(gasps) – Hello you guys, and welcome
back to another Vivian Tries. Today, I have a really
cool product for you guys. Voila! It’s called Pop Chef,
as seen on television. You know those edible arrangements, now you can make them at home, yes. So I have the little kit here
and I have some watermelon. It says, “Make mouth-watering
master pieces with this guy.” Do you think it’s that easy? Do you think they’ll look
as beautiful as that? No, I don’t have high hopes for this guy. I don’t know why, they’re
just making it seem too easy. We’re gonna give it a try and find out. Cool, look what it comes with. Comes with that, a flower,
a butterfly, stars, another kind of star,
and then like a circle, okay, and then the little sticks. Very good, so let’s try it on this guy. And then this thing, oh it’s a heart! I think you just punch
it through there, right? Like that? Okay, I’m gonna give it a try. So, push it in, easy so far, okay. There it is, very cute,
okay, get all this stuff out of the way, move
this out and let’s see if this pops right out. (gasps) There it is! You guys, look! It’s a perfect little heart! That side doesn’t look as
good as this side, look! How cute! Okay, let’s do something else. The heart is perfect. Look at the watermelon,
heart came out perfect. Okay, next one. Though how do you take this
off, I think you just twist it? Yes. Let’s try… well, not that one. Okay, the butterfly will fit. You just put it in like
this and then you twist it, okay, it’s on. Alright, you put this guy in like this. Out? Well, that’s not good. It’s too, it’s too, oh
wait, it’s not long enough to cut the butterfly out. Well that wasn’t very good. Okay. Well, kinda looks like a butterfly. I think the heart still looks better. Let’s try something else. Try, I think these long
ones work better, a star. Then you just put this in. Okay, there, it’s in place. So now let’s put it right there, has these little things
that you just put down, see the stars work better,
I’m gonna do more than one, I’m gonna do another one. ‘Kay, ready? Okay, did I get it, I think
so, okay let’s do another one. That’s three stars, what do
you guys think, is it gonna go? Okay, there they are,
three stars in there. Let’s pop these out,
let’s see what we get. Maybe that wasn’t a good idea. Nope, that’s not gonna come out either. Aww, dude, I shouldn’t have
done three, that’s not good, how am I gonna get ’em outta here? Okay, wait wait wait,
here goes, here’s one. How cute is that guy, okay so now we have our star, our heart, and our butterfly. Let’s try this circle, we
still have some space here, do it for this guy right there. I don’t think you can
do more than one, okay. It’s out. Perfect little circle, let’s see. (gasps) Oh it came out, look, oh
my god, how frickin’ cute! So now we have a circle, you guys. Okay I’m likin’ this, like
I could be here all night. Let’s do this really cool… these long ones work
better than these guys. Okay, it’s in place. Alright, ready? I think the watermelon has to be really thin to get these guys. Okay, I got him out, you see? Voila! Let’s see if this guy just pops out. (gasps) Oh, it popped right out, look! The backside is not that
great but that’s cool. Last one, you guys. This is like the wacky little like star. Okay. Put that in there, wiggle
it, wiggle it, wiggle it. Aww, it stayed. No. Okay. See, I think this one the
watermelon’s too thick. I’m just gonna cut it out like that. Now we pop it out, oh it was
already falling out anyway. Okay so there’s the star, it’s okay. Let’s try putting ’em on this guy. Here’s our flower, here’s
our circle, here’s our heart. There it is, what do you guys think? Not bad, not great, but it’s not bad. They’re okay, but you can really tell, I mean, they don’t look anything like the edible arrangements you can order. This is more of a kids’ toy, I think. I wouldn’t really make anything out of this and send it to anybody. It was fun making them, though. So I’m gonna give this
guy two Vivian Heads. It wasn’t a total fail, it was
fun, but not for grown-ups. Alright you guys, that is
it for another Vivian Tries, thank you so much for
coming back week after week, I will see you guys in the next one. Bye!


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  2. Perhaps you should have tried with other fruits, firmer fruits, and maybe not so thick. Watermelon can be mushy. Like the video though.

  3. Vivian, I just happened on to your videos and I love them. Will be watching and taking notes as soon as I stop laughing. You are a success in my eyes. gigi

  4. I love this series and and I love you Vivian. Although, I disagree with this review. I think this should of got 3 Vivian heads.

  5. You only got watermelon to cut! And the true test would be pineapple, which is harder to cut but doesn't fall apart as easy. Also I love your nails!

  6. A knife, cutting boy and skewers would be much less expensive. Cut fruit or vegetables into chunks. Also, too much wasted food.

  7. probably going to a kitchen store and buying a bunch of specially shape small cookie cutters would be easier and you could use for other stuff lol. A person can buy a bag of bamboo skewers for like 2 dollars.

  8. hahahahaha.. your kids were in bed when you filmed this weren't they? you're much quieter than your normal videos.. #momproblems

  9. I think that if you mixed up the fruit a bit (pineapple, cantaloupe etc) it could actually be a decent replace me for the delivery service. Spent $60 for a small with chocolate dipped strawberry, and this could have been an affordable option that was still thoughtful and better than flowers that would have been thrown out in a few days.

  10. Kinda cheezie, why is there not a long tubes for a the shapes? The fruit has to be the thickness of the cutter.
    A waste of fruit tOO.
    Still a good segment… girL… your to fUNNY.
    Many blessings.

  11. Have you tried other fruits other than watermelon, like cantaloupe, honeydew, or pineapple??? I've never seen Edible Arrangements use watermelon. they also use strawberries and other berries.

  12. to be fair, you did use watermelon lol that shit falls apart anyways and is too watery for this type of thing😝 i want one for sure!

  13. it is not fair that you gave 2 Vivian heads – it is such a fun product… you gave in past 3 vh to worse ones….

  14. I think one of those watermelon fruit salads with those fruit cutouts instead of balls would be adorable, especially in the watermelon.

  15. Hey Vivian, will you try the Handy Heater and the Pocket Mouse? Want to buy as gifts but would like to see you try it first. Thank you!

  16. I bought this stupid thing as well. LOL I made one "arrangement" then it went in the kids toy box for use with playdough.

  17. Pro-tip: Buy pack of large cookie cutters at discount store. Use those. Save money AND have many, many, other shapes. Its even cooler if you do holiday shapes; makes for great gifts! (p.s. – dollar tree sells vased and the green foam needed to complete the look). Wah la!

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