DIY Pimple Cupcakes, Corinne VS Cooking #12

DIY Pimple Cupcakes, Corinne VS Cooking #12

What up, Internet! Corinne here, and you’re watching Corinne versus Cooking. Today we’re taking on pimple cakes. This actually may be considered Corinne versus Beauty, depending on which way you look at it. Yeah, a big thanks to BuzzFeed for posting that video of people trying the pimple cupcakes… because now everyone wants to see us try to f%*king make them. These things are horrifying. They were actually originally made by a bakery called Blessed by Baking for the Pimple Popper Doctor. I f$%king run across these videos randomly every once in a while. Unsuspectingly and now I can’t sleep at night. Ugh… Pimple Popper Doctor… …why? Let’s get started, shall we. So if you’ve happened to watch any Corinne versus Cooking videos before this one… you may know that I tend to like to do things from scratch. Well, I’m scratching all of that bulls#*t because there’s way too many things to do to achieve a pimple cupcake, so I’m buying box cake. I’m buying pre-made icing. I’m buying pre-made fondant. Yeah, I know Rob made his own fondant. But I… fon…don’t want to do that. Okay, so after forcing myself to watch this video…over and over again. I’m thinkin’ that the pimple insides… yeah it’s f#*king disgusting… yeah the pimple insides are made from like a pastry cream but after I looked up how to make a pastry cream the one that had the best reviews from had all these f#*king steps and [email protected]&t I just don’t feel like doing right now. So I’m thinking some pudding is the way to go. Right… Pudding. How about we go get some pudding? I wasn’t really sure how much I needed so I like to get 2 just in case but I couldn’t reach anymore of the vanilla… because I am too f#$king short and there was no one around to help me get anything down. So we’re just going to have to mix the banana and vanilla together. That shouldn’t be too terrible…right? I don’t think so. Okay, so the first thing I did was prepare my cake batter. Yeah, you batter believe it. You batter behave. You batter stop telling stupid jokes or no one is going to watch your videos anymore. After everything was all mixed up, I separated the batter into 1 nine-inch round… and 6 cupcake spots. And my cupcake cup paper thingies…it’s because I care. I care. Oh you don’t care? Yeah, well f#&k you. Oh and you maybe saying “why the nine-inch round?” Because we’re gonna create a giant pimple cake. Well actually, not like crazy giant, just… giant for you know, like, an actual pimple. They’re usually pretty small. So while those things are baking, I am going to prepare the pudding. Wooh… haha. That’s a lot of f*#king milk. I didn’t realize there was gonna be this much milk. Did I actually need this much pudding? I don’t know… f#*k. When the pudding was finally f#*king ready, I separated it into 4 different bowls. Yeah and then the box says that I have to put some plastic wrap down onto the surface of the pudding. Which is actually not the easiest thing to do. But this is suppose to prevent the skin from forming on the top of the pudding. Which under normal circumstances would totally f#*king gross me out. I hate pudding skin. Ugh… But in this situation seems kind of counter-productive? I’m gonna do it anyway through. Yeah, you’re suppose to let it sit in the ‘frigerator until it’s all the way cooled. Which ended up being overnight for me. Now we actually have to create some skin. Okay, so… this is my first time using this stuff and… I think this looks pretty actually. It’s super weird when it’s rolled out though. Buffalo Bill up-in-here and s#$t. Now I just have to cut out some circles and then some smaller circles within those circles. Yes… Now I am just dabbing some of the red gel color on with a Q-tip. Yeah, I used a little tiny bit of water as well to kind of dilute it. It’s looking pretty f#*king gross. It’s disturbing. Next, I put some pre-made f#*king icing into one of these piping bags and made a circle around the middle of the cake. Then I just kind of smoothed out the icing, like this, to create a crater. I guess. Sure. I think this will work actually. Now I just have to put the skin on top, the skin. My fake human skin on top of the cake. I think this pudding is a little too runny. (whispers) God…dammit. Maybe if I just add some of this icing to it. I don’t think that was a good idea. This looks f#*king disgusting. Actually, maybe it’s a great idea. Maybe it needs to look as disgusting as possible. Alright, just gonna pipe this mixture into the hole here. (giggles) Ohhh… why… what is my life right now, people? I just… I… uh… ah… so bad. Cheers, Doctor Pimple Popper. This one’s for you. (dramatic instrumental music playing) No one wants this. Who’s ready to pop some pimple cupcakes? Yeah… this is actually… oddly satisfying. I get it now Pimple Popper Doctor. I get it. Also, the cupcakes seem to be erupting a little better and that’s probably because I didn’t use my mixture of icing and pudding. Instead, I just used straight-up icing. The more-you-know. Am I right? Okay. (laughs) I think that is definitely it for pimple cakes. Halloween is right around the corner though. So we need all of your Halloween project suggestions to be left in the comments down below. We are ready to do this s$&t. Speaking of which… Halloween… Threadbanger Box. This st is lit, y’all. In fact, I’m gonna give you a little sneak-peek of the t-shirt. Boom! And that’s gonna come in its very own specialty coffin box… what… These are still the prototype pictures by the way because things are in production. Right now as we speak. The main box will also contain a ticket to attend our Annual Pumpkin Craving Contest… Live! Presented by Sir Finger McF$&kerton himself. Ya, that’s right we’re all gonna crave some f$&king pumpkins together using our specialty branded “Basic Bitch Craving Kit.” It is B.Y.O.P. though so… keep that in mind. The only way you will be able to attend this event is if you buy a box and have yourself a ticket. Supplies are extremely limited. And you’re not gonna want to miss out on this f#&king jelly. And as always make sure to subscribe, like up this video and I’ll see ya later. (snip, snip, snip)

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  1. I love you so much, and the jokes, even though there not the best, anything that comes from you is amazing. Love you❤️

  2. Nothing has ever made me scream "me" more than her reaching the vanilla pudding and giving up, so settling for banana

  3. this is my life. because I have a friend who LOVES popping pimples and I have atlest 20 and she will stare at me to the point were she isn't listening to me talking anymore and I have to tell her no and push her away. man, kids these days.

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  10. Good job Corinne.
    As someone who watches Dr Pimple Popper videos, I gotta say the inside bit of these cakes actually looked like some of the stuff she pops on her channel.

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