Chestnuts roasting… What up, Internet? Corrine here, and you’re watching Corrine vs Cooking! Holiday Edition. Yeah, that’s right, I said “holiday.” Get over it. What there needs to be is a war on stupid. Today, we’re going to be making cookies for Santa! ‘Cause Santa is the m*therf*cking jam! I’m going to try to make the hardest cookies known to man: The royal icing snowflake cookie. Now, I’ve been trying to make these cookies for the past three years straight and have failed every single time. But you know what? I think this is my year! F*ck you, cookies! I’m coming for ya! Let’s get started, shall we? [strange noises] For the cookies, I’m using my great grandmother’s sugar cookie recipe that I’ve been making since I was a wee lass. It’s super simple. Just crack the eggs– freakin’ egg shells! Come here, you little m*therf*cker! Yeah, this is not easy. Anyway, mix the eggs with the softened butter, sugar, sour cream, and vanilla. Then you’ve got to mix in the baking soda, a pinch of salt, and some flour. Yeah, and maybe I shouldn’t be using this mixer anymore. You would think I’d know how to use this by now! This dough is kind of difficult to get out of here… Now I’m going to continue mixing it with this spatula! I guess… Yeah, the dough seems like it’s pretty good at this point, just got to ball up a little bit of it, and then roll it out on a piece of parchment paper, then use my little snowflake cookie cutters to cut out my shapes. Now, these gotta go in the oven for about three to four minutes. They will burn in an instant and look like crap, so you’ve got to be really careful. This batch looks glorious, though. Who’s my b*tch now, cookies? Yeah, that’s what I thought! Anyway, keeping with my family tradition everyone in the house needs to make a cookie to give to Santa. Yeah, really nice there, Rob. No wonder Santa f*cking hates us. Okay, now these have to cool completely. So, I’m going to let them sit overnight and in the meantime, clean up this f*cking mess! Ding ding ding! Round two! Royal icing time! First, I have to separate the egg whites from the other parts of the eggs because this recipe allows egg whites only. What is this, Donald Trump’s recipe? Next, I have to sift a cup of confectioner’s sugar and then mix it in with the egg whites. But hopefully, I don’t give Santa Salmonella or “Santa”-nella?! What, Hannah’s the only one allowed to do puns around here? Whatever. Now, I have to outline all the cookies very meticulously with my piping tools. This is actually working really well… A little too well. Where’s the drama? The excitement? [mockingly] “Ugh! I only like watching these videos when Rob does them!” Speaking of which, how about he f*cking decorates his cookie now? Hmm… he actually didn’t do too bad either! Time to add all the little snowflake-y details to the tops of the cookies. This is the part that requires a lot more skill than I possess, apparently. Also, I can only complete a few of them because my hand is deformed now. Really hard to make these cookies! Santa had better appreciate the sh*t out of this sh*t! [music from the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy] [record scratch] Santa: Those are my cookies, m*therf*cker! [grunting, yelling] Santa: Come here! Very naughty! Ho ho ho, m*therf*cker! Ho ho ho ho!

100 thoughts on “DIY Holiday Cookies, CORINNE VS COOKING #2 (FEAT. SANTA)”

  1. Corrine is better when you want to actually learn and make something

    And rob is better when your having a shitty day.

  2. My husband just bought be a bunch of cookie cutters and new piping tips and I’m super excited to make some Christmas cookies, I’m watching this to get some inspiration 😁😁😁

  3. Seriously a trump race joke about making icing? You couldn't just make cookies right, as if we don't hear this garbage on a daily. Thanks for diving your subscribers. I'm out.

  4. Should be ashamed of yourself!! What if a child happen to see this. Is very bad & vulgar!! For sure I will never watch this r any of your videos again!!☹

  5. Second time watching this in a couple of days and it's caused me to laugh so damn hard and long that my back spasmed and I was crying both times.

  6. I’ve not been as interested in their videos after they moved to the new place. I guess it’s just getting a bit old. I used to live for their videos. Maybe I’m getting to old for them.

  7. Anyone notice she said "mix with egg whites" but she mixed the yolk instead of the whites 😂 i wonder what that tasted like ?

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