DIY Mozzarella Shot Glasses, Corinne VS Cooking #4

DIY Mozzarella Shot Glasses, Corinne VS Cooking #4

What up internet? Corinne here and you’re watching Corinne VS Cooking Soooo, there’s something you may not know about me -I LOVE fried cheese *mocking* “Oh yeah? Why don’t you marry it then?” Hmm… Anywho, the other day I saw this project pop up on my Facebook feed And I was like, “I need to try that. That looks delicious.” You could say I’m pretty in-VEST-ed in this project. I literally wore this vest just so I could make that joke. Let’s get started, shall we? Okay, first off, you have to cut the cheese. *chuckles* Yeah, glad that one’s out of the way. This actually seems like it’ll make a very nice shot glass. Also, it really helps to use a sharp knife. We don’t let Rob play with this one. Now, I’m just gonna use an apple corer to hollow out the middle of the block. Lookin’ Gouda! Sorry, all these jokes are kinda cheesy. Next, I’m just gonna dredge it in some flour and coat it with some egg- Ew, that’s disgusting. -And some breadcrumbs. It’s actually pretty scary how much your food gets touched before you eat it. *Robot voice* I are touching all your foods. Now we just gotta fry it up in some oil. Oops, hold on, let me just get that back on there. Okay! I mean, I guess it looks alright. Not exactly like the picture but we still have to add the sauce. And sauce makes everything better. Right? Totally Instagram worthy. Yeah, let’s just pull it apart really slow cuz that’s what you do in food videos. Yeah, baby, that’s the stuff. *whispering* Talk dirty to me. Actually I’m a little disappointed at the cheese to sauce ratio going on here. But, let’s be honest, this is a ridiculous amount of cheese and no one should eat this much cheese in one sitting. This is constipation cheese levels right here. But, you know what? I can not help but to wonder what this would be like as an actual shot glass. Let’s fry up another one of these bad boys, huh? Yes! Lookin’ good number two! Now adding some of my favorite Bloody Mary mix and a little bit of vodka. And yeah! That’s the way to go! Honestly, this is the most magical shot I’ve ever had and is probably the greatest invention of all time. Of all time! By the way, wine and cheese are really good together but not in this situation. Don’t do this. This is gross. Tastes terrible! I took one for the team on this one, tested it out for all of us. Good work team. Do you have a project you want to see us try on this show? Leave a link in the comments down below. Also, I just posted a new video over on my personal channel. So check that out if you would like. Don’t forget to subscribe, like up this video, and I’ll see you later.

100 thoughts on “DIY Mozzarella Shot Glasses, Corinne VS Cooking #4”

  1. 🚨Please notice me.🚨
    Corrine, could you please make a litteral pizza pie?! Please, for a fellow potter head?

  2. What about shot glasses made out of the alcohol you're drinking? FROZEN TEQUILA SHOT GLASSES FULL OF TEQUILA.
    Or frozen "mix" glasses – drinking beer out of a frozen clamato shot glass, rum out of a frozen cola glass, etc

  3. It would be safer to let rob use a sharper knife tho tbh cuz if the knife is dull he’s gonna have to use more force and would probably cut his own hand off

  4. I found this youtuber that makes food and cakes for cats, they look so good hope you can try it!

  5. Try exploding boxes??? They are the paper ones where when you take the lid off they “explode” open. They look a lot harder than they show

  6. "But, let's be honest. This is a ridiculous amount of cheese and no one should eat this much cheese in one sitting."

    Just because no one SHOULD doesn't mean no one WOULD.

  7. Your knife is from Solingen, Germany 😱 steel city they say to it here😇 best quality what you got there Corinne😍

  8. Lol when you were using the knife you said ‘’we don’t let rob play with this one’’ made me laugh so hard is it only me

  9. I wish you would try this one again, better and improved. Maybe smaller blocks of cheese to help with the "cheese-to-sauce ratio", homemade marinara sauce of course and double breaded! (Also, don't forget to freeze them after breading, they might hold their shape better this way)

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