Dolan Twins ROASTING EACH OTHER!! DISS TRACK Türkçe Altyazı (CC)-

Dolan Twins ROASTING EACH OTHER!! DISS TRACK Türkçe Altyazı (CC)-

what’s up guys we’re back can you stop pushing me up you’re completely centered it’s pointed right at you it’s not at all brother what’s up guys we’re back and we’re the Dolans way the others say every single video so let me say what’s up guys we’re back all right here how about you just say no well how would you don’t say anything okay for the first time ever and let me do the intro Billy you’re so in the middle Brown not in the freakin middle at all not Philly’s video if you don’t side over shut up I’m not swimming I don’t want to film right now okay you please stop filming go for me no no I’m just gonna wait here until he snaps out of it he’s being so difficult I can deal with it seriously we’re still nice to eat this I literally do everything for this channel I end it all the videos I even charge the camera filming this video we even came up with a video idea that we’re filming right now I guess I’ll just never appreciate you I seriously don’t get it like I literally helped him out with everything in life literally everything in life I think it’s time I like even know how I really feel about him really feel about him I’m for real about a quick say goodbye to Tuesday’s everybody knows this is over without gray you’re super immature don’t you child’s play yeah maybe a little problem bigger in every way I didn’t want to do this but you better take this heat why your jawline look like a bicycle seat and your hair looks like that blue airhead a little kid would eat shit I thought this through before you try to start this baby cuz compared to me it just isn’t fair you can’t compete how am I gonna take it help us at our meeting for Gracie if someone get this man a fish thank you Yeah right now I’m not gonna be a bigger deal than my friend the blue hair number one in the world hold up number one or two pretty obvious no one comes to this channel for you what you can’t say that that’s like we’re twins so you saying that it’s call yourself ugly and then that I’m sort of yeah I’m sort of think that like everything we said kind of is just backfiring because we’re identical twins I’m sorry to think that this Rosen stuff just isn’t for us you’re probably uh advised you just probably just stop well we suck at rapping and that was all a joke we’re actually best friends we love each other we love these hope you guys like the video if you did please give it a thumbs up and comment down below who you think the best rooster was roast a truce until next Tuesday peace

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  1. Ama ben Ethan ve graysonu çift yumurta ikizi olarak biliyorum başka bir videoda öyle çevrilmisti ama anlaşılan tek yumurta ikizleriymis

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