82 thoughts on “Dinner: Chicken Stir Fry with Rice Noodles – Natasha’s Kitchen”

  1. Looks yummy! The noodles will get too soggy and sticky tho. Just soak it in sink hot water 30 mins before cooking and it should soften when u stir fry.

  2. Added to my favorites, gonna try this recipe this week! Can i replace the ketchup with gochujang or sriracha sauce?

  3. This is a great, easy dinner idea. The first time I had too many noodles and fewer veggies. It still works out well. Sauce has a great flavor. Thanks!

  4. ok here's the thing . i just subscribed and also liked ur video. if the chicken noodles does not taste good , you are in a lot of trouble girl.

  5. This is an awesome recipe, I add snow peas and carrots and garlic instead of ginger. And to make things easier use a wok not a pan.

  6. Is there a substitute for ketchup? I don't like it and never have any. Would tomato paste or sauce taste ok to substitute?

  7. Seriously every meal you make looks amazing ! Request and question, have you considered making keto meals for your channel? Would love to see your take on one because I’m sure I’d copy !

  8. I made this for dinner and it was delicious. However, i used lemon instead of sesame oil to balance out the flavor. It worked best for me plus i didnt have sesame oil lol

  9. Hallow Tash,My Coash in cooking,i have tried this recipe and it was so delicious even though my rice noodles i over cooked,they were like pap lol but next time i will do a better job,thank you so much

  10. Can the sauce not have soy sauce? Because I am making it rn and I wonder if it will still taste good without it because I forgot to buy it

  11. I just made this…I wasn’t too sure about the ketchup but wow this was really yummy:) I love you’re beef stirfry recipe too:)

  12. Hola quisiera que los subtitulos aparecieran en español , me gusta como cosina pero no entiendo los ingredientes ….gracias

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