Good morning! I have no idea what my hair is about. Is this not the greatest sight you have ever
seen? It’s the greatest sight I have ever seen right
now. Look at this! It’s so good! What up, what up?! I’m Chad Wild Clay. And you know, I haven’t roasted any YouTubers
in a while so I think it’s about time we get back to that. I always wait for your comments down below
to tell me who I should roast next… Whoa! Here they come! Speaking of comments, I want you to take three
seconds right now and go down underneath this video and hit that bell symbol right next
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I’m gonna hang out with you guys in the comment section. I hang out for one hour after every upload. So turn that bell on, get here quick, and
come chat with me down below. OK now, who are all these comments here? Dan…tdm (misprounounce). DanTDM, Dantdm… Oh, Dan TDM yeah yeah that guy! Yeah him. Let’s just go ahead and go check him out here. Oh yeah, this guy. The guy in his twenties who plays games and
dyes his hair. Pewdie-septi-plier-TDM I think is his nickname. Just kidding. I know it’s DanTDM, the guy with….whoa! 14M subscribers?! How have I never heard of this guy before
(covers mouth)…I mean he’s one of my favorite YouTubers of all time! I mean I love his videos about… minecraft! Yeah yeah he makes lots of minecraft videos
yeah. I know this guy super well! I know he’s from England. He has a graphic novel. And I know that the TDM stands for…. The Dancing Minecraft I mean, I’m such an expert at DanTDM it
wouldn’t be fair if I roasted him all by myself. So I should go ask you guys what you think. I’m gonna go jump on Twitter right now. You all keep telling me to roast DanTDM so
I need your help. Alright let’s see what your guy’s tweets are
telling me. He has a minecraft tattoo. No way, he got a minecraft tattoo? OK. Let’s a take a look. Here’s a video called I got a new tattoo. Let’s check this out. OK we just arrived at the tattoo shop. I’m just about to get it done. Alright, you guys ready? Well here it is! Aw yeah! Oh Dan. Does he realize tattoos are forever? OK guys, take it from me, from personal experience,
you have to be very careful when getting a tattoo because you might get something that
you end up changing your mind on. I mean take a look at my tattoo. I was really sad when a month ago Vine announced
they were shutting down their website. And then I got my other tattoo. Most of you guys might not even remember this
website. It used to be bigger than YouTube and Facebook. Not a good idea Chad. Not a good idea. Anyway back to your guy’s tweets here. He spends more time with his pugs than his
own wife. Oooh, I’m kidding, I’m sure that’s not true. OK way to change your mind there. Dan, if I had a dollar every time you dyed
your hair I’d be a millionaire Ohhhh! Wait Just kidding, I love dantdm Huh, that was a joke too? Here we go, here we go. He hangs out with a villager because nobody
wants to hang out with him. NOt even his wife. His only friend is a person inside Minecraft! I’m joking btw I love your content dan! What is up with you guys? Are they afraid Dan is going to get mad and
come after you and do something bad? Dan, Minecraft is dead, so is he. JK he’s so cool! See what I mean! Why are you all so afraid to make fun of Dan? Is he part of some secret evil group? Or evil organization? wait a second… he’s part of the illuminati! He is part of the pug illuminati The illuminati is the secret organization
that uses the symbol a pyramid with an eye on top because they spy on everybody. And their plan is to take over the world. And I heard rumours that the illuminati are
the ones who created minecraft. And Dan is one the most popular Minecraft
players! Look when I search YouTube for Minecract illuminati I get 580,000 results! -Minecraft is illuminati
-Minecraft the illuminati -Break Minecraft illuminati confirmed OMG is Dan spying on me right now? I need to get out of here. Oh, gotta turn it on first. There we go. Dan! Ahh! Dang it! Dan keeps finding me! OK gotta activate my invisibility shirt. What I gotta do is press C-H-A-D Haha there
we go. He’ll never see me! Wait…he can still see my face and stuff. OK. I need a better idea. This isn’t working! Dan and the illuminati are following me everywhere. They’re keeping an eye on me no matter where I go I know what I’m gonna have to do… I’m going to have to roast Dan But I’m going to have to be careful…because
I don’t want him and the illlumati coming after me. How can I roast him without making him and
the illuminati mad? I’ve got it! Let’s go! OK guys, I’ve setup the camera so that when
DanTDM is watching he’s gonna be up in this top left corner. So I have to be very careful when he’s watching
to not say anything bad about him because of the illuminati and all, OK? Let’s go! DanTDM is not a comedian I never laugh when he plays Minecraft at tedium You’re a funny guy I laugh so hard I cry I always laugh when you play Minecraft. I never lie. Every video – he’s digging It’s a kiddie show – I’m cringing Has he thought about just quitting? What am I talking about… Just Kidding Dan you are the man and you’re living in
England I’m a fan of your channel and graphic novel
it’s not awful Please believe me I don’t want the illuminati to beat me in my sleep cuz our healthcare over here, it’s not free Whew, that was a close one. I was afraid he might have heard me say something
bad. Alright! Now that he’s gone I can finally spit the
truth Dan’s the kind of dude that would dye his
hair blue He thought it was cool but he looks like a
foo… Football player in really good shape. You must work out cuz you look really great! I like girls, but it’s OK if Dan wants to come out that he’s ga…. gaining subscribers so crazy fast son did
I mention you’re crazy handsome? I’m straight, so he’s out of luck DanTDM I think you suc… succeed at everything you do. If I was girl I’d like to marry you. But I’m a guy, ladies love my swag Dan is the one who is a fa…. famous person, really super famous If I were an astronaut I’d love Uranus Oh whoops, I meant to say Venus Trust me I do not like p Piano solos! Well, like I said, I do not like piano solos So why would I play a piano solo right now? You guys are so silly! Dan! Yeah! I totally roasted Dan. And he doesn’t even know it because every
time he was looking I said nice things. I’m so smart. And of course you guys are smart too because
you know this whole video is a joke. I have nothing bad to say about DanTDM. Thank you guys for suggesting him to me down
below. Looking forward to more suggestions from you
guys. Speaking of chatting with you guys down below,
make sure that bell symbol is turned on so you can get here quick an hang out with me
in the comment section below for the first hour of every upload. But you gotta be subscribed first so click
on that little button there to subscribe. If you haven’t seen this video already definitely
check that out. This one is good too. I’m not even sure which one’s better. I guess it’s up to you guys. Alright, looking forward to seeing you guys
real soon with a brand new video.

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  3. Your chat I know a way you should roast him because I don't want him anymore and he said he has a lot of subscribers I'm so subscribe to your channel and you're the best YouTuber so I'm not even watching him right now I'm watching you right now and you should roast him or go back in time and just get some information about him and just don't subscribe can just Cisco, Texas driving to him and actually you're not and then just do what I say so first step is to pretend that you're subscribed to him then you say you go back in time or something to hack Mini and then just do the other stuff that should do on every video video chat

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