Deep Fried Oreo’s | How to Deep Fry Oreo Cookies

Deep Fried Oreo’s | How to Deep Fry Oreo Cookies

hey everyone it’s James from Fun foods
and today I’m gonna show you how to make these deep-fried Oreo cookies now these
are delicious they’re amazing of course and after a couple weeks ago when I made
my deep-fried Kit Kats lots of people requested I make deep-fried Oreos so
here they are keep watching I’ll show you step by step
how to make these the first we’re gonna do is start off with some Oreo cookies
use as many as you’re gonna deep-fry for this and put them in the freezer and let
them cool down next in a large bowl you want to add to that one cup of flour one
tablespoon of sugar one teaspoon of baking powder and we just want to mix
this in really good you can also add a dash of salt as well next we’re gonna
add in one large egg and also one cup of milk now just whisk this until
everything is well combined and when that’s well combined just take this set
this aside and we’ll come back to it shortly we want the temperature of the oil to
be between 350 and 375 and if you don’t have a thermometer to check it you can
just put a little bit of batter in there drop a little in there and if it comes
right up to the top then it’s ready so what we’re gonna do is I’ve taken my
Oreo cookies out of the freezer here’s my batter I’m just gonna dip it in there
I’m gonna do two at a time here and I’m gonna use a fork and kind of flip it
over and I’m just going to use that same four to kind of like shake off the
excess and then right in the oil it goes and I’ll do the other one and it’s only gonna take a couple
minutes and when they’re nice golden-brown then we can pull them out
now I’m gonna do it about a minute on each side and when
they have reached this nice golden-brown look we can pull them out with some
tongs and put them on some paper towels to drain in a good way to top these off
is lightly with some confectionery sugar or powdered sugar and let’s cut into one
and see how it looks mmm nice well now’s the time for a taste
test I’m gonna bite into my deep-fried Oreo and see how it tastes it’s good it keeps that Oreo flavor and
it just has that breading on it it’s really good it’s nice and soft it’s
almost like you just dipped it in some milk well thanks everyone for watching I
hope you enjoyed watching me make these deep-fried Oreo cookies it was a lot of
fun making these and if you enjoyed this video please hit that like button also
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for yourself please share it with me on any of my social media fun foods YT and
until then i’ll see you next time

94 thoughts on “Deep Fried Oreo’s | How to Deep Fry Oreo Cookies”

  1. Hi, James. Your fried Oreos look simply delish. What's the one caramel recipe you cherish the most? Have a good day, James.

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  3. James, i really just need to ask. Where is the camera when you take the birds eye view. You cant see a camera when you are talking and when we can see you and stuff. hmmmmm

  4. We are so doing this on Friday! These taste AWESOME with some vanilla ice cream. We'll film it and shout you out for the inspiration!

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  6. As if regular Oreos weren't bad enough for you, you have to batter them up and fry it in oil. Where can I get some?

  7. Did you compare tastes using funnel cake batter or even pancake batter? Or did you make your own batter from the start and stick with that?

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