Deschutes Brewery Fresh Haze IPA Craft Beer Review

Deschutes Brewery Fresh Haze IPA Craft Beer Review

Are you looking for the next craft beer
to try well maybe Fresh Haze IPA from Deschutes Brewery is the one for you Welcome back everybody I’m Brad I’m
Jessica dogs trying to go up the stairs the door shut um bacon wrapped chicken
pesto but I know if he wakes up there about remember shovel 6.5% ABV 45 IPU
IBUs Deschutes does a very good job of putting the IBUs and ABV on the
beer for the consumer yes now I’m guessing this is a take off
fresh-squeezed IPA from them which is a very good beer
according to Brad and Steve you guys pretty much the same thing I think on
the fresh-squeezed the the Vice is just pressing on the hop and on this one it’s
cut the hop in half and let me see I guess I don’t even pay attention today
oh yeah it’s smashed like juices are coming out but it’s loopy in Leuven so
we’re gonna see a hazy twist on your main squeeze and yeah this juice bomb
explodes with notes of orange inter sweetness and soft mouth oh no buddy
we’re gonna see best by 12 14 18 did pick this up at Hoffman street grocery
not sure what the cost was cuz they had to open a six-pack you have had I know
Evan hmm Brenda the dish is the same yep I guess all my time cuz I quit
I mean hmm no you’ll figure that out uh white had has small bubbles about a
finger of had bubbles on the side are like bubble wrap they are spread apart
if we look at the color brownish yellow almost orange color it is hazy
I can see particles of gold golden yellow I don’t know I would call it a
golden orange yellow it’s almost like this can but a little wider is what it
is Gold that’s a lunch yeah it’s a little
later us a couple bubbles coming up not that many I can’t see through it at all
okay smell what citrus fruit eNOS dank gonna be honest I think that I don’t
even like any issues beer I don’t think that there’s that one that I like oh
yeah yeah I don’t think so so I don’t know I would go like juicy
citrus dang it smell awful oh it almost smells
like it’s in that New England category almost yeasty okay but I think it’s the
juiciness mixed with that citrus that’s giving that off hopefully not he’s
probably full he’s gonna take a nap now okay let’s taste there’s a little bit more bite than I
like but it doesn’t taste me at all nice and smooth up front a little bit of
fruitiness citrus bitterness and this is weird
mm-hmm are you okay yeah I’m hiccuping dog you better go lay down this is why
he’s not alive down here he’s big old black lab little dogs usually down here
and she doesn’t even go near the camera seeing but he likes it this one’s stupid the weird part on this one I get that
citrus that fruit juice kind of thing up front the bitterness is like on the side
of my tongues or on my tongue so it’s on the left side red but yeah it’s still
there I don’t know if what it’s from but it’s like on the like I get the
bitterness on the outside of my tongue no I aftertaste is kind of juicy
bitterness piney but it’s not oh no a no calorie I will say this is the best
shoots beer best seizing the juice beer I’ve ever taste I know we need to get
fresh-squeezed again no I think now that you’re a seasoned vet you might like
that totally not still like virgin territory no totally the one that tells
me to pick up green stone whenever I can find it it’s so good this is not this
isn’t what this is supposed to be I don’t think that’s bad I would go for
out of five I don’t think it’s as good as fresh-squeezed IPA I’m not a huge
bitterness fan yeah burns though uh what was six point five burns is warm burns
which I guess it doesn’t taste like alcohol didn’t snow like I know but
yes may be allergic to hops let’s hope it’s a nice knowing you guys what would
you go with on this one I guess for what it is I think it tastes good and I would
go 4 out of 5 I think this is one I mean I could probably drink a six-pack if I
picked it up if I saw it in a regular store and they went and break it up I
would probably get a six-pack and I could drink it what I I probably
wouldn’t buy it again because I know fresh squeezed I could probably get
fresh squeezed everyone that I know well that has had fresh squeezed IPA loves
fresh squeezed IPA what do you own one so I said four okay uh ten of my friends
have had this average 3.7 out of five okay a little over 9,000 people have had
this average 3.8 two out of five I don’t think it’s terrible no I don’t I mean by
any means it’s not thick juicy hazy that I love but it’s not gonna because this
doesn’t claim to be that right this person says tastes borderline Shandy in
terms of citrus profile oh this dog I tell you what I told you it was dumb no
oh boy where I’m kind of lose there he goes open up a woman he knows better
he heard Brad’s voice um bebe 12 14 18 that’s what I said isn’t it
yeah so this guy’s got same canned I do Soph easy drinking orange pulp hop
emphasis more juice than beer so this person must not like I don’t think so I
don’t think that because of the taste of because of the after taste alcohol for
me I think it’s a little too bitter to be a New England IPA
untappd is saying it’s a New England IPA 45 IP IBUs in a IPA I think is pushing
it for a New England IPA I think they should be lower and this one is giving
off bitterness and I think it’s too much oh I agree I was gonna look at that
before we started and I didn’t look at it because they’re saying India Pale Ale
I think and though I like it yeah I would like a shirt Deschutes I got the
fresh-squeezed IPA one Sunday but yeah not a bad beer I would definitely pick
it up and again I don’t know what it was for a single but Hoffman Street grocery
I believe said this was not moving that’s why she split it up for me
you just never know I think honestly I mean Cory would like this alright
but yeah pick up a can if a six pack is 999 1099 I would pick up a six-pack and
try are you done no well I mean you’ve already talked about this so I was just
waiting for you to be done so I can move on to the next beer that I might like
yeah that dog distracted me he’s distracted too easily by moving things
that makes me mad so unwrap up this beer review until next time I’m Brad I’m just
happy brewing if you like this video make sure you hit that subscribe button
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8 thoughts on “Deschutes Brewery Fresh Haze IPA Craft Beer Review”

  1. Have you had this beer? If so let me know what you think about it in the comments below. If you have not had this beer would this be one that you would pick up and try?

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  2. Great review and a beer I would love to try as you sold Deschutes brewery to me months ago. I have the Freshly Squeezed IPA recipe written down in my brewing book from the American Homebrewing Association and it is my next brew! Unfortunately I have to go to India next week for a couple of weeks so will be the end of November before I can brew it. I will try and film it for You Tube assuming I get back in one piece! Cheers guys and don't be too hard on the dog LOL.

  3. Hey another from my neck of the woods! I love Deschutes! Fresh squeezed is amazing! Have you had Abyss or any of the variants or Jubelale? Great review! Cheers!

  4. Fresh Squeezed was quite tasty and this one sounds damn good, too. It's a shame that Deschutes doesn't distribute to NY, as I would love to grab their Black Butte (and the anniversaries, too) whenever I want, along with their barrel aged offerings.

    Nice review by both of you.


  5. I love their fresh squeeze, and chainbreaker ipa, this is my favorite of all. It has a nice citrus taste not as hoppy, a nice sweet note easy to drink i highly recommend!!!

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