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    I still don't understand the rest of his NLP though… Derren is unreasonably talented! I've watched this like 15 times trying to figure out where he snuck "match box" in… Definitely something to do with "Atlantic"… Also how he planted both so firmly in James' mind…
    Maybe they had a conversation before the show…
    But after seeing his "snap induction" hypnosis, I'm convinced he can manipulate anybody's brain any way he wants! He's a freakin Jedi!
    "This is the dog you're looking for." (that's a real thing)

  2. He placed a piece of sugar "glass" on the napkin between the 4:50 and 4:54 mark. He picks it back up and thats what is in the hosts mouth as he chews. 🙂 Still sharp but certainly easier to eat with the apple without noticing the change of taste and dissolved with the water swished around.

  3. I have this "power" when i think of something, the reverse will happen.
    eg. Teacher: *staring at me*
    My mind: she is totally gonna choose me
    Teacher: *chooses another person*

  4. I am such a skeptic, I can't believe stuff like this. What proof do we have what James was thinking of? He never wrote anything down, so we just have to take his word for it. A person could easily just say "OMG, that's totally what I was thinking of. Oh, and you got another thought I had as well, good job!" while the whole time they were thinking of Ryan Stiles from Whose Line. I hate that I'm like that, but that just how I see things like this.

  5. 8:49 Derren brings the piece of glass to the front of his mouth and takes it out, just as the camera cuts away. He turns away, slightly, from the audience so as to not make it so obvious!

  6. I'm just wondering if CIA and the likes use this for their investigations. Is this even real in the first place?

  7. I love Derren Brown but I think he got this one wrong. He kept getting it wrong when James was chewing the glass and then after getting it wrong a few times finally says "ok just tell the truth now and dont lie" and then gets it right. Perhaps this is some sort of protocol if the trick doesnt work as it cant work 100% of the time and Derren knows that. Or maybe james took initiative himself and went along because he really likes Derren and wouldnt want to see him struggle. Also James is an actor so could have easily pulled the surprised card easily. I could be totally wrong but I think it could be possible too.

  8. Unpopular opinion:

    These types of "think of anything" illusions are super lame, it's too unbelievable to, well, be believable. I can meet him halfway on some stuff, but this is so stupid that I can't possibly suspend my disbelief. AND it's boring to watch because the audience isn't in on it! It's all in James' head.
    I know this guy has better stuff than this.

  9. James doesn't tell the audience that he is eating sugar glass. So why should we believe him when acts like Derren correctly guessed what he was thinking?

  10. I remember when I was 9 years old I woke up at 12 o clock at night just to see one of Derren's shows on TV… He's a genius and totally legit!!!

  11. When he was working in a restaurant in Bristol before he was famous, my parents met him
    He went from table to table performing tricks. He made my Dad’s wedding ring float. They came back after a year or so to be told the restaurant couldn’t afford him anymore and that he had his own tv show lol

  12. He sounds like Gillian Anderson if she was male. They have the exact same intonations and stuff, it's so cool

  13. What ye mean you kinda read minds you can make a whole nation kill themselves if you really wanted to and look at this audience fall for this brain washen bollexe that is gonna be a down fall for the world this a power that can fuck the whole world up

  14. Whats the most surprising of all this is how derren brown hasnt started and ended i America… lost alot of faith in the british public for eating the bullshit this fella produces

  15. Do you think you'll ever have an audience that doesn't go "woooooo" like it's a sampled sound on a keyboard?

  16. James Corden is pandering to the celebrities by dissing Trump all the time. He knows this will bring him favor with the biggest stars and make him popular with mainstream (fake) media. You think he cares who's the president – it's not even his country. He's a fukcing cop out who would sell his soul to the devil for fame and fortune.

  17. Kids do not try this, it's fake. Just imagine going to hospital with a big gash in your butt hole from pushing glass out. I can't stress how stupid this is ! DONT TRY THIS.

  18. he is seeking the help of satan. just bcz he says there is nothing psychic doesn't mean he 100% scientific. a lot of sadhus and Black magician of india can do the same thing as him.

  19. This “magic trick” could have been executed with the magician NOT actually swallowing the glass. Which I’m hoping is the case with this magician to avoid discomfort (even though swallowing glass is ok)

    Step 1:
    Magician prepares two things a “medium-size” shard of thin ice in his pocket and a slightly thicker shard of ice resting against his cheek to account for the crushing noise of the “glass”. The magician forces the thin shard onto the table as soon as he seems to pick out a piece of glass from the pile and places it in the hosts mouth. (Host tries to hold his poker face, knowing that what’s in his mouth is cold and probably ice).

    Step 2:
    I noticed throughout the act that the magicians cheeks looks a little bit chipmunky which makes me believe that the genuine piece of glass (selected by the host) in the magician’s mouth, gets slipped in either in inner cheek pocket or some sort of sponge material to hold it off his gums and cheek and still be able to talk. I think most of the “magic” was happening when he was trying to position the glass correctly inside his mouth before crushing down on the “thicker shard of ice” which the magician has still in his other cheek from the beginning (which has probably melted significantly by now. This is why I’m calling it “thicker glass”).

    Step 3:
    The host is obviously in on the mind games, either the magician has instructed the host to say those 2 words in his mind during the act or prior to. (Could have easily been done during the act and the host has no choice but to sell it.) there could have been small font on the plate or table or wherever the camera angle doesn’t show. It would probably read: “What’s on your mind? Sydney and Matchbox”

    Of course if the host and magician aren’t wussys then it’s possible that they could have safely eaten the real glass. Or at least the magician.

  20. Saw Derren 8 times anyways front row,,never been picked even though I was stuck to the floor during a hypnotic thing he did. I think this guy is so very special,.. .because its learned. …some of a few thing's that hes done and people were amazed. He's honest about his dishonesty lol. Hes amazingly smart funny,and has a kind heart, I love what this guy does…
    If you want to learn how to do a lot of what he does check out his website. Lol I love this guy. He is VERY SPECIAL. X I have blown a few friends away by reading his books and copying him….My bucket list includes spending 10 minutes with him. Lovely man, kind heart and a f××××××g awesome brain. GO SEE THIS GUY IF YOU CAN HE'S AMAZINGLY CLEVER AND KIND.

  21. Derren stuffed his cheeks with something….look at how his face is formed when he speaks. I get that James ate a piece and the the flesh of the apple probably absorbs the sharpness but…..something’s afoot! They’ve been doing this trick on the carny circuit for years!

  22. The part where he mind read James was entirely fake. Notice James' body language as Derren tries to guess the word at 10:11 . James didn't agree immediately when Derren guessed the first letter, S. He then decideds to not mess Derren's act and agrees.

  23. If I never ever had to hear a political bash from either party again….. it would truly be a gift. I so dislike when anyone from either party uses their stage or social status to promote their beliefs. My vote is not based on popularity or public opinion. FACTS….. do your own research people.

  24. Watch 4:53 to 4:56. You see Darren lean in and hear then "tink" as he drops the sugar glass on top of the real glass. Also, compare the glass that Darren eats from 4:57, to the "glass" that James eats at 7:17. Darrens' is much more clear, and not as cloudy as James' piece.

    Darren ate the real glass. James ate sugar glass.

  25. Its sugar glass. When Derren sticks his tongue out to show the glass in his mouth, its already dissolving and much thinner than it was when it went in. Also, thin glass tends to shatter in shards. No shards in that hanky!

  26. I loved The Push so much I based my A level drama piece off of it! We were doing manipulation and I was like… Netflix, what do you have for me? And I found this incredible study. He is seriously a national treasure

  27. I think my son knows this trick. This one time he had a friend over and I heard him through his bedroom door say to his friend “turn off the light and I’ll put it in my mouth”. Glad they had a shared interest in magic 🙂

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