Easy Baked Beef Empanadas Recipe | Cait Straight Up

Easy Baked Beef Empanadas Recipe | Cait Straight Up

hey guys my name is Caitlin and welcome back to Cait Straight Up today I’m going to show you how to make my super simple and super easy beef empanadas so you can make empanadas so many different ways you could have chicken vegetable beef a million different kinds Chorizo I’ve seen crab I’ve seen everything across the board but we’re going to stick to a really standard and easy baked beef empanada recipe for today and I think you guys are the love it to keep this recipe simple i am using my two ingredient dough I also also use this dough for pizza the videos right up there but it also works for your empanadas now you could buy a store bought pie crust if you really wanted to or make your own dough but honestly give this a whirl because it is very easy we have 1 cup of Greek yogurt here in our mixing bowl and we are simply adding a cup and a half of self-rising flour let’s not get it all over myself there now we’re going to start mixing with the spoon and then eventually you have to get in there and kneed with your hands now while we’re mixing this dough I can tell you that you need to preheat your oven to 425 degrees and we got to cook up our beef mixture we’re going to get to that next now at first you might be thinking Caitlin you are crazy this does not work but I’m telling you, if you keep reworking that dough and you keep moving it around and kind of just kneeding it up it’s crazy because of the self-rising flour the nice dough that it actually makes it really does something really nice and you can kind of just keep working it if you only take you about five to ten minutes to get it going into a nice ball like this when we get our dough ready it’s time to start our beef mixture for our meat filling we need one pound of ground beef and we’re going to put it stove top to brown up we’re adding to it some cumin garlic powder and onion powder and a little bit of salt and pepper if you wish and allowing you to brown up stove top we’re just going to cook it until the juices start to come out and then the coloring starts to get a little bit more brown after that we are adding one half of a large white onion diced up nice and small to our meat mixture we’re going to allow that to simmer stove top for a few minutes until the onions are a little bit translucent and the meat is cooked all the way through while we are allowing our meat mixture to cool we are going to roll out our dough so I got a little bit of flour here and I’m just going to spread out so it doesn’t stick and I’m plopping this guy down and spreading it out first with my hands into a nice disk let them over a little bit you’re going to get flour on you I don’t know how anyone does this and looks pretty someone give me your secret after that we’re going to get our rolling pin so you’re going to keep rolling your dough until it’s nice and spread out thin I’m a little bit limited here with my cutting board but i think i got it pretty thin here our oven is preheated to 425 and it’s time to cut our circle so i like to be a little creative when i get my circular size of what I’m going to use and sticking with the empanada theme i’m going to use a margarita glass to cut out my circles from my dough so you’re just going to go right up to the edge push down real hard and get a nice circular shape there we go and you don’t have to use a margarita glass whatever you’ve got that makes a nice circular shape all your excess go ahead and feel free to roll back into a ball and start the process over we have our nice circular disk here and we’re going to fill it with a heaping tablespoon of our beef mixture now what’s kind of cool is that the natural juices from the meat and onions are going to come out in our empanadas after that we’re going to do a light egg wash in this front lip here of our dough just a nice light egg wash right there then we’re going to fold it all on in and push it down our dough down right into that wash and go around the edges like we’re making an apple pie all the way around after they are nice and secure like this we are adding it to a rack over a cookie sheet we gave a little cooking spray to the rack here so that our empanadas don’t stick and it’s going into our oven for about 15 to 20 minutes depending how thick your dough is and how easy were these beef empanadas you didn’t even have to fry them and they look freakin fantastic they’re so delicious you have to try this recipe guys it’s one of my favorites subscribe to Cait Straight Up for more fun recipes like this one every Tuesday and sometimes on Thursdays and Sundays in between if you have a question or want to talk to me go ahead and do that below this video or treat at me @caitstraightup make sure to give me a thumbs up for this awesome and empanada video and other than that guys I will see you next time bye bye

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  2. I know u did this awhile back but I sure do appreciate u giving us ur recipe thank goodness I've been wanting an easy Empanada recipe to use ty for sharing this with us luv ur Channel … TFS

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