Daytime Grilling:  BBQ Ribs and BBQ Sauce

Daytime Grilling: BBQ Ribs and BBQ Sauce

[Music] we are back outside on the patio doing a little grilling we’ve got chef T and Lindsay door from bold rock hard cider with us welcome back guys thank you good to be back we’re gonna talk a little bit about bold rock in just a second but chef T let’s start with you and talk about the recipe that you’re making yeah you just pulled off some asparagus but this is like special asparagus right yeah so I’m doing a different take on a bacon-wrapped asparagus so I just grilled asparagus I’m gonna finish it with a little bit this is like a Japanese Mayo so he has a little bit higher fat content than regular man because there’s more eggs in it so are basically what I did today the recipe they’ll see online is for the ribs ok and what I did was just to showcase different side dishes that you can put together really quickly using a gas grill ok so I did a I cooked some mac and cheese they did a stovetop mac and cheese a guess on the gas grill finished it off with a little bit of our melted cheese and then of course your I’ll call to mince a little bit of pickles asparagus and then the rib so I’ll go ahead and get that stuff ready for us to taste alright and then I talked to Lindsay yeah alright so why do you say that your cider pairs well with barbecue well if you asked chef teah she’ll tell you that perhaps the most important ingredient to any meal it’s cold refreshment for the chef that’s why we’ve got Boulder here today cuz it’s so light it’s so refreshing it will facilitate the cooking of the meal and you will just release this this is the blackberry that’s exactly right yes we just released blackberry on June 2nd so it’s barely a week old and it’s perhaps the perfect summer refreshment but back to your original question why is cider goes so well with barbecue it’s a perfect base for a sauce you know she’s made the barbecue sauce here with blackberries another a bunch of other different ingredients and of course the blackberry cider and there’s zero preservatives Lizzie I want them to know that no preservatives cider it’s the high acid a lot of blackberries and just flavor and a lot of love yes but yeah it’s great for sauce is great for brining great for you know just infusing the flavors into meats into different different food types so that’s why I like to cook with it but of course we like to drink with a foolish thing yeah I mean not to mention the great taste and to enjoy it at the summer barbecue exactly how many how many seasonal beers do you have that we’re ciders rather that you your release you know is this just something that you do every once in a while well this is our summer season on the blackberry and typically it’s about four per year so on a quarterly release schedule we’re just you know I guess uh shirring out the rose’ and then we’ll have a new style for us and early fall but our customers are really excited about these different exotic taste profiles that we released like the black berry but of course and blackberries are native to Virginia they are growing throughout the area and so it seems like the perfect idea to introduce a blackberry cider yeah so what do you all have coming up next any fun events well our birthday bash we’re turning six on June 23rd the calendars we’re gonna have a celebration in LA spirit Virginia where cider cider braces my game today and of course movies and Groovy’s is coming up yes you’re exactly right and so that’s June 16th we’re screening Star Wars and we’ve got a five-piece brass ensemble from the winter game performing arts performing some John Williams music and so that’s the concept there as the movies are paired with like-minded music and so we’ve always got a lot of fun things going on with the cider you can visit our website that’s bold ROM and check out all the different things that we have going on there I’m sure to have a good time to come visit look evil yeah you outdid yourself but we now share the recipe on our website and check out their website for more information we’ll be right back thanks guys

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