Mcauliffe detective Tablecloth Putting my Feathers on it open Up a [snowball] so it [won’t] Make Millions, oh she pretty Children, oh – Hey Whoa! Whoa This, is like [a] demon I don’t know why her Mama Named her Grace Should I feel like she came out With Raccoon eyes This Is the Old Lady? See this is how you Should Dress Regular Clothes St.. Regular [Bow] for you Riza Mahmud, oh No i like This [Homework] a spread I will wear Clothes Haley She’s like 40 Where you need Kid from, oh Look, She’s Wearing Ikea See, Sophia Butanna and I [can] It was so Old Fashioned over its Natalia Vida nova She will Charter man, oh? Where’s your Eyebrows, oh three Hemingway Needs Micro Bleeding Instantly Now who Let the Monopoly man off the board someone Needs to get lil yachty Right Now I hope you Didn’t go out like this for a Quarter a, day you can get this man Help Just [count] [A] real big Forehead She walks in Like my Husband Any Famous that’s what She doing Who Left the Three blind mice out of the cage [i] mean I like me go? [Stages] Be doing it Shit This Guy, Looks Like Talking Mickey Mouse what isn’t it Play Ball I’ll say if I go, also it Looks a little Off it okay There’s [The] Pretty Actually I Really he, was Really good, actually, I’m I thought it’s a little Cousin, okay who? Did You See her Diaper Booty she must have Seemed Rude and wanting to be [A] [Copeland] Somebody Said What Olsen Twins Look like the Fucking Elf on the Shelf [I] don’t know which Word but This World Looks like the Fucking Greek who stole Christmas so I said She’s Still a childhood, Cuz I remember Innocent little Michelle and I thought they did Crack and They cracked I Regret Finding This Picture of him why Would he Take his dress i mean he Looks Better Without Drugs but he Just Looks like Mental Whoa Rihanna Looks Like A fucking, okay Okay, he was fuck man Shit but she looked fine sue I saw A lot, of Bush Though she [looked], okay? So i like her Outfit her Ugly it’s Really Slutty I want kendall, oh it’s your whole Ass [I] don’t know happy about it She’s I could I could see Kylie doing it I couldn’t See her but I mean yeah Looks okay [I] actually like kylie’s Outfit I’m Really being Organized [in] Kardashian but I actually I do like it I’m not Gonna Spy Chase you all described in My Channel

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