DEEP Chinese Food – Eating Crispy Roast BBQ WHOLE PIG Hog in Rural China 2017!  PORK Heaven!

DEEP Chinese Food – Eating Crispy Roast BBQ WHOLE PIG Hog in Rural China 2017! PORK Heaven!

Check it out It’s Trevor James Today I am in rural Guangdong, China And we are going to eat a whole roast pig Just look at this beauty I can’t believe it So we just drove out from Guangzhou, two hours We are now in rural Guangdong And we are going to have a traditional Chinese feast today Whole roast pig I’ve heard all about this I’ve been looking forward to this for so long But first, before we have the feast We have to take the pig to a bunch of different grave sites The family members are going to pay respect to the deceased And then we are going to bring it to the final location There’s going to be a lot of people there And we are going to have a whole roast pig feast I can’t wait Every year all across China Families gather for the Chinese celebration of qingmingjie tomb sweeping festival They go back to their hometowns to honor their ancestors by cleaning and sweeping graves And by burning joss sticks and fake money That will ensure their ancestors are living wealthy in the afterlife They also honor their ancestors by pouring rice wine into the ground Lighting firecrackers, and bringing a lot of food So when Ting Ting told me about eating a whole roast pig in the countryside I knew I was definitely in But what I didn’t know Was that the pig was a gift for the ancestors in the afterlife And that it was going to be part of observing the qingmingjie festival But that was really part of the fun To learn more about the tradition And to be immersed right in there Especially when they gave us permission to film A true once in a lifetime experience This is a Guangdong tradition We come here every year And we call it Taqing Which means climbing the mountains And we see the older generation and the people that have already passed away But my younger generation, we don’t Maybe the last time was 10 years ago And we will have a shaobing And a big whole pig We will carry the whole roast pig for hiking the mountain Two people have to carry it around for the whole day And in the afternoon at the last spot We will cut it on there on the mountain And then share the pig all together In the past, everyone would just walk it But now, everyone has cars So you can put the pig in the back of the car And then just carry it out to the grave And pray there Honoring the ancestors is done in a few steps First, candles are lit and the food offerings are placed down in front of the grave The nicer the better, with a whole pig, roast goose, rice, flatbread and fruit Then rice wine is poured into cups And the family does a quick prayer After which the alcohol is poured out into the ground And the food is covered up and packed out And the firecrackers are hung up on a nearby tree Or placed down alongside the grave And everyone runs away while they explode Watch this Here we go Watch this That was insanely loud So we just got to the next family home We are in a rural rural area This was so cool just to drive through here We are going to grab the pig Go for a little hike And then have a feast OK we are going to carry this in to the forest now Oh like that, nice work Here we go Look at this This is incredible We spent the whole morning Bringing this pig around to the different graves And now we get to eat it This is insane This whole pig It’s a whole pig in rural china I can’t believe I’m here right now Are we going up? We’re going up We’re going steep After making it to the top of the hill And finding the last burial site Ting Ting’s family did one last prayer before we began to feast So we are starting to cut into it That’s beautiful Just look at that Look at how beautiful that is Wow! That is so beautiful Oh look at this So we have a bing Like a flatbread covered in sesame And a huge crispy piece of that pork Oh yeah The bread is actually quite sticky and sweet And this pork has a crispy glaze over it It’s actually quite a sweet treat here It’s almost like a dessert Apart from that amazing crispy whole roast pig The real secret was the assortment of sticky rice flatbreads to wrap it in My favorite being the super sweet one packed with sugar and pork fat and covered in sesame seeds It’s rolled out and stuffed and then put onto a huge circular baking device that can spin And then pushed underneath into a huge hot fire to bake You’ll love these beauties Especially when wrapped over the delicious roast pig The sweetness of the bing combined with the ultra juicy pork and crispy skin will leave you in heaven Actually I think this bread is made from sticky rice And it’s covered in sesame and tastes like crystal sugar That is so good Look at that succulent meat There is a fatty layer on there That pork belly is just packed with flavor The pork itself is quite fragrant from the five spice powder And it tastes like there is a touch of bean paste on there Alright guys Thanks so much for watching these food and travel videos Click that like button And subscribe if you haven’t already So everyone is done We had a little taste of the pig at the grave site And now they are taking it back and are going to share it amongst the whole family

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  1. How amazing this culture and people truly are! I only wish here in England 🇬🇧 we had something like this x

  2. Burn fake money so that their ancestors would not be poor… HAHAHAHA!!! WTF! Didn't realise Disney taught them their religion.. 😂🤣

  3. GOOD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😣😥😞😢

  4. 其实现在踏青也逐渐的在消失了,清明节扫墓的人也寥寥无几,时代在进步,一些中国的传统节日和传统也慢慢的改变和消失,许多传统的小吃因为城区改造而渐行渐远,令人惋惜,反正大家珍惜眼前吧!

  5. Actually the formal name of the "fake money" is Afterlife money. We regards it as the official currency accepted by our ancestors. Thanks.

  6. ye bhosriwala sab kuch khata hai beef bhee suar bhee saale ko kuch bhee de do khate hee rehta hai kabhi mana nahi karta hai

  7. Surprised that you have experienced Qingming festival soooo deeply. The rural environment in most rural area of China are the same as you shown in the video. There are muddy roads, traditional and shabby furniture. Thank you for showing reality!

  8. Plz come to assam..we will eat together silkwarmএবাৰ অসম আহিব,,,লেটা পলু খুৱাম।

  9. Хорошо тебе везде ездиет, кушает вкусную кухню, встречается с хорошими людьми. Одним словом везёт же людям.👍✌😍😙

  10. U can't do something in Pakistan like work to get a pig 😂😂😂😂😂😂 pig is bad for health

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  12. الله ببعتلكن سرطان من هالاكل المقرف والخنزير🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  13. This remind me of my childhood, I'll do this tranditional event with my family every year, I still remember the taste of the crispy pork, it was so yummy

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