Easy Fish and Braised Celery | #SAVEWITHJAMIE | Sorted Food

Easy Fish and Braised Celery | #SAVEWITHJAMIE | Sorted Food

Hello Food Tubers, how you doing?! Welcome
to the Jamie show. Spafford.
Yeah, well yeah. In the SORTED kitchen where we are going to
knock up a really cheap dish with fish. And then we are going to do braised celery.
That’s different. A very underused ingredient. Some new potatoes,
crushed with a few herbs. And a great tomato side salad.
Okay, so to start off with our celery. All you need to do is crack of the pieces of celery
from the root. Wondered where you were going with that there.
Now some people don’t like, shut up!, some people don’t like to peel celery but I think
especially this stringy stuff, it’s good to get it out the way. I’m only going to very
lightly braise these. So let’s get rid of much of that as possible. Potatoes, bog standard
at this time of the year. In season they’re going to go into our pan of salted water.
Now this dish is probably one of the cheapest dishes we’re going to do on Food Tube. We
managed to get this down to less than £1,.50 a portion. So a whole balanced meal for less
than you’d pay for a posh cup of coffee. And more nutritionally good for you.
Fact. Once the celery’s all cut up a drizzle of oil into the pan. That can go into there
Jamie. And we’re just going to fry and sauté those off. Medium high heat. And to it we’re
just going to add a few more flavours. Two cloves of garlic if you can peel and crush
those. Either dried ingredients you have in your store cupboard that you can use whenever
you want great if you can pick these from your garden. It will be even more cost effective
to have a few, a thyme bush and a bay leaf tree.
Or, grow a money tree then you will never have to worry.
There is that! So taht’s our celeery, thyme, garlic, bayleaf. Now this is a good time to
season it up,s alt and pepper. ANd we’ll give that a couple more minutes. Now we’ll talk
about our fish. Yes! What have we gone for.
Fish is not a cheap ingredient No.
Often there are are very expensive ones around. But if you shop carefully, you can get Pollock
or a Coli very very cheap. So we’re looking at that for 80-pence a portion for this. This
white fish. I actually brought it frozen and then just let it defrost. All we’re going
to do is drain that off, season it. We’ll get this pan on and up to temperature as well.
At this stage the celery has started to cook. It’s not done yet but now is a good time to
add in our tomato passata, so you can buy this in a carton or a tin again nice cheap
ingredients, nice to hang around for when you need them. Add the last of that in there.
And that’s it. The dish is pretty much there. All we’ll do right at the end is add a dash
of cream in just to enrichen it last thing. Fish going in, what I’ve done is kept them
folded over Okay yeah,
And cooking ti as what. It;s a meatier bit of flesh, so it’s a cheaper bit of fish you
do something clever with you get a better product. Fold it in half. Turn our board over,
if you could just chop up some fresh chives. Okay.
Now I’m going to drain off our potatoes, so these have been bubbling away fro about 15
minutes perfect for new potatoes. This really is the perfect kind of dinner
for mid week. You don’t want to give it too much thought during the day, you don’t want
to give it too much thought whilst you’re doing it in the evening you just want to eat
it quickly And it’s nutritious as well. We’re keeping
all the skins on the potatoes. I’m not mashing them , just kind of crushing them. That’s
enough. plenty of oil, salt and pepper and your chives. And that’s that dish done. So
that’s done. At this point we’ll give our fish a quick flip. They need about the same
time on the other side. And finishing touches to our tomato and braised celery. I say braised,
it’s only been very quickly cooked. It should have a slight bite to it. Now the cream.
Lovely! Give it a stir. Or a swill.
Or a swill. You could do either, less washing up.
Taste that. That’s nice!
Simple, speedy food. Good to serve up already. Finishing touches, a squeeze of lemon over
our fish. We’ve cooked enough fish for two. But the whole dish, whole recipe that’s available
on sortedfood.com that’s for four. It makes it even cheaper per portion if you’re cooking
for four. In at £1.25. Use the same lemon we’ve squeezed to put a little wedge on there.
Waste less.Serve up a piece of our fish and finish it with those last few chives, scrape
off the board. There we go, very simple, very summery dish. Fish with fresh new potatoes,
and braised celery Sorted. It’s one of those dishes you kind of need
a little bit of everything on the fork. I just got potato that time.
And although it’s a cheaper cut of fish, it flakes really nicely.
That is good. Just like a fish finger
Without breadcrumbs. It doesn’t matter what celery you’re earning, you should be eating
this. Boom! And if you do want to eat this. Make
sure you get all the recipe and ingredients from our website at sortedfood.com.
Make sure you’re subscribed to Food Tube and if you want to see anymore of our ugly mugs,
then head over to sorted food as well. Perfect!

53 thoughts on “Easy Fish and Braised Celery | #SAVEWITHJAMIE | Sorted Food”

  1. My saliva is all over the floor. Loved this one. Don't mash potatoes so much. You can always mash them more, you can't "unchunk" them, eh? It's not about the price it's all about taste and simplicity, but it's a perfect combo. I'm drunk, love you guys.

  2. As sour cream is a really nice thing to add to potatoes maybe sour cream in with the celery would be nice too – just a dollop instead of a cup of cream (too many calories)

  3. By all means leave the cream out… it enriches it and makes it super delicious. But seasoned well it's also great with just the tomato and celery alone.

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  5. I love the whole evolution of Jamie's career.

    First it was "I don't know how to cook nice food", and Jamie taught us how.

    Then it was "I don't know how to cook nice food that's not time-consuming", and Jamie taught us how.

    Now it's "I don't know how to cook nice food that's not time-consuming, and cheap as well", and Jamie's done even that.

    What else are you going to bless us with next, Jamie?

  6. if you use too much tomato puree and don't allow the celery to soften and do not use fresh thyme and bay leaf, this meal will suck.

  7. OOOOOHHHHHH "SALTED WATER!" I always thought Ben said "Sorted water." The captions were on by default when I started this video lol.

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