100 thoughts on “E94 Cook Steak with the Gramophone of My Boss | Ms Yeah”

  1. 你好,我妹妹经常跟着我,所以我和她一起学习,在没有工具的情况下我需要它们做饭我非常感谢你

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  3. Korean beef는 어떤 음식인지 궁금하다.
    내가 알기론 그런 한국음식이 없는것 같기 때문이다.

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  5. Watching her cook was satisfying, but when it comes to watching her eat, it's torture. Not because it looks good, no…

    Because she takes such a small bite, it's as if she's eating nothing at all!

  6. Ummmm Ms Yeah sorry to say this but at 0:25 to 1:27 the audio thing is wrong it wasn’t like this when I watched it before

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