100 thoughts on “Eat It or Wear It Challenge (Would you eat Slime or wear a Fish Smoothie?)”

  1. It nice how the girl only got a little on her face and the guys…………… there swimming in food. 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. I've eaten oobleck before. Tastes like cornstarch but it gets stuck in your throat as a solid, so you have to either eat it with water or stop breathing for a minute. I'm an expert on eating oobleck.

  3. have u never had vegemite and fish sauce. Idk if this s a New Zealand / Austrailia thing, but i eat vegemite every morning and fish sauce in a lot of my meals

    Me: why do I bother to watch these vids????🤔🤔🤔🤔

  5. Me: there are people starving all over the world

    Vat 19: if you don’t eat the food then ima make you wear it as a shirt, hat, and pants MF

  6. Jamie: ALRIGHT I'll eat the two cubes, here's my two cubes! AH man, SO HARD! Aw, that was impossible!
    Jamie two seconds later: I'm kinda regretting that…

  7. To me,I would definitely eat all of them and since Jamie said the fish smoothie is good,then I might just eat it

  8. Jamie : I can’t eat pecan pie
    Also Jamie: will drink fish smoothie
    Also also Jamie: will
    What is this science🤮🧐🤨🤯

  9. If you've ever wondered why they have a shower in the Vat 19 office like I did when they showed it in Hiding in Plain Sight.

  10. Me Throughout The Entire Video: “DUMP IT DOWN HIS SHIRT!”

    Also me: (sees fish smoothie) “DDUUMMPP IITT DDOOWWNN AALLRREEAADDYY!!”

  11. OK so Jamie could eat every other nasty food except the pecan pie jar thing
    Wow, amazes me😅😅
    He could have won by eating everything 😕

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