Edgy 12 Year Old Roasts The Sh*t Out Of Me

Edgy 12 Year Old Roasts The Sh*t Out Of Me

What’s going on guys welcome back to a new video now this one’s going to be a little bit more of a serious video Okay, you guys have been recommending I do this thing called “Twelve-Year-Old Simulator” I mean you guys know I used to be a teacher before I did Youtube a lot So you know I think I can handle one Twelve-Year-Old boy. say hello, hi. What’s up? My name is Clit Eastwood *Cherry cringes* Tits McGee Anal says hi. [McGee] So how many dicks do you suck a day? *Cherry is SHOOK* -Boi, watch your mouth Come on. What’s wrong with this kid? Like what was with the dirty mouth? [McGee] you suck your mom’s dick with that mouth? *Cherry is triggered* I was a teacher, I was a teacher… -You seem upset today. How are you feeling? Got to handle it nicely and maturely.. [McGee] Your mom You’re not feeling my mom you little- It’s fine, it’s fine guys. I got this I got this. -Did you have a nice day at school? Kill ’em with kindness as Selena Gomez always says. That’s what I preach every day, kill ’em with kindness, Come on hurry on. [McGee] I’ll rek u -Listen here you little twat- No, you know what, I’m gonna handle this maturely and nicely okay? -I think you’re a great person Mhm.. Come on, I can change it. Oh my God no Yo, who are you calling a nub? TitsMcGeeAnal, I am not a nub. -I am not a nub. [McGee] You’re gay -I’m not gay either -You’re very Impolite Yeah, take that little 12 year old punk! [McGee] your mom is gay -If you talk about my momma one more time, I’mma cash you ousside Heheh, how about that? Cash me outside howbah dah fight me, fight me you little twelve-year-old! Yo what is what the mom insults, Like I- I don’t understand You know this is embarrassing, Like my mom watches my video sometimes, so I hope she’s not watching this one.. (Rest in peace Terry 2k17) -WhAt AboUt YOuR mOm? My mom’s gay, what about your my mom? [McGee] Fag (Put down the weapon lol “Got to handle this maturely and nicely” you said) Do you guys talk like this to your friends like, when you were 12? Maybe you’re 12 right now, is this how you talk? -No you f off -Why you gotta be so rude [McGee] Penis Really?! You said penis. *Cherry sighs* You know, I’m beginning to see why this is a twelve-year-old simulator He doesn’t have any other comebacks! Literally all he says is penis, f u, and f off. Oh and he called me a fag [McGee] Do you even lift You know what Tits McGeeAnal? I’m tired you okay? I’m going to talk to a new 12 year old Let’s see if there’s a nicer twelve-year-old on here, okay? Let me say hello to someone who’s nice. Are you kidding me? My name is DildoFaggins, and your name is PewdiepieFan4life, and you’re calling me gay?! I mean I love Pewdiepie, but come on who makes their name PewdiepieFan4Life? (The 12 year old Terry) -Look at your username bruh [PewdiepieFan4Life] Your mom is gay. -You remind me of another twelve-year-old [PewdiepieFan4Life] 1v1 me What’s with all these 12 year olds being savage? [PewdiepieFan4Life] penis You little- You know what I’m going to attempt one more time to be nice to this 12 year old. Okay, if he honestly just can’t be nice, then I guess he’s just beyond help And I have failed as a- as a former teacher. -I wish you well. You are a lovely person. also, don’t forget to (don’t forget to like? subscribe? comment?) Do your homework. (I thought we finished each other’s sentences TT.TT) -Have a great day smiley face 🙂 [PewdiepieFan4Life] Ur mom *CHERRY IS TRIGGEREDDDDD* You son of a- Well there you have it guys, that was twelve-year-old simulator. You know I think we made a lot of progress with this guy He’s uh he’s a little rusty these 12 year old boys, but someday, I will reform them and make them into kind, young gentlemen (sounds like the the next powderpuff generation) one way or another it will happen okay? Anyways thank you guys so much for watching, I hope you guys are having a great day and as always, *weird sounds* I will see you guys in the next video. Good night!

100 thoughts on “Edgy 12 Year Old Roasts The Sh*t Out Of Me”

  1. Most edgy 12 year old I've ever met but I think we made some progress. Next video: "12 Year Old Apologizes To Me" coming someday…

  2. Y’all I’m retarded I thought it was published today but then it said 2017 lmaooo but who’s watching in 2018

  3. 😂😂😂 I thought you were making a video response to a hater when I read the thumbnail, not a random chat with a stranger. Lmfao If I was the other person on the other line, I would have asked you about animes.

    😂😂😂 You should have said no to everything.

  4. My classmate: Your such a Ugly Bitch.
    Me: Am i a mirror to you?
    • • •
    Classmate: Black Ugly bitch
    Me: You thing your so perfect when you cant even have a perfect score on your exam.

  5. My little brother is 11 and yes I can accurately say that he texts his friends like that, and they respond back. It's funny but ughhhh

  6. I am 12 and I do not say anything bad like this I am jus a " normal " 12 year old ( pfft ) who stalks BTS jus kidding no I'm not 😊😂

  7. Can someone tell me is this real? I don't really understand if Terry is really texting with the boys😕

  8. I want Terry to be my English teacher too😣I guarantee that I will have the highest score in the batch if Terry teach me English 😁😗

  9. T R I G G E R E D haha I may be 12 but I have never said something like that°^°lmao the best I can do is swear because I'm weak af🐣

  10. Whoever made that simulator obviously has the mental capacity of a twelve year old, it’s soo lame 😒

  11. When I was 12, there was a guy in my class who legit talked like that. Needless to say, no one liked him.

  12. 🌸 omg that’s what 12 year olds will come up with, what do they have 💩 for brain cells?
    When I was 12 I was hiking, doing running, into so much outdoor activities. Also I did art and story writing for fun, made funny and heartfelt poetry. God I was boring lol 😂

  13. 12 Year Olds always with the yo mama, yo mum jokes, saying some random things that dont make sense, of course they are immature

  14. I'm 12 and I talk way different than this but that kid is literally the boys in my class who think they're cool just because they play fortnite

  15. U have a 12 year old here and I wouldn't do that to a teacher cause I will get in trouble and my parents would kill me plus they'll say lots of staff and blah blah blah ……

  16. Catchphrases for 12 year olds

    Normal 12 year old: Ur mom
    Me as a 12 year old: im gay lmao

  17. oof the English teacher had some mistakes… "I'm gay either" and "usernam" i'm enjoying this immensly.
    "One day I will reform them, and make them into kinnd, young gentlemen" gets camera holder and whcks on hand

  18. This pisses me off because all the 6th graders at my school including me back then weren't like that only a small few but not that bad

  19. I'm 12 years old but I don't go that far and oof I never talk about people's mum and male stuff🤣😂 I died 💀☠

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