DIY Galaxy Lollipops, Corinne VS Cooking

DIY Galaxy Lollipops, Corinne VS Cooking

*Galactic Music* Corinne: Woah, dude! This sh*t is crazy! What up, Internet? Corinne here, and you’re watching Corinne vs The Galaxy! Yes! Today, I’m trying a project that’s been suggested a gazillion times. The galaxy lollipops. “Stuttering Noise” Hold on. Let me fix this real quick. *Banging Noise* Phew! That should do it! Are you ready for blastoff? Let’s get started, shall we? *Engine Noise* *Cartoonish Sound Effects with Darth Vader’s Breathing* This video posted by 10 Minute Crafts, makes it look pretty easy. So, I’m gonna follow their instructions and dive right in. The first thing we have to do, is crush some Jolly Ranchers. F*** yes! This is a major stress reliever right here! *Clanging Noise* Actually, this is pretty damn hard. Some of these little suckers do not want to break. Oh, yes. A mallet. *laughs* This definitely works a lot better. This process alone took me more than thirty minutes. So you’re a f***ing lie, 10 Minute Crafts. A lie! Also, what the f*** are these things? This is not Jolly Rancher. And it seems pretty important for the final outcome because of the white. No mention of this candy anywhere. What is this candy? Ugh, now I’m gonna have to go to the store, and find some stuff that will work. Yes! Candy melts! That’s the ticket! Okay. Now we just separate our candies, into little sections on this lollipop mold thing. But, *laughs*, they’re all stuck together now. Yeah, I just have to chisel it out here, I guess. Alright, now separating the candies into the lollipop mold thingy. And then adding some of the white candy melt pieces. Wait, does this go in the microwave or the oven? Rob said to try the microwave. Don’t know why I’m listening to him, but we’re gonna do it. Yeah, this doesn’t really fit in here. The little spinny plate can’t really spin. And only half of them are heating up. So, that’s a no. Great, now we know. That’s why this show exists. Isn’t it awesome? Okay. Let’s try the oven, then. Wait, maybe this is good? Maybe if I mix things around a little bit? Sure, okay. Yeah, I don’t know. The candy melts seem a little curdlely? I guess that can represent some star clusters? Yes. We have to let those cool and prepare our sugar mixture. Just add in sugar, water and corn syrup. So now you’re supposed to cook that until it reaches 300 degrees. To be honest, this takes a while. Once you reached burning stage, you’re getting pretty close. Actually, I don’t know. This kinda looks pretty yellow. But little things like that wouldn’t stop God. Right? God? Are you out there? Can anyone hear me? Yeah, now you have to pour your melted sugar solution, into a measuring cup. And then pour that, into one side of a cake pop mold. Now we’re supposed to sprinkle some edible glitter, on top of there. To create some cosmic star dust. Yeah, that’s that star stuff. Maybe I’m God. *MWAHAHAHAH* The power’s in my hands! Then you’re supposed to place your colored piece, good side down. Into the melty sugar substance. Now if you’re smart, you’ll already know that this sh*t is really hot. And it’s probably best that you don’t try to touch it with your bare human flesh. F*cking dumb-dumb! This sh*t burnt my finger and it hurts like a mofo! F***! *Sigh* Okay, now we have to let this cool. Great. I guess they look okay? You know what, I still have faith. You just have to melt some grape Jolly Ranchers, in the cake pop mold, which is easy enough. And then add a lollipop stick to each one, like this. And place the other piece on top! This is a little bit of a messy process, so be patient. Um, okay. I think these are gonna work. But this, this is when the real magic is supposed to happen. Got my blow dryer and here we go. The big reveal. Yeah, this is definitely not what I was expecting. I mean, I guess if you want to keep things positive, it kind of looks like Mars? Which is in a galaxy, I guess? *SIGH* Okay, um, we obviously need to try this again. And I’m thinking we need this candy. Right here. Actually, you know what? It kinda looks like one of those candy sticks that the Cracker Barrel sells. Okay, Cracker Barrel, here we come. Ooh, I wanna play checkers. You go first. Random person: Oh. they’re here. Fine, I’m gonna leave now. Bye. Ooh. *Laughs* Look, here’s me. Triggered. Mhhhh. Rob: Oh, Jesus. Corinne: It’s the peacock section. Do you need anything from the peacock section?
Rob: *laughs* There’s no black and white ones but I think these should work. Sour green apple. That’s a big bag. That’s heavy. Can you get this for me? All righty. Here we go again. Luckily, I also got some of these peppermint because these ones are mostly white. And the sour apple ones are mostly green and that is not what we were going for. Why you gotta let me down, sour apple? I thought we were friends. The only problem I foresee is that the lollipop is gonna taste like peppermint now. But honestly, that doesn’t really matter to me because I don’t plan on letting anyone eat any of these. Yeah, okay, here we go. I’m just randomly adding all the different colors to my lollipop mold. And you know what? I’m feeling really good about this round. Into the oven, we go. These are already looking better. Not all curdlely and what not. Let me get them a little mixing. I think we got something here, kids. Now time to retry the sugar-water-corn syrup situation again. And I think this is also looking a lot better. Meanwhile..Yeah, um, my measuring cup is currently occupied. So I’m just gonna use this other little vessel here. And yeah, sure. Now we pour this into our cake pop mold again and let it cool for a bit. Now I’m just adding my cosmic star dust and my galaxy disks. And now we wait. For like six days or something. Let it marinate. Now that shit didn’t take billions of years. It only took six days and only rest on the seventh. Yes. Alright, we’re just gonna pop these suckers right out of there, and I’m thinking it’s looking pretty good. Not as yellow as the other ones, so that’s a good sign. Now we melt the grape again. Hehe. Add our lollipop sticks which I was much more organised about this time. And then just stick our other half in there. I think my grape was a little too hot. When I did it this time, because things started spreading out a little more than they did previously. Also, this made it a lot more clear without the need of the blow dryer. So I’m gonna go ahead and say this was intentional. They look pretty dang cool. I actually did hit them up with the blow dryer a little bit and this just brought them to a whole other level. It’s honestly quite the process, though, so you want to be a little careful. Those people, they can shove their ten minutes right up their ass. Right down their black hole. No? Too far? Okay. To keep it 100 with you, I would probably rethink some of the color combos if I were ever to do this again, But since I’m planning to never, ever do this again, I think they look f***ing great. Really like this one, but this one is my favorite. I mean, all of them are pretty cool and kind of out of this world. From this moment on, you can now refer to me as the Galaxy Queen. I’ll also respond to Guardian Of The Galaxies. Yes, here I am, your new galaxy queen! As the official galaxy queen, I control all existence, and am the knower of all things. For instance, here, in this galaxy, there’s a planet called Catdor. Home to the giant fire-breathing cat dragons. There’s not many a space traveler who had found their way here and lived to tell the tale. Except for Pete, Pete’s a crazy motherf***er. And see this galaxy? This galaxy here actually contains the planet Earth. And you know Earth can be pretty cool? But, there’s some f*cked up sh*t going on there right now. Actually, you know what? We’re just gonna burn this sh*t to the ground and start all over again. Well, uh, I guess that’s it for this video. Um, doesn’t really matter if you subscribe or like it up and I probably won’t see you next time. Computer, set a course for deep space nine. And computer, turn up the space jams. *lit af techno music*

100 thoughts on “DIY Galaxy Lollipops, Corinne VS Cooking”

  1. Corinne, recommendation for smashing candies for future projects, unwrap the candies and put them in a ziplock baggie and then smash. Love you.

  2. I’m rewatching this video for like the 6th time and… is she… is she wearing the fairy skirt she made in another Corrine VS Pin… over her head…? 🤔 how did I not realise this…

    You’re probably not going to see this, but next time you crush up hard ingredients, put them in a plastic/clear bag and crush them in there so they don’t go everywhere and be easier to crush (:

  4. Galaxy Queen,

    I would like to say you galaxy lollipops look amazing. that is all.

    farewell Galaxy Queen

    also here is a galaxy painting for you:


  5. If you redo this than, you should know the mystery candy is a humbug (so says my British friend who watched the video with me) You probably have only heard of them in the harry potter books.

  6. Ummmm btw just a lil tip for smashing up the rancher smashing, you could put them in a bag and then smash up in the bag?

  7. corinne: "Actually, you know what? we're just gonna burn this sh*t ground and start all over again."
    me: "This is fine just fine"
    (says phrase in innocent voice and thinks about life choices)

  8. Cristine the science queen
    Corrine the galaxy queen
    Ben the banana guy ( sry BEYYYYYNNNN)
    Rob the…….rob the…… sorry rob

  9. Next time unwrap them and put them in a plastic bag before smashing them. less mess, and they wont fly everywhere.

  10. Still breaks my heart that you don’t know what humbugs are what did your grandparents keep in a bowl in their living rooms through your childhood

  11. Ha ha might be a year or so too late… But the sweet she needed was aniseed flavoured rock lol 😂😂😂 good job you didn't use it because it tastes like shit

  12. please always have a bowl of cold water nearby when working with hot sugar.
    i burnt my finger really really bad.
    i have this chunk of flesh missing and painful giant blisters
    learn from my mistakes and dont do this

  13. 1 her voice sounds like when the people at troom troom get tierd of what they sound like and hate their job 2 Marvel already made guardians of the galaxy 3 why is she wearing holo stars on her head that's Cristines thing

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