Danielle Bregoli roasts Poppy | Bhad Bhabie

Hey bitches, today I’m gonna be reacting to the Instagram accounts that you guys left, on my Instagram page. Would you wear a carrot? (poppy) Some relevant bitch, I always wanted to fight a robot Fight me, robot? Let’s fight, robot. *Poppy ‘carrot’ video still playing* “Would you wear a carrot?” What is this shit? Bitch got fuckin Peeps on her head, lookin like a fuckin.. crouton. *mimics* gettin’ mad for no reason, like I don’t know why she’s making me mad Go back to space, go back to Uranus it’s where you belong What’s she wearin, a toilet-bowl with flowers on it? Shut up “Why did Charlotte choke?” (poppy) “Why did Charlotte choke??”- Charlotte choked because you’re stupid You don’t know how to shut up stop actin like a robot bitch be normal “Mommy? No. Mommy? No. Mommy?No.” This is me and my mom’s conversations This is ridiculous, I don’t even say her name yet and she tells me no Mommy? “no” Mommy? “no Mommy? “Yes!” Thank you 🙂 That’s what happens This is aggravating. “I got in trouble today” I have a Dorito crown. Look at this! See my Dorito crown! Crown, Doritooo, see? Dorito crown, dorito crown, see it? Why is she pointing at her titties saying ‘ooh’? The fuck bitch get a life… and a new fucking style, bitch your clothes are ugly “I can make it happen very quickly, do you wanna see it?” “Do you wanna see three of me?” “Okay, let’s go!” Yeah, so fast you just were able to do that not with no special effects or camera people Really? You wanna see three of me??
Or how about four me? Bitch I’m better than you. Hey bitch! What’s up? Ay, I haven’t seen you in forever! Ayy what’s up Why do people like this like she has no emotion? She’s just like *noise* Like she has no character. She has no personality. To me, she’s characterless. This girl sounds like Frank sometimes friends are mean to eachother Grab me that head. See her friends? See my friends are better than her friends *in singsong* This my beeest friend, doo doo doo doo Are we friends? *tap tap* No, we’re not friends Why are we not friends? Cuz you stupid. You meannn This picture She has little tampons in her hair *incoherent* but her makeup looks cute, I’m not mad at her for that, her hair looks like garbage though. If this like this fucking popular girl at school, but see it’s me that comes in on the last day of school and sneaks her ass for allll the annoying shit she’s done over the year That’s what happens with this bitch This girl is literally Lady Gaga mixed with Paris Hilton mixed with my manager, Dan “Would you wear it?” Why? What’s wrong with this bitch? Like she’s crazy “Wear a carrot? Would you wear it?” Yo why is she talking to a manniquin and talking about wearing carrots and shit I don’t understand What the fuck type of shit is this? This Poppy needa go somewhere. Thinks she’s cute, talks to mannequins and shit little does she know she lowkey got a mannequin boyfriend made out and make a mannequin baby I don’t understand this shit like you what the fuck are you a human are you a robot, if you know, someone explain it to me in the comments, and I’ll shout you out any next video, but yes make sure you subscribe Prescribe, subscribe, I don’t know what the fuck that word is and TOODLES BIT-

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