Draymond Green Unfairly Roasts Notable ESPN Reporter

For Complex News, I’m Pierce Simpson // Draymond
Green has had an up-and-down start to his sixth year in the NBA. The reigning defensive player of the year
has been hobbled by nagging injuries that has limited his efforts in may ways. However, when it comes to trash talk — Draymond
certainly isn’t lacking at that, because he let the proverbial choppa’ fly in the direction
of ESPN’s Brian Windhorst. Windhorst is a respected reporter for ESPN,
that has had close ties to LeBron James for well over a decade at this point. During NBA Countdown last night, Windhorst
discussed Draymond Green’s comments involving officiating and how Dray believes every ref
should be fired and let’s just say that Draymond wasn’t feeling his commentary… “Don’t bring my name up No neck. I’m not the topic of y’all conversation
today.” It was kind of bizarre because Windhorst wasn’t
necessarily taking shots at Draymond, Windhorst sort of took things in stride after Dray’s
tweet obviously cracked up Isaiah Thomas. After Paul Pierce stated on ESPN’s NBA Countdown
that Paul George should’ve been an All-Star, Windhorst chimed in with: “Now Draymond’s
going to tweet at you.” As of right now, Draymond has kind of cooled
off, but as you know… when dealing with Dray, things can escalate quickly. Do you think Draymond was wrong? let us know in the comments section down below,
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