100 thoughts on “Day in the Life of a Japanese Ramen Chef”

  1. My Day in the Life Video Series Playlist – https://bit.ly/2FXYTwz
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  2. Wow, this serie is very interesting! You're a great host and the quality of your videos is amazing. Keep up the good work @Paolo fromTOKYOf 🙂

  3. So he wakes up 6:30 and probably gets home 12:00 or maybe even 12:30? That's 18 hours. He has 6 hours to spend for himself and he probably sleeps in those 6 hours. What a life. I hope he gets paid a lot.

  4. this is just stuoid. sorry but do people live to work? i get it that work is important. i myself work 40 hours a week and maybe i am going to work sth more. but this japan is crazy. why actually even live a life. why bother getting married, having children? this is so dumb!

  5. I really love your Day-in-life video series, and that's the reasn of me subscribing your channel now. I hope to see more of the videos!

  6. I love your videos. I am a fresh grads and really happy at my second job as an architect. Could you do a video of a japanese architect? I really curious how they work. I admire all of your videos "day in the life". I learn a lot from them. Especially their dedication and happiness thru out their day, working.

  7. wake up at 6:30 AM… and finish working at 11:30… This dude basically goes to his house only to sleep/eat. I wouldn't last a week with that schedule.

  8. There's something about the way @PaolofromTokyo speaks that makes me want to punch him in the face. I know I'm not the only one that thinks this.

  9. I wish we had Bento shops here in Ontario Canada where i live. I love how no matter what the Japanese worker does its with pride..They think of each other and not themselves. The respect for their culture, tradition , elders, teachers, all of it…wonderful wonderful people.

  10. Wow this kind of attention to detail and to the flavor of every ingredient makes me think of the quality of a five star restaurant! I'm quite impressed and now i seriously want to have a taste of the ramen at this shop!

  11. It's honestly so much work damn, I was also thinking this counter with very limited seats would never work where I live because people usually eat and stay a while after their done eating at their seats.

  12. This was really good video. Loved it. Thank you for your all videos you are posting. I love how polite you are with your words so even children can watch it without parents being afraid of any bad words. As well your time spend and effort to make all your movies is really great. Would like to mention not many people get so creative to interview and spend all day with Japanese living in Japan, it is really great inside for someone like me who never been in Japan. Keep doing them and we all will definitely watch them.. Thank you again.

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