DIY Prank Chocolate Truffles! How To Cook That Ann Reardon

DIY Prank Chocolate Truffles! How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon
and today we are making Bean Boozled Chocolate Truffles some some of them are going to taste nice and some are going to taste awful and these lovely YouTubers are going to eat them for me. So let’s just start by introducing you. Let’s start with with you Jazza. Hi I’m Jazza from the youtube channel Draw
with Jazza and I really like food but I also have really low standards. I grew up out in the country and have on occasion
eaten road-kill so I’m looking forward to this. I’m Jamie from Jamie and Nikki, I have a family
vlog channel with my beautiful wife Nikki and lovely little daughter Ava and cute little
dog Louis. I came here expecting to only eat great food,
that’s why I signed up for this video because I’ve had Ann’s food in the past and it’s amazing
and she just sprung this on me now! Yeah so you might be regretting that soon. My name is Jayden Rodrigues and I have a youtube
channel called Jayden Rodrigues and I upload dance videos and tutorials so if you want
to learn how to dance jump over to my channel. I thought we were going to eat some cakes,
oh my goodness. So first of all I’ll show you how to make
all of these and then we’ll jump straight back here when I feed it to these guys.😂 Let’s start with Chocolate Hearts filled with cinnamon ganache or Dry Cinnamon powder! To make the ganache you’ll need cream, chocolate
and cinnamon. I’ll put all of the recipe quantities on the
howtcookthat website for you and there’s a link to that below. Add the cream to the chocolate and heat that
in the microwave or 30 seconds, stir, 20 seconds, stir until the chocolate is melted and keep
mixing it until it comes together to make a nice even consistency like this. Add some cinnamon to taste, I’m adding just
half a teaspoon to start with and mixing that in. Then get a clean spoon and taste it just to
see if that cinnamon is strong enough. You want to be able to taste it but you don’t
want it to be too overpowering. That was a little bit too subtle for me so
I’m going to add the rest of that in. And then leave that to cool. Take a mould and fill it with tempered chocolate. This one is actually just a silicon ice cube
tray and you can get them cheap, there’s no need to spend lots on chocolate moulds. Once it’s full, flip it over and tip out the
chocolate on some baking paper so that you’re left with a coating of chocolate on the outside
of the mould. The chocolate that’s on the baking paper can
be put back into your bowl so that’s not wasted. fill one half of them with cinnamon ganache,
piping it into each one being careful not to overfill them. And then for the other half spoon in a couple
of teaspoons of straight cinnamon powder. If you compact it down then you can actually
get 3 teaspoons into each one! The more the merrier. 😏
Then use a clean paintbrush to brush the powder off the edges of the chocolate so that we
can get a good seal. Top that with more chocolate and smooth off
the bases. Now of course make sure you’re using tempered
chocolate when you’re making the truffles, I’ll put a link to my termpering video at
the end so that you can make sure you temper it. If you don’t then your truffles aren’t going
to set firm, they’re going to be sort of all stick and soft and that will waste all of
your time. Once that is set push the chocolates out of
the mould and they all look identical. So there guys don’t know what’s coming, you
know what’s coming but they have no idea and I don’t know which ones are which because
I’ve mixed them up in the box so I don’t know which ones are the nice ones. They look great! Which ones would you like to start with? The domes, the hearts …
I think the hearts … Okay everyone take one heart. No sniffing. There is 4 of these there, I feel like there’s
enough for you to join in. Yeah, no. I really don’t think I need to. This feels like Russian Roulette! This is actually really scary. Do all of these taste the same? No. Now a word of warning, you must put the whole
thing in your mouth. Oh no. You can’t just taste a little nibble. Put the whole thing in your mouth and then
you will either get the nice tasting one or the not so nice tasting one. I’m actually really scared. So in this case, they all have the same flavour
but one of them has a lot more than the other one. Hopefully that’s the bad one. So is there 2 bad ones? We’ll find out. I almost feel like we need Western stand-off
music. I’m going to count to 3 and put the whole thing in your mouth. 1, 2, 3 go. Ok the trouble with food videos is as soon
as people put things in their mouth they can’t speak because they’re chewing. And in this case you may have just got a whole
mouthful of straight cinnamon. Oh yeah! Hang on, have you? bmmhhjjljlj ljlkjlkj …. I can’t even talk! What is? You know the cinnamon challenge when you have
2 spoons of straight powder? Oh FUN! That was delicious though. You had cinnamon ganache, so that’s chocolate
and cream with a hint of cinnamon in it. That’s fantastic! They had straight 2 teaspoons. Both of them? Is there only 1 good one. No there’s 2 good ones and 2 bad ones. Oh hey! I love this game… so far! Next let’s treat them to some yummy Salted
Caramel or … straight VEGEMITE! To make the salted caramel you’ll need cream,
sugar, butter , a little bit of salt, water and glucose syrup or light corn syrup. Add the water and the sugar to the glucose
syrup and stir that over the heat just until everything is combined. Then use a wet pastry brush to wash down the
sides of the pan. You do that just to make sure there’s no sugar
on the edge or it will crystalise and sort of go fudgy which is not what we want. Then leave that on high heat unstirred until
it starts to go golden brown and this will take a few minutes so just be patient, watching
it. Once you see that change and it’s golden like
this, add in your cream straight away, watching out for that steam. Then add the butter and finally the salt. Stir that over the heat just until it’s combined
then take it off the heat and pour it into a heat proof bowl. Now you want to leave that to cool down, don’t
taste this now because it is SUPER HOT and you’ll burn yourself. You have to wait for it to cool. Line a mould with chocolate and then bang
it on the bench a few times to get rid of any air bubbles. And then tip that over like we did before
so you end up with a lining of chocolate. Neaten off the top and then leave it upside
down to set and this just makes sure those top edges don’t get too thin. Once it is set, pipe in some of that yummy
salted caramel into each one.That’s looking good. Then pipe on some more tempered chocolate
just to seal the base. If you want to you can add a chocolate transfer
sheet on top to give it a bit of a pattern on the base. Peel off the transfer sheet and push your
yummy salted caramel chocolates out of the mould. Repeat that process of course just swapping
the caramel for Vegemite. Okay are we ready? 1, 2, 3 go… Oh my gosh! Power through it. Did you get Salted Caramel? I did. I love salted caramel. I’ve eaten road-kill I can handle this. My tastebuds have gone to heaven. You have lucked out. Ha, poor Jamie. Now I feel bad for the international people
that I try to prank and get them to eat Vegemite. I’ve never actually done that, it’s really
awful. Up next we have an explosion of Hot Chilli
Sauce 😰 or a delicious raspberry filling. Is that going to be too mean? We’ll have to wait and see. To make the yummy one, you’ll need glucose
syrup, sugar, cream, butter and raspberries. Pour the sugar in with the glucose syrup and
hang on a minute we need some water as well. Add a cup of water to that as well and take
it over to your stovetop. Stir, then wash down the sides of the pan
and heat that unstirred just like before until it starts to go golden. Add the cream, followed by the butter and
stir that together and then pour in the raspberries and mix it all around. While it is still really hot, pour it into
a fine sieve and use the back of a spoon to push through as much of the liquid as you
can so that you’re just leaving the seeds behind. And in the bowl down the bottom you end up
with this yummy raspberry filling or the chocolates and this will thicken up as it cools. Fill one half of your moulds with that raspberry
and the other with HOT chilli sauce. This bottle says that it’s Extra Hot, so I
hope so. I hope that it has a good effect when they
eat it. Fill them up to the top with your chocolate
and then once they’re set just tip them out. Now to make these look a little bit different
from all the other ones, let’s brush each one with gold luster dust so that they look
extra special. I think you have to choose first because then
you’ve got the greatest chance of getting a good one. Ok, I actually still have the taste of Vegemite
in my mouth. That means I have the greatest chance of not
getting one. Unless we picked like the shocking ones. Ok, 1, 2, 3 go. This time you have either Raspberry sauce
or Chilli. This is really nice, yeah I got the raspberry
it’s really good. Is he getting red? DId you get the chilli? Can you not tell what chilli is? No I got the chilli. It’s just kicking in later. You’re turning red. I can see it in your eyes. You’re trying to act tough. OMG That’s awful! How did you not know? Because he seemed like it didn’t matter. That’s awful. You voluntarily took the bad one. I’m like that doesn’t seem like a big deal. Alright I’m sweating now, one second. Oh my goodness. I’ve got to get more water. I’m glad I didn’t get that one, I feel like
that one’s the worst one. Water’s made it worse. Yes! How did you … you seemed to not notice. No I tasted it and it was fine at first and
then it started to heat up. That was more instant for me than the Vegemite. Was it because you knew it was chilli? So as soon as you tasted it you thought uh
oh! I’m not great with chilli but he seemed to
really not care. I’m good with chilli but then …
You’re shaking! That was a rookie mistake on my part then. Does that in theory mean that those 2 are
safe. Oh I don’t know because did we have 2 bad
ones? There were 2 Vegemite ones. Yeah those ones are safe, you can eat those
ones. Go on Jamie, you deserve it mate. But … but she could be lying. There could be a bad one in there. That’s cinnamon ganache. That one was actually really nice. You’re going to enjoy that. Let’s see… You lied! 😡
You’re kidding?! I genuinely though there was 2. You knew! That is amazing, I was going to eat it. That is brilliant. I genuinely thought there was 2. You’re an evil genius Ann! How about you Ann? Actually guys I’m sorry but there’s a whole
another level! Ok, moving onto the dark chocolate ganache. This is a really nice one … or …
A mouthful of Soy Sauce. I hope we can still be friends after we finish
this collab. Add a cut out piece of chocolate transfer
sheet to the top of each mould just in the middle here then fill the mould like normal
and tip it up to get rid o the excess chocolate. Use a pipette to fill each one with soy sauce
and now you can’t just pipe chocolate on top of these to fill them up because the chocolate
will sink. What you need to do is spread the chocolate
onto some baking paper or acetate and then flip it over on top and gently press down
until your finger finds the edges of each chocolate. Once it’s set tip them out o the mould and
don’t forget to remove that tiny little bit of plastic that is the backing from the chocolate
transfer sheet. We don’t want anyone choking on bits of plastic. To make up a thin ganache for the other ones,
use oil, cream and dark chocolate. Just combine all those ingredients together
and heat it in the microwave until they’re melted then whisk it up to make it smooth
and leave that to cool. Pipette the ganache into the chocolate shells
and add the base in the same way as we did for the soy sauce, just rolling the paper
down over the top and flattening it down. Now let’s see what these ones taste like… The terror refreshes every time! There’s no like ‘it’s okay we can relax now’. Your heartrate actually picks up, it’s intense! Ready 1, 2, 3 whole thing in your mouth! 😱
Oh! Give it here mate. That’s the worst one yet. So they either had straight soy sauce or ganache. I must say Ann that was really nice. You are doing really well in this challenge. I am doing alright. I’m volunteering for bad ones because my luck’s
too good. Can I get some more water? Now for the Grand Finale 🏆
A creamy, refreshing mint ganache or … a straight punch in the face of WASABI!! For the mint ganache you need white chocolate,
cream, green colouring and some peppermint essence. Add the cream to the white chocolate and microwave
it until it’s melted then colour it. I want mine to look Wasibi colour so i’m using
a bit of green, a bit of yellow and a bit of red. That looks about right. Then add just a couple of drops of peppermint
essence because this is quite strong and we want this one to taste nice. Mix it through and now because the white chocolate
is so sweet I’m just going to add a tiny bit of salt to balance out the flavours so that
it tastes good. And then you just need to leave that to cool. I feel like you know how to make the outside
of these truffles now but I just want to show you how much Wasabi we can actually fit into
each one. Usually if you’re having wasabi it will just
be a tiny bit on sushi so this is going to be a pretty good HIT of Wasabi flavour. This would be very good to prank your friends
or your enemies. Ok, actually if you were pranking your enemies
you’d just do the whole box bad. Is that why you invited us here, because you
said your “enemies”? No. How many enemies do you have Ann because you’re
really good at this?! Ok last chocolate, here we go, choose one
each. On the count of 3 …
I’m scared. 1, 2, 3 … here we go, you’re either having
mint ganache … That is the worst! I hate that stuff! Since you had us eat all of these I think
you should have the last 2… Were there 2 soy sauces? Yes. Perfect. Awww what!? 2 wasabis … perfect. Remember I had one that was a third one… Lovely 😊
How did … what happened? I have no idea, I don’t know what your problem
was they’re really nice chocolates. Okay well thank you for watching, make sure
you go and click here, here and here to check out these guys channels and see what we did
in the collab with them. Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday. Bye guys. I still have that wasabi taste in my mouth. Dave? Salted Caramel? Yep ๐Ÿ™‚ Yep 😎

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