100 thoughts on “Does Pressure Cooking Preserve Nutrients?”

  1. For more practical cooking videos, check out Best Way to Cook Vegetables (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/best-way-to-cook-vegetables/), How to Cook Greens (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/how-to-cook-greens/), and The Best Way to Cook Sweet Potatoes (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/the-best-way-to-cook-sweet-potatoes/).

  2. I've been looking for some justification for getting and InstantPot and now I've got it. It is so nice to finally have some GOOD NEWS .

  3. This was interesting, the evidence seems to indicate that increased high temperature is less damaging than normal high temperature over a longer period of time.

  4. What if you pressure cook the veggies in a soup so any of the nutrients is in the water and veg broth base all the veggies are steaming in?

  5. Here's a trick for the soups and lentil recipes that you want to add greens to. When you release the pressure on the food, put the greens in and put the lid back on, and let the residual heat cook the greens. In many cases, you only need to soften them and heat them through, so the residual heat (which can be quite a lot in a soup or stew) is enough to do the trick.

    Dr. Greger, do you have any opinions on this method?

  6. No it doesnt. Eat raw food if you want to preserve your health. Even raw meat is healthier than a steamed potato.

  7. 🤣
    That's to funny! Just bought a Instant Pot AND the basket for steaming veggies. It's good to know it is worth it, nutrition wise. ✨😊✨

  8. Great video. I do also cook my veggies the same way in the Instant Pot for 0 minutes. So quick, easy and keeps them so vibrant.

  9. Slight misconception here regarding drinking the liquid from the veggies, whether it's in soup/stew format or vegetable liquid from just vegetables. Yes, some of the nutrients do go into the liquid so you do get those benefits. However some of the nutrients e.g. vitamin C and anti-oxidants are killed so they are gone

  10. If you boil and the nutrients leak into the water and it’s a soup and you eat the water don’t you retain everything or is some lost into the atmosphere in steam during cooking?

  11. I love your content but lentils have many harmful things which are lowered drastically by cooking in heavy botton clay/iron/ceramic pots BUT pressure cooking retains those also pressure cooking dismembers it from inside instead of cooking and hence people with kidney disease are advised to avoid all legumes ….. Try cooking it in heavy bottom clay/iron/ ceramic pots and see the magic, increased energy, very less stomach gas, no uric acid problem better digestion…… Pressure cooking makes legumes harmful, don't worry about the numbers of antioxidant whatever you got in pot cooked lentils/legumes is far better then pressure cooked lentils/legumes…. PERIOD.

  12. Here in Brazil we use the pressure cooker to cook dried legumes, like beans. It's much quicker and the cooking gas is expensive. We also put to soak before the cooking process.

  13. OMG YouTube needs to add the 💖 on there. I absolutely LOVE this vid. Thanks Doc. Your one of few Docs I love and respect. Thanks for educating us and enlightening us with TRUTH and facts supported by science.

    YOUR awesome!!!!

  14. Interesting article-
    Salt and pressure cooking are great ways to remove chemical (pesticides,herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers, etc.) residues from our food.

    Dr. Greger has already told us about the salt aspect , but this is the first I’ve heard of using pressure cooking.


  15. Thank you Dr. Greger for this!!! I’ve been LOVING using my pressure cooker as a STEAMER & this confirms its awesome ability to help w/ our better health. We LOVE your work; thank you!!!!!

  16. Been doing this for generations…another thing we country folk we been doing for a long time…pressure cooking is for more than just canning

  17. I figure it's better to use a pressure cooker and eat foods I normally won't eat without it. I cannot consume a lot of these foods without my pressure cooker due to time availability in cooking meals.

  18. Hi Doctor, I am planning to buy IRON SKILLET very soon. Is it suitable for me? I have Hashimoto thyroid disorder, high blood and cholestrol. Please advice ASAP. Appreciate your concerns. 😊

  19. First of all, I like your videos and podcast. I am getting a little 'single study sensationalism' and potential cherry picking feeling though, justified or unjustified, could you please address this in a future episode (or just in the comments :p)?

  20. I was just typing about pressure streaming when you finally got to it at the end. That's how I cook most of my veggies.

  21. Here's a thought… you want more nutrients, stop cooking your vegetables. Anything over 115 degrees destroys the enzymes and lowers the nutrients.

  22. One of the most practical videos I’ve seen in a long time. I have a pressure cooker. Now I’m going to steam greens in it. 🙂

  23. Always cook within an open top container or trivet I've found to be best method; bit bane-marie type technique but effectively cooking only by steam influence rather than directly conducted heat; instead cooking purely under steam radiatative heat under pressure and a relatively quick technique. The water is merely the material to turn into steam and should not be used to contact directly. Microwaves particularly damage amino acids which can then become blockers for undamaged amino acids causing deficiencies which can, as an example, lead to Necrolytic Migratory Erythema islet-cell carcinomas (pancreatic cancers-https://www.dermnetnz.org/topics/necrolytic-migratory-erythema/ the lack of aminos is not a result but major CAUSE) and other cancers and implicated in neurological degeneration also (alzhiemers; autism, etc). Would never advocate any use of a microwave for cooking; best saved for warming slightly dampened cold clothing or accelerated drying of wood and such….never for anything consumed. But then Agenda 21/2030 would advocate microwaves and 5G and wi-fi and "security" scanners…………..

  24. Im confused because FitTubers in India is the EXACT opposite and said it takes 90% of nutrients away with a pressure cooker and is the worst. Clay pot cooking was said to be the best

  25. Great idea, and also good to see that the other methods aren't total failures, for those who don't have access to that equipment. As you say, actually eating the veggies is the most important thing.

  26. I feel the electric pressure cooker is actually steaming. Nothing I cook sits in water, all the contents are suspended on a trivitt above the water in the bottom of the cooker. The only thing I boil are eggs.

  27. Do you remember a couple decades or so ago they were saying pressure cooking food made the food provoke a strong immune response in the body? Trying to find what/where that was and not finding it now (?)

  28. I cook most of my food in one pot – greens, potatoes (not dried beans!) – am I hanging onto most of the vitamins that way, since I'll be consuming it all?

  29. I gotcha. Some people make a batch of lugumes/whole grains for a week or more worth of meals and refrigerate. Or freeze for even greater longevity.

  30. I’m excited someone really stomped on my beliefs that pressure cooking vegetables would be worse then boiling them. I know I’m not eating raw greens! So it’s either pressure cook or none. Haha I’m saving this vid to share

  31. In the wild,all living mammals and living things eats raw,nobody cooks except humans,cooking destroy lots of vital nutrients,ever heard the terms,over fed and undernourished,that’s the standard American’s Diets,highly processed,chemical fertilisers,chemical additives to increases flavour etc.Fruits and vegetables is best nutrients for us humans.

  32. Thank you Dr Gregor! I would love it if you wrote an insta pot cookbook or a variation of your existing one adjusted to be cooked in an instapot!!!!!!!

  33. I'm sorry but I'm not going out and buying a pressure cooker lol.

    I already have a slow cooker and it works just fine. I just throw beans into slow cooker wait 4-6 hours and I have beans… My slow cooker uses like 200 watts so it's really not even that much energy.

    My rice cooker uses 300 watts but only runs for 20 mins.

    Imma skip on the pressure cooker for now.

  34. I cook whole carrots in my pressure cooker for a couple of minutes and the taste is amplified! very little water required.Delicious.

  35. Instant Pot is Amazing. just cook a chicken and your see its the best the chicken falls off the bone. then use the juice from the chicken to make your rice. you only wanna buy the pressure cookers with the stainless steel liner.

  36. I didn't get it. How long does he "pressure steam" his veggies now?? Let's say a mix of carrots, cauliflower n Spinach. Heat the PC until high temp n then steam-cook for 0-3 mins?

  37. A ton of people already steam things in the pressure cooker. You making seem like you came up with that idea. Smh. They actually make and advertise steaming baskets based on different size pressure cookers. It’s probably the same amount of nutrient as regular steaming..

  38. I use an instant pot a few times a week and it’s awesome that you made this video. I’ve pondered the method quite a bit and was pleased to find out it can boost up the beans!

  39. Never microwave-Any radiation is bad
    No plastic in microwave especially!!!! Poison melts your food,
    Please do not drink the poison fluoride in the water ,especially all the above ,read where you get the fluoride from, it causes dementia

  40. Btw can someone help me? Do you soak your beans before? I wonder what happens to lectin if you don’t soak it

  41. You can find a pressure cooker in every household of India, we people cook lentils and beans,seeds only in a pressure cooker. It's a very fast method.

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